30 April 2009

Black Velvet Bruce Li – Cuccinelli for AG

Greg, at BVBL, supports Ken Cuccinelli for the GOP nomination for AG.  I’ve attempted not to blog about this rather contentious race for a while to let things simmer down. However, it is important that we have a genuine conservative who has a record to back it up.  With all due respect to Mr. Brownlee and Mr. Foster, I sincerely believe that Ken Cuccinelli will offer the sharpest contrast to Steve Shannon among the GOP candidates. People talk about the lesser of two evils, but I say its still evil. With Ken Cuccinelli, there will be no debate about where he stands.

Is every candidate perfect on every minute vote? Of course not. We must factor personal conviction into the equation when considering a candidate’s record. Ken Cuccinelli has overwhelmingly shown himself to be not only a committed conservative, but a conservative leader within the State Senate.

29 April 2009

The Erwins – Come Join the Family

NOTE: Yes, Brother Dennis is playing a right-handed guitar, left handed. How he does it, I’ll never know.


This family is currently holding revival services at Rosedale Baptist Church, my home church. I’ve known the Erwins for almost ten years. There’s nothing like that good old family harmony.

28 April 2009

John Meredith: One Word for you: RESPECT

I met John Meredith in the summer of 1997 as a fresh fish in Washington, DC. I had just started work with the Leadership Institute and John was getting ready to end his time there. He took me under his wing and introduced me to the “ins” and “outs” of our nation’s capital.  I am forever grateful to him for that. I am privileged and honored that I can call this widely experienced man my friend. In short, I respect John Meredith.

In a time when lobbyists are much maligned, and rightly so, John Meredith has proven himself to be a man of integrity and honesty.  He is a committed conservative and serves on the National Advisory Board of Project 21: The National Leadership Network of Black Conservatives.

I’ll include here an article he wrote for Project 21: “Is Congress Smarter than a Fifth Grader?”


There's a new TV show in the fall network lineup that says a lot about where our culture is these days:  "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?"  

Agreeing to be a contestant on this latest must-see TV will say a lot about contestants before they even open their mouths.  Most game shows challenge participants to demonstrate their smarts.  On this one, they'll do the opposite. 

It would appear the creative team at Fox arrived at this theme from watching Congress interact with the American public.  The nation's legislative body regularly does things that assume we are not very bright or attentive.  The current "energy" legislation to improve the miles per gallon we get is a good example. 

Believing that we are not liking $3+ a gallon gas, we don't want to be dependent on oil from countries run by bad guys who hate us, and that climate change is a concern that many view as real, Congress set out to "do something." Whenever that happens, prepare to hang onto your wallet with both hands. 

Government always assumes we want more government than we actually want.  When it comes to fuel economy, some in Washington can't resist using energy policy to do some social engineering - to force us into vehicles that make their political supporters in the industry happy but don't necessarily meet the transportation needs of the people.  

Without any need for government help, the farmer and wife still buy a pick up truck.  They know what they want and walk right by the row of small fuel-efficient little cars that don't meet their needs.  Same with families who go right to the SUVs or, lately, the crossover SUVs that have the same space inside but on a car platform that gets better fuel economy.  The point is that folks know exactly what they want or need.  They make the payments so they ought to get to make the choices. 

But, in this case, the Senate decided this situation needed changing.  In the name of saving oil, and without any discussion of affordability, whether it could be achieved, or the very real potential for lots of lost jobs in the automotive industry, the Senate passed a bill requiring all cars and light trucks to perform the same and get 35 mpg fuel economy.  That's a 40 percent increase. 

Sure, we can get there.  But doing so will involve losing much of the utility that many folks want (like carrying more than four passengers, towing or hauling personal gear).  These future vehicles would use less gas but the cost to do that would be more than what you'd save at the gas pump. 

The House has a proposal in motion that recognizes what folks want-a proposal by Congressmen Baron Hill (D-IN) and Lee Terry (R-NE) that will give people more miles per gallon but in a more reasonable way.

The Hill-Terry legislation, H.R. 2927, is sponsored by 61 Democrats and 110 Republicans.  It would require fuel economy increases between 32 and 35 mpg, but more realistically, because it allows separate standards for cars and trucks. 

Because you are smarter than a fifth grader, you know what best meets your transportation needs.  You know how much you can afford in terms of gas, payments, insurance, etc.  You make your choices accordingly.  Congress doesn't need to do that for you. Want a hybrid that gets 50 mpg? They are available today and more are coming. 

Only fifth graders will fall for all the hot air about fuel economy.  Smart folks will ask the hard questions to ensure we actually get better fuel economy.  And they will achieve it without sacrificing what many folks value in personal and business transportation.

Milbloggers: The life of the party

Cargosquid has all the dirt on this year’s Milblogging conference in Washington, DC. Sounds like “Laissez Le Bon Temps Roulez” to me.

Dog Company, 1-8 Cavalry – FRONTLINE 10/10

Barna: Libs vs. Cons in matters of Faith

This will come as little surprise to anyone, but a recent survey showed a significant difference in practice and concept in matters of faith between liberals and conservatives.  I’ll highlight a few important points.


Based upon an evaluation of more than a dozen religious beliefs of liberals and conservatives, consistent and significant differences are evident. Liberals are less than half as likely as conservatives to firmly believe that the Bible is totally accurate in all of the principles it teaches (27% versus 63%, respectively); to strongly believe that Satan is real (17% versus 36%); and to firmly contend that they have a personal responsibility to share their religious beliefs with others (23% versus 48%).

The saying goes, there are lies, damned lies and statistics. However, this general conclusion seems to be fairly accurate as we see social values that used to be put into practice on a daily basis by Christians are being overwhelmed by the liberal mindset.


The Religious Practices of Liberals and Conservatives

The Barna study examined five specific religious practices and found that conservatives were more likely than liberals to engage in all five. In a typical week, the survey showed that conservatives were more likely than liberals to:

  • read the Bible, other than at church events, during the past week (57% vs. 33%, respectively)
  • attend a religious service during the past week (62% vs. 35%)
  • pray to God, other than at a religious service, during the past week (91% vs. 76%)
  • share their religious beliefs with others, during the past year (56% vs. 39%, among the born again Christians interviewed from each segment)
  • have ever participated in a short-term missions trip, either within the U.S. or in another country (12% vs. 6%)

The research also revealed that liberals are twice as likely as conservatives to be categorized as “unchurched” (40% vs. 19%, respectively), while conservatives were twice as likely as liberals to be categorized as having an “active faith” (45% vs. 21%, respectively, defined as having read the Bible, attended a religious service and prayed to God during the past week).

