31 January 2009

Governor Palin 2012

Sarah Palin has undertaken the first step toward a run for the White House in 2012. Her new PAC, Sarah PAC, has been officially launched. I believe we'll start seeing candidates begin the opening process soon (if not already). In other news, the RNC has elected Michael Steele as RNC Chairman. I supported Ken Blackwell and still feel strongly that his no nonsense no compromise conservatism would have been a welcome shot in the arm.

22 January 2009

GOA Endorses Cuccinelli

I received an email today from the Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund stating they were backing Ken Cuccinelli for Attorney General. I will have more on this as I receive information, but this is good from my point of view.

Virginia 2009 - Democrats

I've always been hesitant to comment on the Virginia Democrat Party's nominating process or its candidates. I'm not a Democrat, never have been and never will be. That said, I believe that if the Virginia Democrats are smart, they'll nominate Creigh Deeds. Mr. Deeds seems to me to be the most serious of the declared candidates and despite partisan differences, has earned a shot at his party's top spot on the ticket. Mr. Deeds would be a formidable candidate and the general election campaign that would ensue would be a barn burner for sure.

I've made it clear that Creigh Deeds would be the smart choice for Virginia Dems. That said, my heart and the GOP hack in me wants them to nominate Terry McAuliffe. I'd pay ringside seats to see Bob McDonnell campaign against the very incarnation of the Clinton era in Washington. My personal opinion is that Mr. McAuliffe is a celebrity pick, one designed to energize the base, but would have serious "what have you done for me lately" problems in the Southwest and Southside regions of the Commonwealth. I may be wrong, but I cannot recall a single visit that McAuliffe has made to Southwest Virginia.

The final candidate is Brian Moran. I have no clue what to make of Brian Moran. It seems to me that he has been campaigning for this race for the past two years.

The Democrats will be at a disadvantage in the Governor's race. There are three qualified candidates that will make for a bruising primary season. Bob McDonnell has already wrapped up the nomination months before the GOP convention. This means that all his fund raising will be allocated toward his general election campaign and that means huge media buys this fall as well as an organized GOTV effort as well. It will be an interesting year in Virginia.

Dorothy Buck Boucher

While I disagree with him mightily on most political issues, I would like to extend my deepest condolences to Congressman Rick Boucher on the loss of his mother, Dorothy Buck Boucher. Ms. Boucher was 84 and one of Abingdon's most prominent citizens.  I sincerely appreciate Ms. Boucher's contributions to Washington County and to Abingdon.

20 January 2009


I've read a lot of drivel in my time, but this is ridiculous.  If I understand this stuff (I don't want to say what I really think) correctly, this Ronnie Collins is calling two of our local school systems racist because they don't dismiss students for a full day?!?!?!  How can you call the practice of federalism racist? Our local school systems exercise autonomy in the matters of school holidays.  Also, Collins says that "Southern states like Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina picked McCain because their voters did not feel comfortable with the idea of having a black president." I CALL BULL on both Mr. Collins and on the BHC.

Why the BHC? I could do a better job of reporting than that was done on this piece. This piece of reporting is very simplistic and follows this outline:

I. Celebrate the One's election

II. Celebrate MLK

III. Accuse all southerners of racism

Basically, this was a softball piece that did little but take up print space in the paper and pixels on the website. We all know the editorial board of BHC, J. Todd and his gang on Morrison and their stands. That said, I grant that the piece accomplished what it set out to do. I would caution the casual reader of the BHC website to remain just that, a casual reader. This sort of reporting belongs on page 4 of the local high school newspaper, not on the so-called flagship paper of the Mountain Empire.

Why do I call BULL on Mr. Collins? His reponse is as simplistic as the reporting done for this article. To say that McCain carried Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina because of race belongs in the 1950's, NOT the 21st century. Each time I read this article I believe that this could have been written in the 1950's.  Why do I say that? Let me give another outline. Mr. Collins essentially says this:

I. Southerners voted because of race

II. Southerners have threatened Obama's life

III. Southern schools racist because they don't allow a full day holiday on MLK day.

This is not to discount the fact that some did vote on account of race. I'm sure there are those who did. However, there is more to the election of 2008 than just race.  This seems to me to be a simplistic analysis of the 2008 election.  Mr. Collins is right on one front. We need to work together for issues common to us all, not just based upon skin color or ethnicity. The BHC should be ashamed of itself putting this type of reporting on its website.

16 January 2009

Obama the Next FDR?

