16 January 2009

Obama the Next FDR?

Through Media General New Service reports, the insinuation is there. The tradition of measuring the viability of an administration by its first 100 days is evidently passe' now. According to this quote:

“It’s an unreasonable expectation that we put
on all our presidents, just because it worked that way in 1933 for FDR.
They shouldn’t be held to that,“ said Stephen Hess, a senior fellow at
the Brookings Institution who worked for several presidents.

Oh, but it wasn't unfair for the expectation to be placed upon President Bush 1 & 2 and President Reagan? First 100 days. Let's see what Obama has in store for our great nation. Will he lead or will he be held hostage to his left wing propaganda from his campaign?

Also, by last count, it is January 16, 2009, four days away from his oath of office? Doesn't that mean he's still technically a private citizen/Senator? Check this out.

'His advisers are already working with Congress
to shape an economic stimulus package that Obama and House Speaker
Nancy Pelosi insist must pass by President’s Day, Feb. 16. His
estimated $775 billion plan proposes a mix of tax cuts, spending on
infrastructure projects like roads, and other projects aimed to create

So the President-elect is setting the agenda before his oath of office? Hmmm. Read the quote again. What does this plan do? It cuts taxes and spends. Ok. I like the tax cuts, but if he spends money like a drunken sailor, there will be nothing but greater deficits in our future. Hope for change?  Sounds like business as usual to me.

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