I believe that when the rubber meets the road and its time to put up or shut up, liberals are just not as religiously inclined as conservatives are. This includes personal beliefs and in the practice of said religion. According to the survey something extraordinary occurs.


“Liberals appear to place a greater emphasis upon self-reliance and what they personally accomplish than upon faith alone or intense participation in a community of faith,” Barna explained. “They also seem less inclined to trust the Bible as a moral authority or source of truth, and have less involvement in some type of personal relationship with their god.”

When listening to the typical liberal rhetoric, they claim it is all about community when in fact, they appear to be the most selfish among us. A Biblically based and practiced Christianity is THE prime of example of community in our nation. My personal experience has been that when liberals talk about community, they are more inclined to talk about labor unions, left collectivism and so-called community co-ops.  My suggestion? Come to church on Sunday morning and see real community in action.

27 April 2009

Dog Company, 1-8 Cavalry – FRONTLINE 9/10

Boucher and Goodlatte: Dance Partners?

Apparently Bob Goodlatte is more concerned with appearing to be Rick Boucher lite than he is with actually being a conservative Republican standing on princple. Go check the good Congressman’s website out. It seems like every other post has the name RICK BOUCHER in it. I’ve already posted on the fact that Boucher is one of the three most liberal Congressmen in the Virginia delegation. The other two are Jimbo Moran and Bobby Scott.

If Boucher is a liberal (he is) and Goodlatte is proud of his partnership with Boucher, where do the resident’s of the Sixth District draw the line at?

Botetourt Co GOP

At least there is one county GOP unit that has it together and knows where it stands. I commend the Botetourt GOP for this stand.



Botetourt Co. Republican Committee Unanimously Passes Resolutions

Botetourt County’s Republican Committee has passed one resolution supporting the tea parties and a second resolution voicing its support for state sovereignty.

Fincastle, VA – April 27, 2009 – The Botetourt County Republican Committee unanimously passed two resolutions at their April meeting.  The first commends those participating in the Tea Parties and invites them to join the Botetourt County Republican Party. The second resolution commends Texas for passing a state sovereignty bill in support of the Tenth Amendment, and calls upon Virginia’s Legislature and Governor to pass Virginia’s state sovereignty bill - HR 61. The Botetourt County Republican Party believes the unanimous passage of these resolutions will not only send a strong message to Virginia’s elected representatives but also to the Republican Party. 

The Botetourt County Republican Party hopes both resolutions will send a clear signal to Virginia’s citizens: there is a renewed willingness in the Virginia Republican Party to stand up for your Constitutional rights.  Danny H Goad, Vice Chair of the Botetourt County Republican Party summed it up this way, "We are the party of the people and the passage of these resolutions further demonstrates that."

In passing the second measure, the Botetourt Co. Republican Party leads the way for other Party units in Virginia to call upon their elected state legislators to pass HR 61 – which will   strengthen the Commonwealth of Virginia's assertion of its sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment of the United States Constitution.  Delegate Fralin who represents part of Roanoke and Botetourt is a sponsor of the bill. 

Mr. Douglas Gimbert
Botetourt County Republican Party
Tel: 540-353-4028

Broadband in Russell County - UPDATE

NOTE: Steve Minor, over at SWVA Law Blog informs us that the WaPo article about rural broadband cites his sister. Steve is one of the blogfathers of the ODBA and I owe my membership in the ODBA to him.

Peter, at Bacon's Rebellion puts together an insightful post about the problems broadband internet connection has found in Russell County, VA.  Lebanon does have an advantage,including the education point he brought up. However, the most obvious connection is that Lebanon is situated a little closer to Washington County and Abingdon, which has seen an increase in broadband connections since Bristol Virginia Utilities has brought internet, phone and cable to the area.  Lebanon and Russell County in general are transitional regions in this area. Peter rightfully points out that it is a county where you start seeing less tobacco and more coal. If I had to put a label on Russell County, I'd call it more agriculture more than coal at this point. Wise County on the other hand, is definitely a coal county.

25 April 2009

Young Country

It doesn’t say anywhere that we hate anyone.

Oh by the way, that IS Dan Hampton and Walter “Sweetness” Payton in the video.

Where Rick Boucher Stands

NOTE: I would pay particular attention to the GOA, Right to Life and Club for Growth ratings. Those are pretty influential in the conservative community, in my humble opinion.

I've decided to take this opportunity to pass along ratings for Mr. Boucher from key conservative organizations. I'll include links so you can check them out yourself:

1.) Gun Owners of America: B-
2.) National Right to Life:  F
3.) Club for Growth :  F  4%
4.) American Conservative Union: F  Lifetime rating of 15.97 (Only Jim Moran and Bobby Scott have lower ratings)
5.) National Taxpayers Union : F   5%
6.) Christian Coalition: D
7.) Family Research Council: F 11% Again, only Jim Moran and Bobby Scott have lower ratings.

I included the GOA rating because it is the only one that has Boucher rated above a D. If you will read closely to the terminology used in the rating, it indicates that Boucher generally votes with the GOA's position, but compromises often.

Friends in the Ninth District, perhaps Boucher is not the only part of the problem. Perhaps it is us. We have so long been socially conservative but fiscally liberal that it has become part of the political landscape in the Ninth. We need candidates who will talk openly and honestly about the need to actually cut the federal government and return it to its constitutionally mandated scope.

A new addition.

With thanks to Yankee Phillip, I have discovered GovTrack. I've installed a Card Check bill tracker for everyone to see as they visit the page.

H.R. 1409: Employee Free Choice Act of 2009 (GovTrack.us)

H.R. 1409: Employee Free Choice Act of 2009 (GovTrack.us)

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Dog Company, 1-8 Cavalry, FRONTLINE - 7/10

A Company of Soldiers part 7/10

Blogs United - Gearing up again

H/T to JR Hoeft at Bearing Drift

Blogs United is gearing up for its 2009 meeting. Apparently the organization has been going through official channels and is chartered with the state and is almost through with federal 501(c) 3 filing. I hope to be able to make it this years meeting and get to meet the people behind the posts.

