31 August 2007

Warner won't seek re-election

 It's official. Virginia's senior Senator John Warner will not seek re-election in 2008 post on Fox News.com. This leads to an open seat that will no doubt see a hotly contested race.I congratulate Senator Warner on a long career of service to the United States, that included a stint as Secretary of the Navy.

Personally, I believe Senator Warner has done the right thing. He's been a thorn in the flesh for Virginia conservatives for years. The most prominent example is his endorsement of Marshall Coleman for Senate over the VA GOP's nominee, Oliver North in 1994. 

The Virginia GOP has the opportunity to nominate a genuine conservative to the United States Senate. Let the games begin!!!!


FOXNews.com - Sen. John Warner Will Not Seek Re-election in '08 - Politics | Republican Party | Democratic Party | Political Spectrum

Will Lady Liberty Last Beyond 2010?

My friends, it is becoming harder  to argue against the Constitution Party and some of its leaders. The below article is from the CP's 2004 VP nominee Chuck Baldwin. Most Republicans (especially GWB supporters) will view this as nothing more than a load of hooey. However, the man makes sense. Think about it this way, if we returned to original constitutional government, the United States would spend way less than what it does and would interfere less in the lives of its citizens than it does. I pray that each day brings us closer to the realization that 'compassionate conservatism' has NOT worked and it is time to return to constitutional government as enumerated in the Constitution. 

Will Lady Liberty Last Beyond 2010?


NOTE: Duncan Hunter supporters, please note the reference to Mr. Hunter in a latter paragraph.

29 August 2007

Mr. Stanley...

Note: Thanks to Badrose for the proofread... this post has been edited for typo ONLY.

I have avoided making a personal remark about this because I wanted to see how you would react to the 'concerted effort' by the ODBA. However, your response has warranted a post from me. Let's get the preliminaries out of the way. We'll begin with the basics.

1.) We know you(Yellow Dog Strategies) are employed by the Roscoe Reynolds campaign. That's beyond doubt. We know you provide strategic services to political campaigns of liberal Democrats. That's established. Has Mr. Reynolds condoned and endorsed your attempt at a juvenile political analogy/prank? Where is his reply? I think the voters of his district and those of us in the ODBA deserve a reply.

2.) It has been established that the ODBA, as a free association of like minded conservatives, has exercised its collective 1st Amendment right of free political speech by investigating Mr. Reynolds public appearances, votes in the Virginia Senate and his remarks made in reponse to legitimate constituent questions. I'll repeat the same question I posed to Mr. Tribett. What is wrong with honest, opposition research? What harm is there by letting the Virginia voting public know that their elected representatives have such a hair trigger temper?

3.) It has been established that AFTER the posts calling Mr. Reynolds out on his responses and manner in answering said questions, you purchased the domain name olddominionblogalliance.com on Aug 16 and had it pointed to the website in question. What would a reasonable person believe? A person of reasonable intelligence and values would judge this action to be politically motivated. You have admitted as much. However, the question remains if you did so with the express knowledge and approval of Mr. Roscoe Reynolds or any of your other Democrat-ick clients?

4.) The appearance and reality of this deplorable act has been established as politically motivated. As a political consultant of some renown in the Commonwealth, it should be obvious to you that political speech (even in its most heinous form, such as yours) is open to counterattack and dissection. Free speech? Only when it suits you. And as a matter of settled case law, no one individual has an absolute right to free speech. Remember the phrase, "fighting words"? Maybe the phrase, "shouting fire in a crowded theatre" will ring a bell. When said speech infringes upon my good reputation and good standing in the community, that's when I have a problem with your exercise of free speech.

5.) Having said all the above, I will now broach the true issue here. This is not about you (as much as your enlarged ego will protest), nor is it about me. The issue is about what did Roscoe Reynolds know and when did he know it?

I call upon all Democrats with standards and ethics to strongly condemn the 'scorched earth' and destructive politics of the far left wing of your party. Demand answers from your candidates!!!!

