31 October 2008


Friends, I have to admit that some of what the article says rings home. However, I bring this to your attention only because it mentions our friend and blogfather Chad Dotson. If you will notice, the article does mention his status as a former conservative blogger.

As an aside, I am friends with Judge Lowe. I have found him to be a man of integrity and unquestionable character. It is unfortunate that his son has made this mistake, but perhaps he will learn from it and not make it again.

29 October 2008

A shame

In today's Bristol Herald Courier, it is reported that Larry McClure, General Manager of the now defunct Morgan-McClure Motorsports,  has been indicted by a Federal Grand Jury for several counts of mail fraud, wire fraud and income tax violations which includes filing a false income tax return, and the indictment even includes two counts of money laundering. This is a shame.

Conservative Case Against McCain

I think my position has been pretty clear from the outset. I support Bob Barr and will vote for him. However, I have not had the time to put together a persuasive case for doing so. However, Leslie Carbone has put together a marvelous post that deserves a second read from conservatives and undecideds alike.

As an aside, I would like to say that Ms. Carbone has been consistent with her opposition to Senator McCain. During the primary season, she supported Ron Paul and has always advanced the cause of liberty in her posts on her blog. Kudos to Ms. Carbone for standing strong.

22 October 2008

More on Bristol Herald Courier's endorsement of John McCain

As promised, I am back with my reaction to the endorsement of John McCain by the BHC.

My initial reaction was one of shock. We've all be privy to the heavy handed tactics employed by J. Todd and his crew on Morrison Avenue. However, given the passage of a few days, the endorsement is beginning to make sense. Bear with me on this one dear friend.

1.) McCain is attempting to foster a maverick image for the election. The editorial board is attempting to make itself look more centrist than what is reality. Kilo at Spark It Up hammers this home consistently. Their readership is dwindling. I have taken to reading the Kingsport Times News before even considering the BHC.

2.) J. Todd and his gang have consistently followed an extremist agenda concerning coal-related jobs in SWVA. Strange isn't it that after the Biden fiasco in Castlewood the BHC would back off from its hard left position on coal? 

3.) The guys at Media General have to be looking at the numbers from subscriptions. Thanks to Kilo for this insightful post.

Will this change a lot of minds? No.  The fact remains that the BHC has attempted to position itself as a centrist voice in the Mountain Empire. Don't read too much into this. After the election, J. Todd and his crew on Morrison will return to hard left editorials.

20 October 2008

Bristol Herald Courier Endorses John McCain

In a suprising move, the editors at the BHC have decided to collectively endorse John McCain for President. I would caution the reader to look closely at this statement. It is hardly a ringing endorsement. I'll have more on my reaction to this later today.

01 October 2008


After this hornswoggle called a "bailout", I'm more firmly convinced that Bob Barr is the only candidate who gets it. All this bailout does is reward failure. A small business owner who runs his business in the ground has no choice but to accept the consequences of his failure. Why should Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, or AIG be different? Ultimately it comes down to government increasing its reach into the market where free enterprise and competition are steadily being replaced by socialism and economic planners. I understand the use of computers in the financial world, but is anyone else alarmed by the reliance upon computer models rather than free market principles? It sounds a lot like the Soviet Union to me. Let the companies that fail, fail on their own. Let the companies that succeed (ethically) reap the benefits of their success without punishment.