Local Coverage of Abingdon Tea Party

This article in the Washington County News estimates the attendance at Abingdon's Tea Party at 500. That's awesome for Abingdon.  Please take note of the reaction at the bottom of the page. It appears that juvenile innuendo knows no boundaries.  I'm pleased with the article itself as it reports the news, not editorialize it.

I've said, and I'll say it again. Old money and big labor is what keeps Rick Boucher in office. Don't believe me? Check out the disclosure from the last election cycle and compare with Bill Carrico. Constituent service? That's what his staff is paid for. Citizens like Jackson White, the Gunthers who own one of the county's largest farms, and others like them keep Boucher's war chest well padded and they simply turn out the vote when it matters.  (By the way, Boucher took $1000 from Steven Ballmer, then CEO of Microsoft and (of course) the maximum amount from the UMWA.

Southwest Virginia is unique. It is socially very conservative, but fiscally pretty liberal and in line with the big - government New Deal. The fact is that the elderly in this area still talk about "Franklin" like they actually knew him personally. Even those in my generation (Gen X) in this area view government either as a jobs program or a financial aid cash cow. This attitude and mindset is what typifies "Old Virginia."

Not enough coursework

Evidently, that's the problem these students at ETSU have. Marching around campus protesting the university's use of coal?  Evidently they have too much time on their hands in order to organize and hold such a protest. Don't they realize that coal helps keep their dorm rooms heated? Don't they realize that coal keeps their classrooms rooms heated? Try this on for size ICE (Initiative for Clean Energy). Why don't you go back to the classroom, do the work you've been assigned to do and leave the matter of coal use up to the engineers and the physical plant workers.

For the record the only thing I protested while at ETSU was the "Wear Your Jeans Day" in honor of Gay Pride Week. I wore shorts and a tank top.

My latest purchase

I must admit to being a bibliophile. I love the feel of a new book in the hands. I love reading in general. I purchased last night a very impressive tome. The Coldest Winter: America and the Korean War. I've only read the first two chapters, but rest assured, this book is worth every penny I paid for it.

24 April 2009

Yes, I've cheated today.

Although I did promise you the video series produced and aired about the men from Dog Company, 1-8 Cav.  I'll resume text only posts tomorrow afternoon.  Also, continue to look for the 7th video in the series, "A Company of Soldiers."
Good night and God Bless!!!

Dog Company, 1-8 Cavalry - FRONTLINE 6/10

A Company of Soldiers part 6/10

Check out PFC Morgan's statement at 2:15 it sums up the warrior ethos in a nutshell.

Something the eco-whackos don’t want you to see

Holston Defense, one of the regions largest employers and a Defense contractor, is being wise with the land the plant sits on. This is conservation at its best.


UPDATE: I apologize for the commercial at the beginning, but this video is from  the Kingsport Times-News and is part of their ad campaigns.

Obama apology “tour”


Does it strike anyone as peculiar that Chavez made a “bull-rush” toward Obama and no one reacted?


I usually don't post entire columns here, but this one is so fundamentally right that I feel compelled to include it today. The fact remains that Barack Obama AND his staff do not understand the Heartland. They don't understand the forge and arsenal of a once proud industrial base.

By Patrick J. Buchanan

Does Barack Obama understand the people he leads? Do his aides?

These may seem cheeky questions to ask of a team that just won the presidency. But there is something in their cool, insouciant, blase demeanor, in the face of insults to their country, that suggests there yet exists a chasm — between them and us.

Now, the change since the 1960s in the character of the nation has been great. The moral and social sappers spawned by that decade have done their work well. But Middle America yet remains a blood-and-soil, family-and-faith, God-and-country kind of nation.

We are not Europe — yet.

Most Americans remain visceral patriots. It’s in the DNA.

What almost cost Bill Clinton the presidency in 1992 was not that he had opposed the Vietnam War, but that, it was said, he marched against his country while in a foreign country.

When Barack confided to friends in San Francisco that he was having trouble in Pennsylvania because these folks “get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them … as a way to explain their frustrations,” he revealed that he does not really understand a part of the nation he now leads.

It is this part of America that does not comprehend how the president could sit in Trinidad and listen to the scrub stock of the hemisphere trash our country — and say nothing.

To Obama’s supporters, he may have behaved as a rational leader ought: Be pleasant and friendly, smile, ignore taunts and insults, rise above all that, communicate, seek common ground.

That is who Obama is, friends say. On a personal level, there is surely nothing wrong with so conducting oneself. But Obama is now president of the United States. He represents our country, not just himself.

The other America is hardwired another way. It believes, as Merle Haggard sang, “If you’re running’ down my country, man, you’re walkin’ on the fightin’ side of me.”

At Columbia, Harvard Law and the University of Chicago — where Barack, the son of a single mom, shuttled from Hawaii to Indonesia and back — a black kid in a strange Muslim world, then in a white world, by his own admission unrooted, learned how to get along. And he is surrounded by aides with advanced degrees from elite colleges who react just like him.

But if they don’t wish to lose the country, they had better begin to understand the rest of America — as the 1960s’ liberals never did.

When columnist Tom Wicker famously wrote, after the riots at the 1968 Democratic Convention, “These were our children in the streets, and the Chicago police beat them up,” a Gallup poll recorded that 56 percent of Americans interviewed approved of the Chicago cops.

To most Americans, it was the cops who were “our children,” and the country was delighted the obnoxious and over-privileged brats had gotten what they deserved.

When students marched down Wall Street in 1969 to protest the “dirty immoral war” in Vietnam, the construction workers of Pete Brennan’s building trades waded in. Liberals could not understand how the working class — the proletariat, for Pete’s sake! — so detested them.

Ever since the Social Democrats voted to a man for the Kaiser’s war credits in 1914, the left has felt itself repeatedly betrayed by the economic class in which they have always invested so much hope.

This divide here is not Republicans versus Democrat, so much as it is NASCAR versus The New York Times.

When the Dubai Ports deal became public and America exploded, Times neocon columnist David Brooks was as stunned as his neoliberal colleague Tom Friedman. The “pitchfork-wielding xenophobes” were out of their cages, and a new Dark Age was upon us.

When during the Panama Canal debate Ronald Reagan declared: “We bought it. We paid for it. It’s ours. And we’re gonna keep it,” and crowds came roaring to their feet, the elites could not comprehend it, because they do not understand what Pascal meant when he said, “The heart has reasons that the mind knows not.”