Mexican Trucks to enter US

According the this report on Forbes.com, Mexican tractor and trailers will be allowed to travel anywhere in the United States starting Saturday. Teamsters officials announced plans to seek an emergency injuction to prevent the implementation of the cross-border entry. Currently, Mexican trucks are required to stop in a 'buffer zone' and transfer their loads to US trucks.
I must admit, it's not often that I find myself in agreement with the Teamsters AND the Sierra Club, but the USDOT has enough problems enforcing standards and laws for our own trucking interests.

In my opinion, allowing Mexican trucks on US interstate highways will be taking loads from the generally safe US trucking companies and giving the bread and butter of those drivers to someone who could be smuggling narcotics, illegals, or even weapons into our country. This step is a dangerous leap forward into the Security and Prosperity Partnership. It is this organization that skeptics say will lead ultimately to the dreaded North American Union. To my thinking, this is more about practical concerns, specifically the safety and the security of America's truck drivers.

28 August 2007

Broad Political Appeal

Again, as noted before The Constitution Party has NOT endorsed Mr. Hunter for President. However, in a press release, The CP has indeed found it has much in common with the GOP candidate for President. Please read this carefully.


Poisoned Food, Tainted Toys & Job Loss: Like The Results Of NAFTA? You'll LOVE The North American Union! Coalition Urges President To “Tear Down The Wall Of Secrecy” At Quebec Merger Summit While U.S. Congressman Urges President To Build UP The Border Wall.

Lancaster, PA/ August 27, 2007 The recent Quebec Security and Prosperity Partnership Summit held at Montebello, Quebec drew attention to a proposed merger of the U.S., Mexico and Canada. The event, attended by President George Bush, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon drew hundreds opposed to the plan.

Former Director of the U.S. Office of Economic Opportunity and current Chairman of The Conservative Caucus and the Coalition to Block the North American Union, Howard Phillips addressed those gathered to oppose the SPP in Canada. Phillips said, “President Bush, tear down the wall of secrecy. Behind closed doors, step-by-step, the leaders (of the three nations) are setting the stage for…a North American Community and, ultimately a North American Union… (which means we would lose authority) over our economy, our judiciary and our lawmaking institutions”.

Phillips founded the Constitution Party in 1992. The third largest party based on voter registration (Ballot Access News), the Constitution Party is the only political party with a resolution to oppose the SPP/NAU scheme as a threat to America’s constitutional government.

President Bush asked by a Fox News reporter for explicit denial of a plan to integrate the three countries, demurred and ridiculed opponents instead. Dr. Jerome Corsi, author of the New York Times bestseller "The Late Great U.S.A: The Coming Merger with Mexico and Canada" commented: "That’s exactly the same type of response Europeans got from their leaders, even as the EU noose was tightening around the necks of the millions who wanted nothing to do with a European super-state".

During the SPP Summit in Quebec, where Bush was called on to “tear down the wall of secrecy” surrounding the covert merger, a United States Congressman was calling on the president to build a wall to secure our border with Mexico. While the president was in Canada denying a plan to integrate North America, California Congressman Duncan Hunter delivered a letter to Bush saying, "It is my understanding that approximately $800 million is currently available for (fence building). Despite this funding, only 17.9 of the 854 miles of fencing called for in the Secure Fence Act have been completed as of Aug. 10, 2007."

The Constitution Party joins Congressman Hunter in calling for immediate efforts to complete a wall at our southern border and joins with those opposed to the SPP/NAU calling for a tearing down of the wall of secrecy surrounding any plans to merge the United States, Mexico and Canada.


Please read this article on the CP's website that goes a little more indepth than the press release. Another reason to support Mr. Hunter's campaign. He is showing the ability to build a coalition of differing parties together in an united front against illegal immigration and against terrorism.

25 August 2007

Official ODBA Press Release

25 August 2007

Live By “Macaca,” Die By “NAMBLA”
Top Virginia Democratic Strategist Linked To Pedophile Web Site

Richmond, Virginia. (August 25, 2007) – The Old Dominion Blog Alliance (“ODBA”), an organization of approximately 25 conservative Virginia bloggers founded on December 9, 2005, discovered on August 21 that someone registered the domain name of “olddominionblogalliance.com” on August 16 via GoDaddy.com’s Domains by Proxy service in order to conceal their identity. The domain was then set to forward to the web site for the North American Man-Boy Love Association ("NAMBLA"), an organization that promotes illegal activity between adults and children, including pedophilia.

