24 December 2007


Just a reminder to vote for Duncan Hunter in your state's primary election.

21 December 2007

Duncan Hunter picks up endorsement

"Hunter is the Inspirational Leader America Needs"
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 21, 2007

CONTACT: Gary Becks (619) 334-1655, dlhunter08@yahoo.com

Tuftonboro, NH–Former Senator Bob Smith, a staple of the New Hampshire Republican conservative movement, today endorsed Congressman Duncan Hunter for President of the United States. Describing him has an "inspirational leader" and the one best qualified to carry the "Reagan Torch," Senator Smith sent a letter to his fellow conservatives throughout New Hampshire making them aware of his support, a copy of which is provided.

Smith was initially elected to the U.S. House of Representatives from 1985-1990, before being elected to the U.S. Senate where he served until 2003. During his congressional tenure, Senator Smith established himself as a strong Republican and the most conservative leader in the Northeast.

"I am honored and privileged today to receive the endorsement of my good friend Senator Bob Smith of New Hampshire," stated Hunter. "For many years, we have worked together to bring conservative values to Washington D.C. On several issues, including building America's military, the sanctity of human life, and protecting American's 2nd Amendment rights, Senator Smith has led with conviction and principle. It means a great deal to have the confidence of a leader who has done so much for our nation."

Senator Smith's endorsement letter follows:

Dear New Hampshire Friends: After spending several weeks listening to all of the candidates, I have decided to support Congressman Duncan Hunter for President. I do not take this decision lightly. There are a lot of fine men running for this office and I know that many of you may have already made your choice. Your vote in the "First in the Nation Primary" is a very precious and personal right. Your decision will likely determine who will be the next leader of the free world. What an awesome responsibility! I only ask that you give serious consideration to the points that I make in this letter of endorsement for Congressman Hunter before you vote.

The Republican Party, but more importantly our nation, needs strong conservative and inspirational leadership as we continue to face the threats to our liberty in the form of immorality, corruption, terrorism, a mountain of debt, border insecurity, loss of jobs and attempts to weaken our national defense. Here is why Duncan Hunter is that leader!

I am sure that you are aware that I fought the battle for the conservative cause in New Hampshire for over 20 years. It was not an easy battle. Conservatives pay a heavy price for standing up for their principles. I can speak from personal experience on that. The Republican Party has lost its majority in Congress because it slowly and steadily has walked away from the "core values" that have made it a great party for the past 150 years in America. Remember Ronald Reagan? Liberals and moderates worked hard to defeat him in the New Hampshire primary in 1980 but he prevailed in spite of them! He will be remembered as one of our greatest Presidents because he stood on principle, but also because we conservatives in New Hampshire gave him the victory that propelled him to the White House! When President Reagan came into the oval office in the morning, he knew exactly where he wanted to take the country. He did not need an inbox full of directions, consultants, polls or focus groups to tell him what his core values were. There will never be another Ronald Reagan but fellow Californian Duncan Hunter can pick up the Reagan torch and light the way for America to come back from the dangers we now face. Congressman Hunter is a moral man, an inspirational leader and a no nonsense conservative who will always put "principle above politics" in the image of the late great New Hampshire patriot Meldrim Thomson.

I had the enormous privilege to serve with Congressman Hunter for 18 years in Congress. He has been my personal friend for nearly 25 years. I can personally attest that he is a man of impeccable moral and family values, a great patriot and a leader. I have seen him fight even when others were prepared to give up. Congressman Hunter inspired me and many other young conservatives in the 1980s to continue the fight even when it was bleak. This has not been an easy campaign for Congressman Hunter. While he has been out on the campaign trail his son has been serving in Iraq and the Hunters lost their entire home in the recent fires in Southern California. He has been largely ignored by the pollsters and the media. I urge the people of New Hampshire to send a message to the pollsters and the Washington media elite. The people elect a President not the pollsters! You have the opportunity to do for the nation what you did when you elected President Reagan in 1980 by sending Duncan Hunter out of New Hampshire with a big win and on to the White House in January of 2009! Can you imagine listening to CNN and all of the talking heads trying to explain how they were wrong as Hunter claimed victory? Wouldn't that be worth the price of admission? You can make it happen with your vote in January! Do not be intimidated by these spinmasters. You control the destiny of America and not them!