Rooted people love the things of the heart: God, country, family and faith. The weapons of the mind have been given to us, they believe, to defend the things of the heart.

Knowledge follows love; it does not precede it.

Most Americans have grown to love America long before they read the Constitution, or the Federalist Papers. There are heroes in Arlington who never learned to read. A true nation is an extended family. If fathers or sons do not defend it, it is their conduct that is indefensible.

Obama may be popular today, but he will lose the country and his presidency if he lets the perception take hold that he, the personification of American sovereignty, does not react as a normal patriot.

The Obamaites may not like Sarah Palin’s phraseology. But they need someone in their councils who is rooted in the Real America.

Eastman: Good News and Bad News

Many in the Mountain Empire consider Eastman Chemical Company to be a bellwether for our region. As Eastman goes, so goes Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. I say Southwest Virginia because many from Scott County and the surrounding areas are employed by Eastman.  At last count, about 6,800 people from across the region are employed by Eastman. I am one of the folks who view Eastman as a bellwether.  When that many local people are employed and productive, it is ALWAYS a good thing.

Q1 earnings have dropped, but the company still posted a profit.

23 April 2009

Dog Company, 1-8 Cavalry - FRONTLINE 5/10

A Company of Soldiers part 5/10

Rick Boucher - Enemy of the free market?

H/T to Norman Leahy at Tertium Quids.

The Club for Growth's Congressional Scorecard for 2008 is here. No surprise, Rick Boucher, our grand Congressman from the  Fightin' Ninth District, ranks 296th with a score of... wait for it... 4%.

As I mentioned to Norman, we know what we're getting with the Feckless One. A big-government train-wreck.  We keep electing him year after year. Big labor, old money. The stuff our Congressman is made of.

Why, even Jim Moran and Bobby Scott scored higher than the Feckless One.

We needed Duncan Hunter then, we need Duncan Hunter now.

I’ve always said, Barry couldn’t carry Duncan’s water in all issues, but in national security in particular. This takes a while, but I suggest you watch this.

Mike Pence - A Stand Up Guy

NOTE: I still prefer Duncan Hunter over everyone else out there. Wish he would run again. Mike Pence is excellent as well.

I've always liked Mike Pence. He's a stand up guy and he knows his stuff on fiscal and economic policy as well as energy policy. For those veterans who read this blog, "He Knows his stuff" is about as high a compliment as anyone can get.  This should be of particular interest to those of us in the Ninth District with a Congressman who claims to be an energy expert.

Let me be clear: cap and tax is a job killer.

With small businesses and factories being forced to cut jobs or close their doors, more Americans will be out of work and unable to support their families. Those few businesses and factories that manage to stay open will only do so by passing their increased energy costs on to consumers.

Good Sense? Talk to Mike Pence about good sense in energy policy.

The Right to Vote is Fundamental?

Lowell, over at Blue Virginia blog, has this post about Jody Wagner and her tendency to skip Democrat party primaries. I have no dog in the fight about Ms. Wagner. However, I would point out that the fundamental nature of voting extends into the workplace as well. The fundamental choice about the EFCA is whether it is crucial to vote only for politicians, but not for the option of unionizing a workplace. I submit that the answer is no. The franchise, whether to elect leaders or to organize a union is of vital importance. The EFCA removes the secret ballot, which in reality removes the vote, from the organization process and turns collective bargaining into forced union membership which is at odds with Virginia as a Right-to-Work state. With all due respect to Lowell, I submit that it is somewhat hypocritical to support the EFCA and at the same time promote the sacredness of the franchise. I submit they are one in the same.

Broadband in Russell County

Peter, at Bacon's Rebellion puts together an insightful post about the problems broadband internet connection has found in Russell County, VA.  Lebanon does have an advantage,including the education point he brought up. However, the most obvious connection is that Lebanon is situated a little closer to Washington County and Abingdon, which has seen an increase in broadband connections since Bristol Virginia Utilities has brought internet, phone and cable to the area.  Lebanon and Russell County in general are transitional regions in this area. Peter rightfully points out that it is a county where you start seeing less tobacco and more coal. If I had to put a label on Russell County, I'd call it more agriculture more than coal at this point. Wise County on the other hand, is definitely a coal county.

22 April 2009

Forget politics

Tonight, I feel compelled to write, not about politics nor even about principle. Tonight I feel compelled to write about the human condition within the American fighting man. I have just finished watching one of the best movies ever produced.   We Were Soldiers. I can never fully comprehend the sacrifice, dedication, and devotion that those 56 hours in the "Valley of the Shadow of Death" produced. I can only be grateful for men such as then Lt. Col Hal Moore of the 7th Cavalry.

I am grateful not only for men like Lt. Gen. Moore, but I am thankful for men like Sgt. Major Plumley and for Joe Galloway and the rest of the men of the 1st Cavalry Division. Their country ordered them into battle, and they did their job. As I watched the movie, a few observations came to mind that I would like to share with you now.

1.) War is a practical device. I mean to say that in war, focus is on what has to be done at the expense of what one would rather have happen. Company commanders and NCO's have such a tactical focus, that sometimes the forest overtakes the birds nest. Never let it be said that any soldier faces combat with the notion that his name will be in lights. He's simply fighting to take the next ridge, or even the next fence line. These fine fighting men take what is given to them situationally and they attempt to turn it to their advantage.

2.) War is never fought in a vacuum. While the most direct impact is felt by the soldiers themselves, most soldiers have a wife and family. The war fought on "the home front" is sometimes devastating for the families. Never underestimate the profound impact war has on the soldiers' family.

3.) War has immediate and direct consequences. First and foremost, the combat soldier will never be the same after surviving combat. The chaos and hell they go through can and does take a toll physically. Secondly, the emotional scarring is sometimes a permanent lifelong struggle. Those who do not make it, have indeed paid the last, full measure of devotion.

4.) War has two consquences, it will divide or it will unite. The Vietnam war is a prime example. While combat united the soldiers in their units, it divided our nation AND it alienated those who should have been welcomed home with at least open arms.

5.) War is not intended to be pleasant. Unsavory tactics are employed sometimes in war.

6.) War, as a device of last resort, is best left in the hands of the military commanders. The Framers of our Constitution rightfully placed command of the nation's armed forces in the Executive Branch. War fighting requires decision and action. Not necessarily deliberation. The officer has a word for this. PREPARATION. Once the general policy parameters are established, let the Generals and Command Staff execute it in their best judgment.