Through Media General New Service reports, the insinuation is there. The tradition of measuring the viability of an administration by its first 100 days is evidently passe' now. According to this quote:

“It’s an unreasonable expectation that we put
on all our presidents, just because it worked that way in 1933 for FDR.
They shouldn’t be held to that,“ said Stephen Hess, a senior fellow at
the Brookings Institution who worked for several presidents.

Oh, but it wasn't unfair for the expectation to be placed upon President Bush 1 & 2 and President Reagan? First 100 days. Let's see what Obama has in store for our great nation. Will he lead or will he be held hostage to his left wing propaganda from his campaign?

Also, by last count, it is January 16, 2009, four days away from his oath of office? Doesn't that mean he's still technically a private citizen/Senator? Check this out.

'His advisers are already working with Congress
to shape an economic stimulus package that Obama and House Speaker
Nancy Pelosi insist must pass by President’s Day, Feb. 16. His
estimated $775 billion plan proposes a mix of tax cuts, spending on
infrastructure projects like roads, and other projects aimed to create

So the President-elect is setting the agenda before his oath of office? Hmmm. Read the quote again. What does this plan do? It cuts taxes and spends. Ok. I like the tax cuts, but if he spends money like a drunken sailor, there will be nothing but greater deficits in our future. Hope for change?  Sounds like business as usual to me.

Lee/Jackson Day

As Kilo reminds us, today is Lee/Jackson Day here in Virginia. I absolutely refuse to call the period between 1861-1865 the Civil War because there was nothing civil about it. In my view, the more appropriate term is the War Between the States While the War (or, as some of my more aggressive brethren call it, The War of Northern Aggression) was certainly tragic, and a lot of good boys died under both flags, Generals Lee and Jackson were two of Virginia's most notable participants. Let us honor their memory AND of those who fought under their commands. Let us remember all who died in service to their Commonwealth and yes,that includes those who died wearing blue.

A Good Start - but I'm a little late with it

In addition to being elected to his father's seat in Congress, Congressman Duncan D. Hunter has been appointed to serve on the House Armed Services and Education and labor committees, keeping the Hunter name on the Armed Services panel. I personally am thankful for the Congressman's service record as a Marine in Iraq and Afghanistan. I'd like to see his dad run again in 2012.

15 January 2009

Mike Pence in 2012

I'll reiterate my call for support of conservative resurgence within the GOP. I believe it starts with Ken Blackwell as RNC Chairman. Just a few moments ago, I was watching House debate on a procedural Rule.  As always, I was very impressed with Mike Pence from Indiana. I believe the future of the GOP starts with Blackwell and Pence. I believe Mike Pence would make a great addition to any ticket in 2012.  What say you, dear reader?

Real ID

One of my favorite elected officials, Delegate Bob Marshall has this post on his website. I'm getting ready to dive into it in further detail, but I would suggest it as a must read for those who love liberty and value it in our great Commonwealth.

14 January 2009

Interesting but late

Although not an express endorsement (which is prohibited by current tax law), this recognizes the work that Senator Ken Cuccinelli has done on behalf of the innocent, pre-born children.

Cuccinelli Receives 'Patriot Award' from Ind. Baptists

Richmond, VA – At the Virginia Assembly of Independent Baptists'
annual meeting in Richmond, the group awarded State Senator Ken
Cuccinelli their "Patriot Award" for his work in the General Assembly
to defend unborn life.

"I'm greatly honored and humbled to be singled out among my pro-life
colleagues," said Cuccinelli. "We have a dedicated, pro-life team in
the General Assembly. While we haven't won every battle, it wasn't from
a lack of determination."

In this year's General Assembly session, Cuccinelli successfully
amended the budget on the floor of the State Senate to eliminate
taxpayer funding to abortion services provider Planned Parenthood.
Funding was eventually restored later in the legislative process by

"Now that we know the Achilles heel of Planned Parenthood is the
millions in taxpayer dollars it receives, there will certainly be
future battles over tax dollars going to this abortion provider,"
Cuccinelli added.

Senator Ken Cuccinelli has been a member of the Virginia Senate since
2002, winning three straight elections in Fairfax County as a top
target of Democrats. He earned a Mechanical Engineering degree from the
University of Virginia, followed by his Law degree and Master's degree
from George Mason University. Sen. Cuccinelli serves on the Committees
for Courts of Justice, Transportation, Local Government, and
Rehabilitation and Social Services. Ken and Teiro Cuccinelli have been
married since 1991, and have five daughters and one son. They home
school four of their daughters.

