19 April 2009

The Virginia Plan –2009

With the advent of the Tax Day Tea Parties around the nation AND around our Commonwealth, I believe it is only fitting that a grassroots movement to return OUR Federal government to its proper size and scope should originate in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

1.) WHEREAS, the United States Federal government has usurped authority that it has no Constitutional mandate for, and,

2.) WHEREAS,the several States that comprise this Republic  have been burdened by unfunded mandates in direct violation of Article Four, Section Four, Clause 1 which states:

“The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government”


3.) WHEREAS, the Constitution has specific, enumerated powers granted to each branch of the Federal government, and,

4.) WHEREAS, the Constitution, as amended by the Bill of Rights in the 10th Amendment, affirms that authority not granted to it by the Constitution is reserved to the states or the people, now therefore be it,

5.) RESOLVED, that we as the governed, request and require our federal government return all non-enumerated powers it has assumed to the several states, as required by the 10th Amendment,and,

6.) RESOLVED, that the several states comprising this Republic, with all due haste, author and enact into law, resolutions requesting the Federal government return non-enumerated powers back to the several states, and,

7.) RESOLVED, that the citizens of the several states take all legal and peaceful action that is deemed necessary and proper to encourage their states to require non-enumerated power be returned.

I, Charlie Fugate, hereby put my hand to this document in full support of its goals and do encourage my friends and family, and others to support its aim.

This, the 19th day of April, in the year of our Lord, 2009

Charlie C. Fugate

This document, is my personal pledge to all who will listen that I will work day and night if need be to change the way our government does business.

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