I did not intend this post to be preachy, but it strikes me as the height of folly for the "peaceniks" to smoke their dope and flash peace signs, when its not in the human nature to be peaceful. Where there is land, there will always be those who want land. Where there is power, there will be those who crave power. Where there is the weak, there will always be those who will seek to exploit them. That's humanity. Does that mean that we are not to strive to become better? Of course not. A proper understanding of diplomacy and warcraft (no, not as in the World of) comes with a correct understand of the human nature.

Sound Money

Ron Paul makes the case for a sound monetary policy. This is a key component for serious, reform minded people.

This is impressive

H/T to Susannah at RedState.com


Anti-War Protester Spits on Iraq War Veteran

Sicko, left-wing lesbos.

Ike Visits the Troops – South Korea - 1960

I’ve heard people say otherwise, but I have proof that President Dwight D. Eisenhower visited the troops in South Korea. Check this photo out. Please note the officer saluting him and the Secret Service on either side of him.



Dog Company, 1-8 Cavalry - FRONTLINE 4/10

A Company of Soldiers part 4/10

Feinstein - Just another Corrupt Democrat

That's Kilo's take on the matter, I happen to agree with him. Do these idiots in Richmond and Washington truly expect us to believe anything they say? There are a few honest ones left in Washington, but not many. The majority of them are pathological liars. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. Go read Kilo's post.

Dog Company, 1-8 Cavalry - FRONTLINE

A Company of Soldiers part 3/10

This is too priceless

Jerry has the work ethic of Reagan, GWB, and Barry. Guess which does not fit in. After I stopped laughing, I realized it was just too priceless to pass up.

21 April 2009

Spanky: Augusta GOP Walk-Out

Spanky has this post about the walk-out. It is saddening to see this happen, but sometimes people feel led, out of principle, to do some rather drastic things. I hope that party-building, and not party destruction will take place in SWAC land.

Mason Conservative: McCain vs. Simcox

Chris, at Mason Conservative, has this on John McCain's primary challenger, Chris Simcox. I have to agree with MC here. There are indeed plenty of reasons to want McCain to go down, but there are enough reasons to make this a head-scratcher.

Obama to push for ban on reloading?

In case you don't know what that is, reloading is the use of empty cartridges and primers and gunpowder bullets to actually reload a round. It is a time consuming process, but one that brings great joy to those who practice it. It is also more economical in the long run to reload than to purchase factory rounds that have probably been reloaded anyway.

This article brings a warning to gunowners. We need to pay heed.

Coal = Money = Bread and Butter for miners

QUESTION: I wonder if any of the environmentalists have ever been near a coal tipple, or for that matter, even know what one is?

With all due respect to the blogger who made this post, I suggest you come to Wise County or Buchanan County or Dickenson County and tell the father who has no job that he can't go to work for Dominion because the environment can't take it. You're not the ones who will be employed by coal. My issues are not with the coal miners, or even the coal companies, its with the UMWA. Coal mining has a long and proud heritage in Southwest Virginia, but mainly men do it because it puts bread and butter on their tables and sends their kids to school and sustains their household heat for one more month. It's always convenient to say, "No more coal" if you're not the one who will be employed by a coal company or a coal-fired power plant. I was always told, if you have no dog in the fight, you best stay on the porch. Jobs, families and bills will ALWAYS be priorities. I believe there are ways to utilize cleaner coal technology. Listen to this song, Ernie will put you straight.

Tennessee Ernie Ford - Sixteen Tons

Quote of the Day

"Never cuss a farmer with your mouth full."

Fishersville Mike - Country Music Mogul?

If Mike keeps this up, he'll be running Music Row soon. This is too classic not to link to. Earth Day? Where's the jobs we were promised? Where would Hag be with this one in today's political climate? When you're runnin' down my country, hoss, you're walkin' on the Fightin' Side of me!!!!

Merle Haggard -- The Fightin' Side Of Me

4th HOD seat

The question on everyone's mind is whether Delegate Joe P. Johnson will run for his seat again. The rumors persist. Everyone knows he's been in ill health for a while now, but Adam poses the question and I'd like to see answers to it. However, as I mentioned on his blog, the problem the GOP has with Joe is that he is right MOST of the time on his votes and is just really well liked by people on both sides of the political spectrum. Since Joe has been Delegate this time, it's almost political suicide for a Republican to run against him. Point blank, you're going to lose.

A pertinent question

I, for one, am glad that Miss California drew a line in the sand, and said, no further. PWConservative asks a very pertinent question, why would Perez Hilton be a judge in a beauty pageant?

BHC Sports Editor accused in Child Porn case

According to this article on TriCities.com, Jim Cnockaert was arraigned in Montana last week on federal charges of both receiving and possessing child pornography. While I believe that everyone is entitled to due process, it reflects poorly on both the Bristol Herald Courier AND on the region as a whole.  Let the process work and the truth will come out.

Moving up

At least for Good Sense anyway. I have a new, custom domain now.


Another Blue blog in Virginia

I’m not always too hasty to link to liberal blogs, but had to give this guy some props. Welcome to the Virginia political scene. Just don’t give us too hard a time!!!

Hello? Earth to Treasury…

NOTE: The phrase in bold below, is my own thought, not included in the report by the Treasury.

The TARP program, besides being flawed in its concept, is seriously flawed in its application. (emphasis mine) This according to a study by the Treasury Department’s own inspector general of the TARP program. You think?

The failure of these banks, while serious and painful, would have allowed the market to weed out those banks and companies that have been so poorly run for the past decade or longer. The ineptness of the Obama administration knows no boundaries. We all know that on the world stage, he’s the little kid that tags along with the adults. He bows to kings, and he slaps skin with a tyrannical thug that has no legitimacy whatsoever.  We know now that he has no concept of what market economics do for a nation.

This administration needs a crash course in basic economics, NOW. Remember the on the job training that his VP talked about? Well, it’s coming back to bite the Spender-in-Chief on the backside.

Nationalizing Volunteerism

UPDATE: A blog I've just began reading, Once More Into the Breach, has this brutally honest take on the nationalization of volunteerism.

Just another way the Obamassiah is consolidating federal control of  America’s generous nature. Of course, considering the massive bailouts and government ownership of various banks and automakers, it should come as no surprise that the Spender-in-Chief has found a way to nationalize the volunteer spirit that has made this nation great.

