20 September 2008

My New Hero

I'm not the biggest golf fan, but you have to love Boo Weekley. I mean, any man who says "excitin'" and still plays golf, you have to love it. If you caught any of the Ryder Cup coverage, you saw how exuberant and exciting and excited Mr. Weekley was.

Mark my words. If Team USA wins the Ryder Cup, it will be as big a story as the USA Hockey Team winning against the Soviet Union in the early 80's. First, the eyes of the golf world are turned to Louisville Kentucky. How great is that? Second, Team USA is up by 3 after the first day. Last, Nick Faldo has left his two big guns on the bench for Saturday's match, Sergio Garcia and Lee Westwood. That's like putting Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan on the bench for the gold medal match at the Olympics. This could be huge come Sunday. Check out the Ryder Cup website for cool videos

Who is Boo Weekley?

14 September 2008

A First for Me

I've recently made my first contribution to a political campaign. As much as I wanted to for Duncan Hunter, I was not able to do so. However, I made a contribution to the Ken Cuccinelli for Attorney General Campaign. I must admit, it was not much, but it was worth every cent that I spent. I believe Mr. Cuccinelli will be a very strong figure on the statewide "team". Visit his website here.

02 September 2008

Barack Hussein Obama - SLEAZEBAG

What a sleazebag Barack Obama is. Yes, I called him a sleazebag. My friend Kilo at Spark It Up, has this post up and I'd counsel anyone who is pro-life or even those who are on the fence to watch this. Again, I call Obama a SLEAZEBAG.

Obama is only upset with the fact that Ms. Palin has CHOSEN to keep the child. Barack Obama is pro-choice, only when that choice is murdering an unborn child. SLEAZEBAG. Waste of skin Kilo? You got that right.

Without throwing the partisan aspect into this, I commend Bristol Palin AND her family for counseling for LIFE. It is easy for politicians to talk about pro-choice, pro-life, etc. It is something totally different for a politician to practice what they preach. Love, counsel, and raise the child, give it a chance at life.

Barack Hussein Obama -- SLEAZEBAG