21 April 2009

Coal = Money = Bread and Butter for miners

QUESTION: I wonder if any of the environmentalists have ever been near a coal tipple, or for that matter, even know what one is?

With all due respect to the blogger who made this post, I suggest you come to Wise County or Buchanan County or Dickenson County and tell the father who has no job that he can't go to work for Dominion because the environment can't take it. You're not the ones who will be employed by coal. My issues are not with the coal miners, or even the coal companies, its with the UMWA. Coal mining has a long and proud heritage in Southwest Virginia, but mainly men do it because it puts bread and butter on their tables and sends their kids to school and sustains their household heat for one more month. It's always convenient to say, "No more coal" if you're not the one who will be employed by a coal company or a coal-fired power plant. I was always told, if you have no dog in the fight, you best stay on the porch. Jobs, families and bills will ALWAYS be priorities. I believe there are ways to utilize cleaner coal technology. Listen to this song, Ernie will put you straight.

Tennessee Ernie Ford - Sixteen Tons

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