18 February 2008

Ron Paul Turns in Signatures to Appear on Pennsylvania Republican Primary Ballot — Ron Paul 2008

In a sign that the presidential campaign continues, Ron Paul announces that his campaign has collected enough signatures to appear on the Pennsylvania primary ballot.

King John McCain's coronation while appearing certain, will have to wait a little while longer.

Ron Paul Turns in Signatures to Appear on Pennsylvania Republican Primary Ballot — Ron Paul 2008

12 February 2008

This is what we get...

when we fall for "compassionate conservatism" whatever that means. I still haven't figured it out. Friends, as the GAO video states, tough choices are coming down the road. I for one like tax cuts. What does that leave us? We need to reign in spending. Any fool will tell you that if you spend more than you take in, you're going to be in debt. And so we are.

Leslie Carbone: Hypocrite McCain Turns Down Matching Funds

Just one more reason why I pushed the button for Ron Paul today. As an aside, voter turn out is slightly lower than expected here, but the day is still young and the peak period is still yet to come. Folks around here usually vote during the first hour or so the polls are open (which is before work) or they wait until 6 or so after work and stop by to vote.

Leslie Carbone: Hypocrite McCain Turns Down Matching Funds

08 February 2008

Ron Paul at Liberty University

Dr. Ron Paul made a speech at convocation services at Liberty University this week. This is a wise move. Liberty is about the only place where Dr. Paul will receive a cordial greeting, even from those who do not support him. For disclosure purposes, I attend Liberty's Distance Learning Program in Religion.

Mike Huckabee and John McCain have also made visits to the Lynchburg, VA campus.

07 February 2008

Allen endorses McCain

Former Virginia Governor George Allen endorses John McCain's candidacy at CPAC.  I'm speechless. Life goes on, the election will come and go no matter who wins it and I'm walking away from a party that I thought was principled. My further action will depend on Dr. Paul's action in possibly seeking a third party nomination. If that doesn't happen, simply put, I will not vote in the fall. Call me an extremist, deranged or whatever else you want to call me.

Listening to the talking heads. Joel whazzisname on MSNBC went on record and said that social conservatives don't matter? That's it. I'm finished, Ron Paul or bust.

Not that anyone really cares...

... but I was surfing around Barack Obama's campaign website and found this little tidbit. Raising Kaine has endorsed Obama's presidential campaign. I linked to Obama's website because I don't want to give RK the few hits that I can provide. At any rate, I find this interesting.

PS Just for the record, I don't support Obama, I don't support Raising Kaine but wanted to point this out.

05 February 2008

Ron Paul Signs Numbers USA Pledge to Oppose Amnesty

Via this press release on Ron Paul's campaign website, Dr. Paul has signed the pledge to oppose amnesty efforts. I know this has been a bone of contention for many who have yet to determine their candidate of choice. Duncan Hunter was the leader on this issue, hands down. With this announcement, Dr. Paul has solidified himself as my candidate on Feb. 12.

Leslie Carbone: John McCain: Unfit to be President

Think that all people who don't like McCain are deranged? I dare you to call this lady that to her face.

Leslie Carbone: John McCain: Unfit to be President

03 February 2008


Ok, so this isn't the shocker that Dewey defeated Truman, but still, the Giants fulfilled a prediction I made about Super Bowl 42. A longer post on this tomorrow, but congratulations to Eli Manning and the New York Football Giants on this victory.

I'm on board

While I disagree with some of the terms used by Dr. Paul in this video, I have to admit, his points are valid. I urge you to watch this video, but keep in mind that it has been edited to showcase Dr. Paul so you won't get the entire picture.

01 February 2008

Ron Paul

In looking at who to vote for on February 12, I've made the rounds doing research, reading posts from other bloggers and I have come to the conclusion that Ron Paul is the candidate with the strongest record of defending the Constitution, strong fiscal policy and dedication to life. With all due respect to Mr. McCain, Mr. Romney and Mr. Huckabee, Ron Paul is identified most closely with my own positions (except the War in Iraq) than any of the other candidates. If the Paul campaign makes it to the convention, I'm riding this horse all the way.