The ultimate irony is that such nationalization oppresses that volunteer spirit and makes it seem like an obligation rather than a desire. $5.7 billion? Chicken scratch. As the old political adage goes, “A billion there, a billion here, pretty soon you’re talking about real money.”

Volunteerism does NOT begin at the federal level, contrary to Barry’s misconceived notion (it all started with Bill Clinton). It begins in the nation’s churches and local food pantries and ecumenical service organizations. The federal government will find a way to screw this up too, just like does everything else it attempts on the domestic level.


ConcreteBob has this post over at UCV:

I’ll  include this quote.

In addition to obtaining or confirming the location and time of each “demonstration,” each field office was instructed to obtain or confirm the identity of the individual(s) involved in the actual planning and coordination of the event in each specific region, and include the local or regional Internet web site address, if any. The information collected by region was then reportedly sent to FBI Headquarters.The source alleges that a second directive was issued on or about April 6, 2009 that reportedly instructed each SAC to coordinate and conduct, either at the field office level and/or with the appropriate resident agency, covert video surveillance and data collection of the participants of the TEA parties. Surveillance was to be performed from “discreet fixed or mobile positions” and was to be performed “independently and outside of the purview of local law enforcement.”

Outside of the purview of local law enforcement? If this is true, our federal government is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors against the American citizens, of ALL political persuasions. Does federalism mean nothing to this administration? I guess they’re going to scrap our republican form of government.

Please read this. It is vitally important.

Dog Company, 1-8 Cavalry – FRONTLINE 2/10

Here’s part two of the series from FRONTLINE covering Dog Company of the 8th Cavalry Regiment. Listen to the Sergeant’s statement at 2:15.


AFP – Save My Ballot Tour

Ms. Smith, over at Cavalcade of Conflictedness has this post with her video from the event. As I mentioned in the post below, the secret ballot is the most precious possession a hard working American has. The EFCA, or Card Check, will absolutely destroy the secret ballot and why? So the union bosses and their politicians can pad their coffers.

As an aside. This is a great blog. I’ve added it to my subscriptions and you should too.

EFCA or Straight from the Pits of Hell

I genuinely try to avoid overhyped political rhetoric, as it does no good for anyone, but friends I have to tell you how I feel about this one.

First, I’d like commend Chris Guy for his attempt at balance here in his post at Fred2Blue. This post is well written and has good analysis(albeit obvious).

Second, the so-called Employee Free Choice Act is a piece of legislation straight from the pits of hell. There is NO free choice about it. It is a subversive effort by union bosses and their politicians to remove the most precious possession any hard working American has. Their vote. Removing the secret ballot from the organizing process, the unions and their politicians are seeking to pad their coffers off the backs of men and women who possibly have no desire to organize their workplace.

In my very humble opinion, the EFCA is the single most dangerous piece of legislation that will come before this Congress. We need to encourage OUR politicians to reject this subversive bill.

KTN – Death tax a tool for class warfare

As always, I’m impressed with the editorials that the Kingsport Times-News produces. This one calls the Obama administration and the newly formed country music duo, Sourland, to task for promoting class warfare. Go read it, it will be well worth your time.

20 April 2009

Dog Company, 1-8 Cavalry - FRONTLINE

Guys and gals,

I don’t know how I missed this when it aired, but I’ll be sharing a series of ten videos documenting the troopers of the Dog Company, 1-8 Cavalry. The Mustangs show that their regimental motto is not just a Hollywood, drummed up cliche, IT IS THEIR WAY OF LIFE!!!!


Honor and Courage!!!!


Grass rooties? WTH?

I’ve been called everything from a conservative to a neo-Nazi (yes, its happened) and everything in between, but TippingPoint over at CobaltVA has a unique name for us now. Personally, I found the article fairly tame and mildly informative, but it was humorous nonetheless.

1-8 Cav Medics Teach Lifesaving Skills to IA soldiers

FORWARD OPERATING BASE WARRIOR, Kirkuk, Iraq- Hands on training was the approach for Iraqi Army soldiers of 2nd Battalion, 15th Iraqi Army Brigade, who, for the first time, began learning combat life saving skills with assistance from medics of 1st Battalion, 8th Cavalry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, at an IA outpost near Forward Operating Base McHenry, Kirkuk province, Iraq, March 29.

For the Michael Moore types out there who think that all the Army does is kill, rape and pillage, the above article is glaring proof otherwise. Also, the IA soldiers realize that America will not always be there:

"Every Soldier in the Iraqi Army should know how to do these skills," said Salem Hussein, a non-commissioned officer with the 2nd Bn. 15th IA Bde.

"America is going to leave one day," said Hussein. "We are going to be the only ones out on patrols, and we need to know how to save each others' lives."

I guess the whackjobs just thought the Army was simply an occupying force that was there simply to impose its will on the Iraqi people.

The 8th Cavalry Regiment. Honor and Courage.

Lt. Gen Hal Moore – 7th CAV – Ia Drang Valley

No words are necessary.

Who is Charlie Fugate?

This is me, last summer. Thought I’d scan one of me in just so you know who I am. The occasion? That great Southern Sunday morning tradition, church.


Welcome back DJ

My friend and fellow Duncan Hunter supporter last year, is appearing to find his way through his ailments. He has a great take on everything that’s been going on in the blogosphere. I always value DJ’s take on all things political and its good to see him back in the saddle.

Template problems

I have been made aware of the problems viewing the new layout with Internet Explorer. My solution? Get Firefox 3!!! You’ll get the full effect of the new layout at Good Sense.

Book Recommendation


If you want an insiders view into Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom, you’ll want to read this book. CINC USCENTCOM General Tommy Franks provides a frank and honest look at the successes and failures that accompany any major military operation. Described by many as a “soldier’s General”, General Franks looks at his military career from Vietnam to Afghanistan to Iraq with clarity and honest. I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!

PS Before anyone starts about this, this picture is from the book that I purchased myself.

Unit of the Week – 7th Cavalry Regt



As you know by now, I’m biased toward the Cavalry, but I believe the notoriety that the 7th Cavalry Regiment gained at the Little Big Horn was more than made up for by then Lt. Col Hal Moore in the Ia Drang Valley in Vietnam. Below is a short history that comes from their home page.