The American people need to take control of this country. We are a republic, not a democracy. We elect leaders to stand up for us as they make decisions. Duncan Hunter has proven that he can lead. He has been tested. If given the chance as President, he will inspire people, young and old, to rally to our nation in this time of need. Congressman Duncan Hunter for 25 years has stood up for the rights of the unborn, to balance the budget, to cut the pork out of the spending bills, to strengthen our national defense by supporting our troops and providing them the weapons they need, to seal off our borders by building a fence along the US/Mexican border and to keep American jobs in America. He is a known entity. You do not have to guess about what he might do on these critical threats to our security. Imagine President Duncan Hunter leading our nation and using the "bully pulpit" to lead on these issues! I am proud to support this great American patriot for President. If you really want to see change, then I urge you to vote for him. He is what American needs now more than ever! Thank you!

Senator Bob SmithTuftonboro, N.H. and Sarasota, Florida

# # #

I've had the opportunity to meet Senator Smith. He has been one of the conservative movement's most valuable leaders. This is pretty awesome that Duncan has picked up this endorsement. I know, the naysayers are going to make the point that endorsements don't win primaries or general elections. This is true. But endorsements do mean that a candidate's message is resonating. GO HUNTER!!!

20 December 2007

Who's with me?

Just in case you thought I'd let you forget it, here's Dropkick Murphys with I'm Shipping Up to Boston. Here's to the 2007 World Series Champion Boston Red Sox!!! Here's to ye boys!!!

Another reason to vote for Duncan Hunter

I found this little tidbit on Free Republic. Evidently Duncan was rated zero by the League of Conservation Voters. If they rate him zero, he's number one in my book. Any organization that has drank Algore's Kool-Aid is worth snubbing. At any rate, Go Hunter!

Does it even matter?

Friends, I received an email from a Democrat friend of mine (I know, I know) who is just as appalled by the front runners in her party as we are with ours. She's personally supporting Bill Richardson (not a bad choice if I were a Democrat) and we've been up and down the philosophical differences between conservatives and liberals. However, I just wanted to let you know that the so called Democrat unity tour(which was what this campaign was supposed to be, right?) = NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND!! Yes, thank you Lee Corso.

I submit that it does matter. It matters who you vote for and why you vote for them. I'm convinced that Duncan Hunter (or Alan Keyes) is the last best hope for the GOP to truly reclaim its conservative roots. There was a time when the national GOP stood on a platform. Does anyone remember the 1992 Convention? Maybe this snippet will ring a bell for you:

My friends, this election is about much more than who gets what. It is about who we are. It is about what we believe. It is about what we stand for as Americans. There is a religious war going on in our country for the soul of America. It is a cultural war, as critical to the kind of nation we will one day be as was the Cold War itself. And in that struggle for the soul of America, Clinton & Clinton are on the other side, and George Bush is on our side. And so, we have to come home, and stand beside him. - Pat Buchanan

Maybe this one will do the trick?

There were the workers at the James River Paper Mill, in the frozen North Country of New Hampshire--hard, tough men, one of whom was silent, until I shook his hand. Then he looked up in my eyes and said, "Save our jobs!" There was the legal secretary at the Manchester airport on Christmas Day who told me she was going to vote for me, then broke down crying, saying, "I've lost my job, I don't have any money; they've going to take away my daughter. What am I going to do?"

Does this sound like anyone in the 2008 campaign? No. I will grant that the issue of our time is the War in Iraq. Still, I believe the dialogue in America would be greatly enhanced if more of our candidates spoke out and made the case for America. Duncan Hunter does that. He's the only candidate that is talking consistently about China's highway robbery. He's the only one who has unquestioned pro-life credentials. Duncan Hunter served as an Army Ranger in Vietnam. There is no doubt the man is tough enough to make the tough decisions required in a time of war. Duncan Hunter. Tough under fire and proven leadership.

Tidbit from Redstate.com

I'm not a huge fan of several people at Redstate and rarely do I link to them any more, but here is an interesting tidbit regarding Virginia's own Eric Cantor. Rising star? We already know that. I argued a couple of years ago that the Republicans in the House should submit a Continuing Resolution until true spending reduction occurs. That's past debating now, but Eric Cantor is getting noticed.

19 December 2007

Don't Apologize

NOTE: This post edited to include the phrase "Mr. Huckabee's Presidential campaign."