Following this disclosure, the parties behind it were subsequently discovered to be Joe Stanley of Yellow Dog Strategy, a Democratic consultant who manufactured last year’s “macaca” gaffe by U.S. Sen. George Allen into an ex post facto racial slur and produced the controversial anti-Harris Miller mailing, and Ben Tribbett who runs the Northern Virginian blog “Not Larry Sabato.”

Evidence in hand and a confession by Mr. Stanley show that he was the one who purchased the domain name and then set it to forward to the NAMBLA web site. Mr. Tribbett, who is close to Mr. Stanley, proceeded to peddle the story to another blog and then feigned outrage at this action apparently in order to further raise the story’s visibility while maintaining deniability over it. Mr. Stanley undertook this action just two days after members of the ODBA began a concerted effort against state Sen. Roscoe Reynolds (D-20th Dist.), a candidate for whom Mr. Stanley has done work and who is locked in a tight reelection battle with Republican Jeff Evans. Sen. Reynolds advertises on “Not Larry Sabato.”

“Child sexual abuse is not a joke and certainly not a political tactic to be used in order to silence your political enemies,” said Kathryn Wilton of the blog CatHouse Chat, a member of the ODBA, the wife of a Navy veteran and mother. “Pedophilia is a morally repugnant behavior and how Mr. Stanley or Mr. Tribbett could think this is humorous or fair game politically is beyond my comprehension.”

“Senator Reynolds needs to go on the record whether or not he agrees with these abhorrent tactics used on his behalf,” added Greg Letiecq of Black Velvet Bruce Li, one of the most widely read blogs in Virginia. “Joe Stanley did this to benefit him. Reynolds must either expressly condone or renounce these tactics used for his gain.”

Members of the ODBA are currently considering whether to bring any civil legal claims stemming from this defamatory act perpetrated upon them. Should a case be brought and damages awarded, any proceeds will be donated to organizations that fight child abuse.

-- 30 --

24 August 2007

Attorney General McDonnell

I have been privileged to see many great things happen in the blogosphere here in Virginia. Friends and readers, I have the privilege and honor to announce that Virginia Attorney General Bob McDonnell will be at Good Sense on September 24 at 5:00 pm to answer questions in a live blogging session. This is a first for Good Sense and I want to say a heartfelt 'thank you' to the Attorney General and his staff for agreeing to do this. Do your homework, check your facts and figures and come ask the Attorney General your most burning questions. Please note that this date is tentative and is subject to change due to the AG's scheduling conflicts.

Duncan Hunter's Faith

It is refreshing to see a candidate take a public stand on where he stands as to the condition of his soul. Mr. Hunter's convictions and his experience make him the best choice in 2008.

21 August 2007

Duncan Hunter: THE Man

As if there were any doubts in my mind about Duncan Hunter, but this post is another superbly written apology for the Duncan Hunter candidacy. Duncan Hunter rises head and shoulders above the relatively thin GOP field. Giuliani? Please. John McCain? Maybe in another life. Mitt Romney? Has some strong positions, but doesn't posess the experience Mr. Hunter does. In short, consider Duncan Hunter when making your choice for the GOP nomination. He deserves as much consideration as the so-called front runners. In fact, sign up to be an E-Leader with the Hunter campaign and help raise much needed funds. The banner on the right will lead you to a sign up page. Do so today and help return the GOP to its conservative principles before its too late.

17 August 2007

Old Dominion Blog Alliance and Ben...

To my knowledge, I've never posted ANYTHING about Ben, much less anything negative. However, I would point out to Mr. Tribbett that good, honest opposition research is THE name of the game in politics. For all your facts and figures about on the ground polling and tracking... you've forgotten or perhaps you have NEGLECTED to recall that you keep your friends close, but you keep your "enemies" closer. Mr. Tribbett, WHY is opposition research so dangerous to your candidates? Perhaps the public will truly see them for what they are, tax and spend liberals who are like an old Sooner dog. "He would sooner spend your money than his own."

