29 November 2009

Foreclosure Support?

Ok, maybe I’m old fashioned, but isn’t foreclosure a way that banks protect themselves from defaulted loans? Like a quack doctor, Barry insists on treating the symptom rather than the underlying disease. In this case, the disease is unqualified, high risk borrowers who have no means nor the intentions of paying their mortgage on time.

Does the government desire to increase home ownership in America?


1. Cease and desist from any further bailout packages in ANY form.The government needs to quit robbing Peter to subsidize Paul’s irresponsible consumer behavior.

2. Discontinue efforts to fleece legitimate lending institutions from protecting its assets. Allow foreclosures on those who habitually default on their mortgage.

3. We need to end efforts by a fringe minority to redefine marriage based upon their mistaken and sinful norms. (31 out of 50 states rejected a voter organized referendum)

4. We need to discontinue the income tax deduction (if it hasn’t already ) for interest on mortgage payments. Many borrowers use the first year to boost their already inflated refund (children, Earned Income Tax Credit, etc.) and afterward, cease payment on mortgage.

5. To encourage homeownership within families, we need to eliminate the Capital Gains Tax.

6. Finally, we as Americans, need to understand that the problem begins with us. Yes, that’s right. We need to own up to the out of control habits we have let consume our lives and we need to start living within our means. That means, if you don’t have the cash, you don’t need to use the credit card. Or, PAY AS YOU GO. How can we expect our government to do it if we’re not willing to do it ourselves.

05 November 2009

Live Posts on Latest from Ft. Hood

I’m watching a live feed from Ft. Hood. I’ll post as I hear what comes out.

Fort Hood Shooting

Much love and prayers going out for Fort Hood and the community of Killeen, TX after the horrific shootings that took place there today. I’m stunned and this hits particularly close to home because I’m an associate member of the 1st Cavalry Division Association. Please pray for the members of the First Team and all other units stationed at Fort Hood.


I think President Obama said the right things right now, although there’s not much to say. Too early for any easy conclusions.

04 November 2009

Election 2009

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that a heavily favored Democrat incumbent was defeated by a transplanted Republican in the Washington County Board of Supervisors race. A large reason? A No vote on a proposed truck stop which would have brought jobs to an area of the county that needs them. Joe Straten defeated Jack McCrady by a scant 17 votes.  Straten, originally from Ohio, campaigned on the need for more industrial jobs in the county.


Well, we all know the results. We’ve all heard the analysis.

In my very humble opinion,  the GOP had the stronger ticket top to bottom and the Dems had a particularly weak ticket, particularly for Lt. Governor and AG. I honestly thought Creigh Deeds would wage a better and more effective campaign than what he did. While this could serve as a template for future elections for the GOP, I believe that we should take it for what it is, an election. Sure, the base is energized right now, but I believe that we’re seeing a repudiation of the Obama administration right now in 2009. Could this carry over into 2010? Sure, if the economy continues to tank and Obama and Pelosi continue to insist upon governing from the left.

The fact remains that Obama and his cronies can’t be happy about last nights results. Two Democrat controlled Governor’s Mansions went red. Shoot, a Republican even picked up a House of Delegates seat in an extremely safe Democrat district in Southwest Virginia so safe that former UMWA boss Jackie Stump held the 3rd district seat before Dan Bowling. It wasn’t just a victory, but Will Morefield beat Bowling with almost 58 percent of the vote. While McDonnell’s victory was not unforeseen, a GOP victory in a heavily union district is almost unheard of, especially since the man who won is only 25 years old. At least in Southwest Virginia, there is significant indication that not only did the GOP have the stronger ticket, but in fact, this election WAS a referendum on the Obama administration and its socialist policy aims.

The campaign is over. The work begins in earnest now as the transition teams begin to put the pieces together for the inauguration in January. I sincerely hope that the GOP ticket will govern with an eye toward a renewed sense of reclaiming what rightfully belongs at the state and local level. The BHC has this about Morefield:

As delegate, Morefield said his top priority will be standing up for his constituents’ 10th Amendment rights and making sure both the federal and state governments stay out the way of private business owners.