Mike Huckabee should NOT apologize for a bookshelf. Even if the cross had been intentional, Mr. Huckabee has nothing to apologize for. We need more politicians who are willing to step out and be identified with the cross of Jesus. Don't get me wrong, I'm not supporting Mr. Huckabee's Presidential campaign.

That said, Mr. Huckabee should be willing to pay the consequences of airing this ad. If he's willing to be identified with the Child of Christmas, and the Man of Calvary, he should know that he will be attacked for it.

18 December 2007

Alan Keyes--We need more like him

Duncan Hunter and Alan Keyes. The GOP used to subscribe to the very same principles espoused by these men. Has the GOP become the party of Giuliani and McCain instead of the party of Buchanan and Keyes? Choose wisely conservatives. Choose wisely GOP. Conservatives will not be taken for granted anymore. (Like anyone really reads this, but this is my own opinion and I'm on my own soap box.)

Huckabee losing Minuteman endorsement?

According to this article on WND. I found this endorsement to be strange considering Mr. Gilchrist's position on illegal immigration. Evidently, Mr. Gilchrist wants a clarification and wants it in writing.
In his own words: “I think I’ve got a chance, and that’s what you get in America, you get a chance. And you don’t whine about the odds or the difficulty, you go out and you take your best swing at this thing.”

At a time when disappointing poll numbers, failure to gain ballot access and sagging financial numbers, this quote from the ONLY conservative qualified to lead this nation, gives me renewed energy. If the candidate is plugging on, do his supporters owe anything less? Consider Duncan Hunter as a write in in Virginia, and whereever you are if he's on the ballot, VOTE DUNCAN HUNTER!!!

17 December 2007

Sen. Wampler to remain in Virginia Senate

According to a report on TriCities.com, my state senator Sen. William Wampler, Jr. will NOT pursue a seat on the State Corporation Commission as was widely believed. Instead, he will remain in the Virginia Senate where he will fulfill the remainder of his term.

While the publicity Bristol and Washington County would have received had Sen. Wampler been appointed to the SCC, I believe it was the right decision for him to remain in the Senate.

Campaign 08

My friend D.J. over at Right-Wing Liberal is supporting Bob Marshall for Senate. Great. I think that an opponent during the nomination process is (when properly conducted) a sharpening experience for the eventual nominee. I support former Governor Jim Gilmore, but I could have a clear conscience in voting for Delegate Marshall should he decide to run. I'm looking forward to this campaign. Hopefully, the GOP emerges unified and strengthened.

Miscarriage of Justice

As is well known, Agents Ramos and Compean are still in prison serving sentences that had no business being passed. Millions have petitioned President Bush for the pardon. What does Dubya do? He pardons drug dealers and other assorted criminals rather than admit that Johnny Sutton was prosecutorial conduct run amok. Simply another reason why we need a conservative in the Oval Office like Duncan Hunter.

16 December 2007

A New Project

Those of you who know me, know that I preach at a local campground during the summer and hold regular Sunday morning services there. I have been called to preach God's Word and am pursuing a BS in Religion through Liberty University. That all being said, I unveil a new blog project called The King Is Coming. This blog will have NO political content and will feature expository bible messages and studies. Actually, for the first study, we will be examining The Gospel according to John (my favorite Gospel).

15 December 2007

Is Mike Huckabee tough on illegal immigration?

...not according to this article found the the Constitution Party's website. It reveals a fairly scathing report found on the Council on Foreign Relation's website. Conservatives, please think before you cast your vote for Mike Huckabee. Is he really what we need in Washington?

THE Reason for the Season

Knew it was coming

H/T to Ms. Carbone for this interesting find (at least for me). Virginia Bloggers against Mike Huckabee. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only conservative with reservations about Mr. Huckabee's viability as a candidate. I would hardly equate Mr. Huckabee's analysis with Dr. Al Mohler, Denny Burk, Dr. Daniel Akin, or Dr. Mark Dever. For those who are not familiar, these names are some of the foremost evangelical thinkers and theologians in the Southern Baptist Convention. I'll throw a few more sources that Mr. Huckabee should read. However, it should be noted that Mr. Huckabee is partially correct in one regard. There are branches of religion that believe and teach that Jesus and Satan were indeed brothers. This is so far outside the realm of orthodox Christianity that it hardly deserves comment other than to say that the Bible expressly teaches against this view.

1.) Norman Geisler -- A noted theologian in the evangelical movement and author of numerous books.

