19 April 2009

Third Party temptations

SWAC Girl has this.

Here is my comment:

Good post. I know you and I have disagreed about a particular issue within the RPV the past few weeks and months, and if I became snippy or snarky, I apologize. However, I have to disagree with Rush on this one.All political parties formed for the purpose of promoting a particular philosophy of governance AND electing candidates espousing that philosophy. Reagan left the Democrat party for the GOP because it left him, as he said. Granted, he left for the other major party, but what about the constitutional Republicans who have become alienated because of the big government "compassionate conservatism" espoused by the former administration? Do we have a home in a "Big Tent" GOP? Do I leave to become a Dem? I don't think so.

I would prefer not to leave. I have made a ton of friends and made numerous contacts through my affiliation with the GOP. However, unless the RPV and GOP begin to nominate limited, Constitutional government conservatives, I just do not see how a person of conscience can say, avoid third-party temptations.


  1. If I may, I would make this a frist person singular problem.

    If I don't make it my business to nominate Constitutional Republicans at every level for every office from Virginia, then..it may be time to look to a third party.

    The point, again for emphasis, its not the RPVs job or anyone else's job to find candidates and get them nominated - the Constitutional Republicans - it is yours, mine, and ours.

    The buck stops here.

  2. Good points, all. It starts with me. I have deliberated and debated with myself about whether to stay or leave the GOP. It has been a painful deliberation.

    I concede that it is indeed my responsibility to either run for office myself, or find like minded people willing to go the distance.

    As I have mentioned to others in the ODBA, it could well be that I'm just too pessimistic in this matter. I've been the loyal foot soldier and worked to elect George Allen governor, attempted to get Ollie North elected Senator and numerous GOP candidates for Congress. The two candidates I have the most respect for in that regard is the 94 candidate, Steve Fast, and the 96 candidate Patrick Muldoon. The most qualified candidate we've fielded has been Kevin Triplett and even he failed to break 40%.

    These men are all good men. They sacrificed a lot to run against Boucher. Regardless of what people say about his candidacy for the LG nomination, Patrick Muldoon is a solid guy, hard worker, and a hard campaigner. I wish we had a few more like him in the RPV.