Hat tip to the Senator's Facebook page.

Cuccinelli Picks Up HuckPAC endorsement

According to a brief blurb on the HuckPAC website, Senator Ken Cuccinelli picks up the endoresement of the PAC. Personally, I didn't support Huck for President, but this still is pretty significant for Senator Cuccinelli. Also, go check out the number of conservative movers and shakers who have endorsed Ken here. I personally know several of these individuals. I respect their integrity and judgment. I believe we would be blessed to have any of the three candidates for Attorney General, but Ken Cuccinelli is my first choice.

10 January 2009

What's a Southern Baseball guy to do?

Of course, I'm a Red Sox man and still hope that Mark Teixeira, C.C. Sabathia, and A.J. Burnett choke on their Yankee dollars, but there is some good news. The Red Sox have officially signed veteran right hander Brad Penny to a one year contract. However, the bigger news in the South is that John Smoltz has signed his offer sheet from the Red Sox. Add to the fact that Dodger reliever Takashi Saito has also signed with Boston, makes clear that the Red Sox have no intention of letting the Yankee greenbacks eliminate them before the season has started.

Back to John Smoltz. His name is standard fare in the South. This is a big deal in southern baseball circles. With Tom Glavine the only remaining core pitcher from the World Series team, times are changing in Atlanta. John will come to Boston knowing that he will have a lot of work to do in order to come back from surgery. Smoltz is not expected to pitch until around the first of June.

07 January 2009

Roanoke shall be henceforth known as... Leningrad

The front for leftist guerillas in the fight against the Holy Bible is known as the Roanoke Times. (h/t to the Family Foundation Blog  The ground zero for said fight is in Roanoke , otherwise known as Leningrad.  This debate sickens me. The fact remains that there is no article in the United States Constitution that bars government meetings from being opened with an invocation. NOT ONE ARTICLE.

There are only two clauses, the Establishment Clause (which refers to an endorsed organized state church) and the Free Exercise Clause (which expressly prohibits the Government from curtailing the right of the people (and an individual) to worship as they see fit.Both of these clauses are express prohibitions upon the government, not the governed. The so-called "Living Constitution" is nothing more than an effort on behalf of statist bureaucrats to incroach upon the right of the people to worship the one living God and His Son, Jesus Christ. Nothing surprises me in Roanoke.

Sounds like Southwest Virginia math

UPDATE: According to local talk, the town of Abingdon and Washington County are being sued by Clifton-Stewart developers for NOT purchasing said land.

My friend Jim Patrick has this post about Shenandoah County School Board's approval of $2.5 million to buy land for two new schools. Hmmm, sounds like Feckless Rick's reasoning for new call centers or new hiking trails. Geez, where is the difference? The talk in Wise County is of consolidation and up north they are building like Nero?  I'll never figure it out. At least the School Board in Wise County is a bit more realistic (even if the solution is hugely unpopular).

Meanwhile, in Washington County. The Commisioner of Revenue sent out letters informing county property owners of an increase in property assesments. I will say that my property has seen a 16.9% increase over last years assesment. The demand for more land is given as the reason for the increase. All the while, Washington County and the Town of Abingdon has moved forward for development of a new sports/recreation facility that will (it has been said) will host regional tournament games in soccer etc. Hmmmm, waste of money? I'll say YES!!!! That land could have been used for housing development or even (gasp) to attract a new business to the central part of Washington County. The citizens of Washington County will be up in arms over the huge increase in assessments. Stay tuned friend, it's going to get interesting.

Ken Blackwell for RNC Chairman

After reading Ken Blackwell's document for a Conservative Resurgence, I have come to believe that he is the right man for the job leading the RNC into the future. In my opinion, too often the RNC chairmanship has been merely a stepping stone for higher political ambitions. Ken Blackwell seems to understand that an RNC chairman needs to function almost as an executive director. Add my name to the list of supporters for Ken Blackwell.

03 January 2009

Lt. Gov - A Savage platform

At least initially, Rich Savage is looking to earn "Brownie" points with the teachers unions in Virginia, according to a Associated Press report on Tri Cities.com. Geez, tuition forgiveness for Virginia graduates of public universities? Here's the education bailout that so many have been anticipating. Give me Bill Bolling any day of the week.

Speaking of 2009. Just as a bit of fun. Leave comments to this post on which candidate for Attorney General you are supporting and a little bit of why that is the case.