29 May 2007

New Hampshire Debate

Don't forget to tune in to CNN to watch the Republican debate in New Hampshire. Duncan Hunter will be participating and looks to make an impact, just as he did in the South Carolina debate. If anyone is hosting debate watching parties, please let someone know so we can pass the information along. GO HUNTER 2008!!!!

25 May 2007

America Needs Duncan Hunter

This is posted at Bloggers 4 Duncan Hunter as well.

I firmly believe that Duncan Hunter is the man most qualified to lead America at this point in the life of our nation. For those of you who don't know me, I am Charlie Fugate from the blog Good Sense and I am proud to be a new supporter of Duncan Hunter's presidential campaign. I believe Mr. Hunter will provide leadership, vision and integrity in an hour where these qualities are needed. Let me explain why I support Mr. Hunter.

1.) He is Pro-Life - Mr. Hunter is explicitly pro-life and has the votes in Congress to back up his stance. From cloning to embryonic farming to the partial birth abortion ban, Duncan Hunter is committed to protecting the sanctity of human life. We owe the next generation of Americans nothing less than a committed pro-life President.

2.) He is Pro-Defense - Mr. Hunter has served as Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee and is a recognized leader in Defense and Homeland Security issues. Mr. Hunter understands what is required to properly defend our nation in uncertain times. In addition to this service, Mr. Hunter is a decorated Vietnam veteran. I would submit that Mr. Hunter's service has prepared him for understand intricate and complex defense issues.

3.) He is Fair Trade - Mr. Hunter understands that to expect high wage American workers to compete with low-wage workers is unrealistic and counterproductive. Mr. Hunter believes in Fair Trade where both sides honor committments to be equitable in trade. China has accumulated a huge trade surplus at our expense and is now building weapons that are trained on our shores.

4.) He is Fair Tax - To me, this was the deal maker. Mr. Hunter supports the Fair Tax which would eliminate the IRS and the income tax and replace it with a National Retail Sales Tax.These are but four main areas why I support Duncan Hunter for President.

24 May 2007

Join Our Team

My pleasure to post this video on Good Sense. I will offer detailed reasoning as to why I am supporting Duncan Hunter in a later post.

I'm proud

With a H/T to Kilo for this piece of video, I'm proud to announce that I'm formally endorsing and supporting Duncan Hunter for President. Mr. Hunter has fully convinced me that he is the strongest conservative in the GOP field.

19 May 2007

Two Finalists

Friends, as many of you know, I've been researching position papers, articles, commentary and other bits of information to determine a candidate to support for the 2008 GOP nomination. I have narrowed the field to two. As always, these are in no particular order of preference.

1.) Duncan Hunter - Mr. Hunter's congressional website as well as his campaign list significant pieces of information. I am impressed with the positions he takes as well as the supporting information such as bills sponsored etc. A man willing to take those kinds of stands and then back them up with action should be in anyone's top list.

2.) Fred Thompson - Mr. Thompson is still somewhat of a wildcard in the race in my view. He has powerful draw as a "GOP Rock Star" , but I am beginning to see what many are questioning. Does Fred Thompson have the fire in the belly that can hold him through this marathon campagin? I like Thompson and most of his views. Let's see if he really wants this.

16 May 2007

Thought this was an intriguing response to Michael Moore's challenge to a debate.

15 May 2007

Dr. Jerry Falwell RIP

The evangelical movement has lost one of its most vocal leaders today as Dr. Jerry Falwell has passed away. Chancellor and Founder of Liberty University, Dr. Falwell served as senior pastor of Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, VA.

Politics Free Post

Unless of course, you're a New York Yankee fan then this is the same as politics, but the Boston Red Sox showed why they are the class of the AL East, (at least right now). The Sox beat the Detroit Tigers 7-1 in a game where Dice-K impressed Jim Leland. With this win, the Red Sox go up 8.5 games over the Yankees.

Now, being a Red Sox fan, I'm pretty pessimistic that this will not last into the home stretch. However, it is nice to see the Sox performing well. Just hope the team stays healthy.

14 May 2007

Troop Funding

If you don't read Blackfive, let me strongly recommend that you begin doing so. A blog that has substance and style, the authors all know what they're talking about... unlike a few ivory tower blogs in Virginia looking to boost their hit counts.

This post is a strong indictment of what the Democrats are doing in the face of the loss of life in Iraq. Simply put, they are playing political games. What timetable, what benchmark, etc. etc. Granted, any strategy has to include conversations and decisions regarding what should happen when it is time to leave. That's called contingency planning and it is good policy to conduct. However, to name a specific timetable (i.e. 90 days, whats up with that?) AND then tie troop funding to such a timetable is folly at best and incompetence at the worst. I'm no policy expert, but I do have common sense. Common sense dictates that if we don't see the job through, disaster will strike.

12 May 2007

Jim Gilmore

Third of three candidates I am looking at to support.

Duncan Hunter

Here's a clip of Duncan Hunter, one of my top choices for the 2008 nomination.

Fred Thompson

I will be posting videos from my top three picks for the GOP nomination. The first video is an excerpt from his speech before The Lincoln Club of Orange County, CA.