16 August 2007

Duncan Hunter in SC

Duncan Hunter is confirmed to participate

in the

Palmetto Family Presidential Stump Meeting
September 20, 2007
Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center
Columbia, South Carolina

Please attend and show your support of


Please attend what will be "the Main Event" for Values Voters in South Carolina for the 2008 Presidential Campaign, the Palmetto Family Presidential Stump Rally and Straw Poll.

And we bid adieu to...

Tommy Thompson. Maybe in another life and another time Mr. Thompson's candidacy would have gained more traction. I have the highest respect for Mr. Thompson. Jim Gilmore never gained any traction and now with Thompson's withdrawal, that leaves us with:

John McCain
Rudy Giuliani
Mitt Romney
Duncan Hunter (my choice)
Mike Huckabee
Sam Brownback
Tom Tancredo
Ron Paul

John McCain's chances have dwindled to very slim. The media was hyping his candidacy, the Maverick returns... yada yada yada. I was convinced from the very beginning that a McCain redux would gather little steam. What a difference eight years makes Mr. McCain.

Mr. Giuliani has become the candidate conservatives love to hate. His positions on abortion and illegal immigration have come under fire from the base and rightfully so. I have to admit that I am with Dr. Dobson on this one, under no circumstance could I vote for Mr. Giuliani.

Mitt Romney. As much as I hate to admit it, Governor Romney is the likely GOP nominee in 2008. Don't get me wrong, he's the class of the field in looks and polished performances. Has he convinced the conservative base of the GOP that he is truly in our camp? Perhaps, but the conservative jury is still out on Mr. Romney.

Duncan Hunter, in my opinion, is closest to capturing the essence and substance of Reaganism. Fair trade, 100% pro-life, pro-defense, the list goes on. The problem is name recognition and availability of funds. That's why I'm an eLeader for the Hunter campaign to help rectify that.

Look for further opinion snapshots of the remaining GOP candidates tomorrow...

10 August 2007

Brownback: What will you do?

If you look at Sam Brownback's campaign website, you'll see an almost morbid preoccupation with Mitt Romney. Mike Huckabee is mentioned once as well. Where is your coherent plan for a safer America, Mr. Brownback? Where is your proposal for winning the War in Iraq? You seem to be spending an inordinate amount of time on Mitt Romney, but you've lost sight of your purpose. The most important question I have for you is why did you support amnesty for illegal immigrants? (Granted, no one from the Brownback campaign will read this blog.)

Calling it like it is

Unless I was in a medication induced fog, I believe I saw Joe Biden on Fox News yesterday morning. I'm a conservative, it's true. However, I don't carry water for any party when it doesn't deserve it. I must commend Senator Biden for having the guts to come on Fox News when his compatriots of the Democrat field have refused to do so. I don't agree with his issues, but it takes a man secure in his convictions to come into what is generally agreed as neutral or hostile territory.

09 August 2007

Duncan Hunter on Compean and Ramos

I'm not a huge fan of CNN, but admit to watching Lou Dobbs for entertainment value. However, this segment with Duncan Hunter is most informative. It also reveals why Mr. Hunter would make a fine president.

Duncan Hunter -- Right on the Issues

The article by Mr. Madison was a superb piece of logical, rational persuasion that is the hallmark of conservatism. Here is another blog post that is worth reading. I am reminded of a saying by an old friend of mine in the DC Metro area. "Nothing was ever won by being pragmatic. Fortune favors the bold." So the campaign of Duncan Hunter is. Conventional wisdom dictates that he doesn't have a chance. The same was the case in 1979-1980 when an actor from California made an improbable run to the White House. Conservatives, don't give up hope. There is a candidate that not only speaks our language, but walks the walk as well. That candidate is Duncan Hunter. Why not sign up and contribute today?

Dubious Honor

It seems I have aroused someone's ire in the wild, wacky world of blogging. My blog has been nominated as Worst of All Time at Blogger's Choice Awards. At least someone thinks Good Sense rates enough enmity to be nominated. Thanks to whoever you are!!!