Constituted by Congress on 28 July, 1866, the 7th cavalry Regiment organized on 21 September, 1866 at Fort Riley, Kansas. From 1866 until 1891, the regiment fought the Western Frontier, protected pioneer settlements, and escorted scientific expeditions into uncharted territory. Under LTC George A. Custer’s command, the regiment built the enviable reputation as the best horse soldiers on the plains.

As controversial as he was colorful, LTC Custer was responsible for the adoption of “Garryowen” as the regimental song.
From the period of 1892 until 1917, the 7th Cavalry fought in Cuba, the Philippines, and in Mexico. In September 1916, the 7th Cavalry participated in the last true “Cavalry Charge” during the Battle of Guerrero. From 1917-1943, the regiment was stationed at Fort Bliss, Texas, where it patrolled the Mexican border. During this period the unit also participated in numerous training exercises which helped prepare for World War II.

In February 1943, the regiment turned in their horses and began retraining as foot soldiers for action in the Pacific. Moved to Australia in July 1943, the 7th conducted extensive amphibious and jungle training. From July 1943 until June 1945, the troopers of GARRYOWEN saw heavy fighting from the Admiralties Islands to Luzon. On 2 September, the 7th landed on the Japanese mainland with General MacArthur.

In Korea, the 7th Cavalry fought in the war’s bloodiest battles. These included Hwanggan, Yong-dong, Kwanni, and Naktong River Defense. When the 1st Cavalry Division attacked north, the 7th Cavalry was in front, smashing 116 miles behind enemy lines in a historic 24 hours.
On 18 September 1965, the 7th Cavalry arrived in Quinhon Harbor, Republic of Vietnam. In the famous battles of the Ia Drang Valley in November 1965, the GARRYOWEN Regiment virtually annihilated the 66th North Vietnamese Regiment. In the Bong Son area, the regiment mauled three different enemy battalions into combat ineffectiveness. For its actions in Vietnam, the 7th Cavalry was awarded the Vietnamese Gallantry Cross with Palm.

In the mid 1972, the 1st Battalion, 7th Cavalry was deactivated. On 6 June 1974, the 1st Battalion (Armor), 7th Cavalry was activated as a unit of the 2nd Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division at Fort Hood, Texas.
On 16 October 1986, the 1st Battalion, 7th Cavalry was reorganized as an Armored Cavalry Squadron and redesignated as the 1st Squadron, 7th Cavalry and assigned as the Divisional Cavalry for the 1st Cavalry Division.

On 11 August 1990, the 1st Squadron, 7th Cavalry was placed on alert and in September 1990, received orders to deploy to Southwest Asia. Two ground troops from the 2nd Armored Division were attached to the squadron, thus making 1-7 Cavalry the largest Divisional Cavalry Squadron in the Army. The unit began deploying on 17 September 1990. During Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, the Squadron was the first unit to screen along the Saudi Arabian-Iraqi border, first to conduct reconnaissance missions into Iraq, and the first to engage the enemy with direct fire in the Wadi-Al-Batin area. The 7th Cavalry, with three ground troops and two air troops, maintained a 50 kilometer, 43 day screen line along the Iraqi border.

On 16 February 1991, the GARRYOWEN Regiment, with its three ground and two air troops, led the division by charging into Iraq on a 250 kilometer move into southern Iraq in 24 hours. When the cease-fire came into effect on 27 February 1991, the Squadron had overrun numerous dismounted defensive positions, captured equipment and over 500 prisoners and destroyed a number of enemy vehicles. On 14 April 1991, the entire Squadron redeployed to Fort Hood having accomplished its mission without the loss of life.

Since 1995, the Squadron became the first and only division cavalry squadron to draw and outfit with the M1A2 Abrams main battle tank and more recently with the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior. The Squadron also set history as the first and only squadron to conduct an Intrinsic Action deployment, covering over 300,000 miles in a three month period during Intrinsic Action 97-01, and setting the record for the fastest draw of the AWR-5 prepositioned floating fleet in Kuwait.

19 April 2009

Have a Coke and a…Smile

I’ve always maintained that my father was ahead of his time, but here it seems he has beat Coke to the punch for its famous slogan.


Oh, in case you were wondering, that’s smoke in the picture. Most everyone smoked cigarettes back then. And yes, that’s a Coca-Cola can.

In Case You were wondering…

I’m down in my back again and have nothing but time this Sunday morning. That’s why all the posts today.  Making up for lost time I suppose.

Very good take

Citizen Tom at Citizen Tom has this on Delegate Scott Lingamfelter’s  response to the DHS report on rightwing extremism. I quote CT here:

Perhaps the timing of the Department of Homeland Security report will help people to wise up.  The report came out right before April 15th and the Tea Parties.   Will the report help most people to understand something about what our current administration thinks of Conservatives?  If not, will the coverage of the Tea Parties by the corporate news media help people to understand the extent of the news media bias?  Only time will tell.

We are still a free people.  This land still belongs to all of us;  America is still our country. We have a choice. Either we exercise our civic responsibilities, or they will be taken away. If enough of us do not take the time to participate honorably in politics, we will lose our freedom and our country.   Every single one of us.

Perhaps we will wise up. I wouldn’t bet the farm on it though.

The Virginia Plan –2009

With the advent of the Tax Day Tea Parties around the nation AND around our Commonwealth, I believe it is only fitting that a grassroots movement to return OUR Federal government to its proper size and scope should originate in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

1.) WHEREAS, the United States Federal government has usurped authority that it has no Constitutional mandate for, and,

2.) WHEREAS,the several States that comprise this Republic  have been burdened by unfunded mandates in direct violation of Article Four, Section Four, Clause 1 which states:

“The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government”


3.) WHEREAS, the Constitution has specific, enumerated powers granted to each branch of the Federal government, and,

4.) WHEREAS, the Constitution, as amended by the Bill of Rights in the 10th Amendment, affirms that authority not granted to it by the Constitution is reserved to the states or the people, now therefore be it,

5.) RESOLVED, that we as the governed, request and require our federal government return all non-enumerated powers it has assumed to the several states, as required by the 10th Amendment,and,

6.) RESOLVED, that the several states comprising this Republic, with all due haste, author and enact into law, resolutions requesting the Federal government return non-enumerated powers back to the several states, and,

7.) RESOLVED, that the citizens of the several states take all legal and peaceful action that is deemed necessary and proper to encourage their states to require non-enumerated power be returned.

I, Charlie Fugate, hereby put my hand to this document in full support of its goals and do encourage my friends and family, and others to support its aim.

This, the 19th day of April, in the year of our Lord, 2009

Charlie C. Fugate

This document, is my personal pledge to all who will listen that I will work day and night if need be to change the way our government does business.

Saddle up…

I’m happy to see that some are finally getting angry and fed up with our federal government. The days of attempting to change it from within the system are over. Our politicians will listen to us, or face our wrath at the ballot box (which we should return to by the way.) Should they continue to be elected, then we have only ourselves to blame for the sham that is the Federal government. Saddle up…

Must Read

The Dogwood Pundit has this must read post. and links to this insightful post

I can only shake my head.

Third Party temptations

SWAC Girl has this.

Here is my comment:

Good post. I know you and I have disagreed about a particular issue within the RPV the past few weeks and months, and if I became snippy or snarky, I apologize. However, I have to disagree with Rush on this one.All political parties formed for the purpose of promoting a particular philosophy of governance AND electing candidates espousing that philosophy. Reagan left the Democrat party for the GOP because it left him, as he said. Granted, he left for the other major party, but what about the constitutional Republicans who have become alienated because of the big government "compassionate conservatism" espoused by the former administration? Do we have a home in a "Big Tent" GOP? Do I leave to become a Dem? I don't think so.

I would prefer not to leave. I have made a ton of friends and made numerous contacts through my affiliation with the GOP. However, unless the RPV and GOP begin to nominate limited, Constitutional government conservatives, I just do not see how a person of conscience can say, avoid third-party temptations.

19 April 1967 – Medal of Honor Awarded

As cited on History.com,

April 19, 1967

Air Force pilot cited for bravery

Over North Vietnam, Air Force Maj. Leo K. Thorsness, from the 357th Tactical Fighter Squadron, and his electronic warfare officer, Capt. Harold E. Johnson, destroy two enemy surface-to-air missile sites, and then shoot down a MiG-17 before escorting search-and-rescue helicopters to a downed aircrew. Although his F-105 fighter-bomber was very low on fuel, Major Thorsness attacked four more MiG-17s in an effort to draw the enemy aircraft away from the downed aircrew. Awarded the Medal of Honor for his courageous action this day, Major Thorsness did not receive his medal until 1973--on April 30, 1967, he was shot down over North Vietnam and spent the next six years as a prisoner of war.

This should give us all pause. Reflect and ask yourself, have I thanked a vet today?

Speaking of Veterans

If Barry’s plan for the VA is so wonderful, why did he propose that returning combat wounded vets pay for their own care?  E-records? I hope they’ve improved COMSEC drastically since the theft of over 26 million veterans records occurred in 2006. I understand the advances in virtual security since then, but geez, if I were a veteran, I wouldn’t be too thrilled to see my personal, confidential medical information be put into potential jeopardy.

A First for Good Sense

I have no idea how, but Good Sense cracked the top twenty according Blog Net News Virginia. I’m proud of this, and thankful.

Scouting – An American Tradition.

Phil, at Yankee Phillip, has this post about the Boy Scouts Camporee at Montpelier, the home of James Madison. I, for one, support the Boy Scouts and its mission. I also support the Scout Oath, which states:

On my honor I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country
and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times; 
To keep myself physically strong,
mentally awake, and morally straight.

This country would be better off if more adults took this to heart. I also believe the characteristics spelled out the in the Scout Law would vastly improve this nation.

A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly,
courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty,
brave, clean, and reverent.

Put your name in place of the word Scout. Do you possess these attributes?

Great Footwear

While Kilo has the right idea about the pervs in Kingsport, I have another set of footwear that I highly recommend for any in law enforcement, corrections, or if you just happen to like a good pair of boots. Even though Corcoran and Matterhorn are made by the same company, there’s just something about a pair of Corcorans. I own a pair bought from a US Cavalry Store across from Fort Campbell when I worked for the TN Department of Corrections.


These are the original, MIL SPEC Corcoran jump boots that have seen action from Normandy to Vietnam.  Any Airborne soldier can tell you when and where they bought their first set of Corcorans.

18 April 2009

Fugate, Roy S. – SP4

Here’s a picture of my dad while he was serving with the First Cavalry Division in Korea. He cut a dashing figure didn’t he?



Boucher – Vulnerable?

Triple C, seems to believe so. Her take is that Boucher’s decision to support Waxman’s 20% cap on greenhouse gases would erode support for Boucher among the UMWA. I’m not so sure. I’ll include my comment to her post her to summarize my view:


You are spot on with your take. Triplett was the best candidate we’ve had in years down here. Boucher is in Cecil Roberts’ (UMWA chief down here) back pocket and the UMWA puts Boucher into real money. The constituent services his office provides is exactly as you say, Social Security checks that have suddenly become dislodged.

As a long time resident of the Ninth District, the only candidate the GOP could run and break 40% would be William Wampler, Jr. State Senator for portion of Washington County and Bristol. Wampler is not as conservative as some would like, but he is the GOP’s last hope against Boucher. If Wampler does not run, Boucher will have this seat until he retires.

The old money in Abingdon and the middle part of Washington County have a vested interest in keeping Rick in office. The lower part of the county is overwhelmingly Republican while the middle and upper end is Democrat. The opposite holds true for the Ninth as a whole. Republican candidates tend to fare better on the northeastern end of the District, while the Southwestern portion votes to overwhelmingly reelect. The UMWA carries the significant portion of that responsibility.

Rick Boucher, while not my favorite, is so entrenched here in the Ninth that only a very well known and respected public official could even break the 40% barrier.

Education – A Federal matter?

JAB, over at Deo Vindice asks these questions:

My answer, and I’ll challenge anyone to find otherwise, is that the Federal government has usurped authority that it clearly does not have Constitutional mandate for. Education properly begins at home with the family and then into the public school systems where teachers and parents would be better served to have that authority returned to them.

Small Victories

This release issued by the Gun Owners of America details some of the victories achieved during “the budget skirmish.” This is going to come off as sounding weird, but I’ve always believed that the GOP is a more effective opposition party than a governing party. Look at the amendments put forth here.

17 April 2009

1st Cavalry Division Memorial

Wow, I learn something new everyday. What a fitting tribute to the 1st Cav troopers who have paid it all in Iraq.