2.) John MacArthur - Staunch conservative pastor/theologian who is widely regarded as one of the top scholars in New Testament theology today.

3.) Elmer Towns - A leading thinker and professor at Liberty University. Special emphasis on systematic theology.

Should anyone desire to know my personal stance, I'm in full agreement with the Baptist Faith and Message as amended in 2000. I'm also in full agreement with the Chicago Statements on Biblical Inerrancy and Biblical Hermeneutics.

Gilmore for Senate

Hunter for President

What are our choices in 08? Ron Paul?, generally I like him, but he's wrong on the war, Mike Huckabee? Another big government Republican, Mitt Romney? Photogenic, smooth and polished, but will he be reliably pro-life? Rudy? Don't even go there, McCain? Don't think so. Alan Keyes? Heck yes, but already committed to Duncan Hunter. Give me a Hunter/Keyes ticket!!!!

Mr. Huckabee? I'd prefer Duncan Hunter

Despite recent surges in poll numbers, I remain skeptical about Mike Huckabee. One reason is that just two months ago, Mr. Huckabee struggled to gain a voice at the GOP debates, now he's among the top tier candidates? Something strange there. Also, from what I've gathered about his time as Governor of Arkansas, it appears that Mike Huckabee is a big government Republican (and frankly, I'm sick of those). There is good news, there is a conservative in the field with verifiable experience in national security, immigration AND is solidly pro-life. That candidate is Duncan Hunter. I've posted these before, but thanks to the Hunter campaign, I'll do so again. Here are some very compelling reasons to vote for Duncan Hunter.

1) He is the most conservative candidate in the race. He has a 92% lifetime rating, American Conservative Union.

2) He is the "National Security" candidate. He served with the 173rd Airborne and the 75th Army Rangers in Vietnam, and was, most recently, the Chairman of the Armed Services Committee in the House of Representatives. Duncan Hunter knows defense.

3) He is a strong supporter of missile defense.

4) He's a strong supporter of Israel.

5) He was responsible for building the fence along the Mexico-U.S. border in San Diego. That double fence cut smuggling (people and drugs) over 90%.

6) He opposes the McCain-Kennedy Amnesty bill in the Senate.

7) He is a co-sponsor of the Fair Tax.

8) He was the co-sponsor of a bill that would require a 2/3 majority in Congress to raise taxes.

9) He is a strong proponent of fair trade and will fix some of the bad trade deals that have been made by previous administrations in order to keep high paying jobs in America.

10) He pledges to appoint originalist judges like Antonin Scalia.

11) He has a 100% Pro-Life rating from National Right to Life.

12) He believes that marriage is between a man and a woman. He supports a Constitutional Amendment to protect marriage.

13) He is a strong defender of the 2nd Amendment who has an A+ National Rifle Association rating.

14) He supports school choice.

14 December 2007

Sign of Manhood

Yes, I know the title of this post is going to drive the feminists wild. I know that the liberals are going to say, there is no need for true masculine attributes in the post-modern world. I utterly refute that thinking. To the contrary, what the post-modern world needs is the model of masculinity, Jesus Christ. After that, we need men willing to say what they mean and mean what they say, forget the political expediency.

What is a sign of true manhood? It means when you say you are going to do something, you do it. Jim Gilmore has done that in the years that he has served the Commonwealth of Virginia. He has kept his word. Are we going to agree on every issue? Of course not. However, I would trust a man who gives his word and keeps it than one who says the right things, but goes back on them like Mark Warner. Who would you trust?

Friends, we have such a man running for the United States Senate. His name is Jim Gilmore. Check out his campaign website and see for yourself.

13 December 2007

The Mitchell Report

The long awaited Mitchell Report is out and reveals few really new details. The entire report can be read here. As expected, Barry Bonds has been named along with Miguel Tejada, Roger Clemens among others.

05 December 2007

Update: Good Sense supports Jim Gilmore

Friends in the ODBA and the few readers of this blog. I'm feeling better with each day that passes. My arm is healing and Physical Therapy is going well. During my leave of absence, I've been pondering a few things that I will blog about in the coming weeks. However, the first issue that I've been thinking about is the 08 Senate race. I'm pleased to announce that I'm supporting Jim Gilmore for the GOP nomination. I admit that I was an early supporter of an Eric Cantor draft movement, but that has fizzled.

I believe that whatever shortcomings Mr. Gilmore has on issues, he makes up for in political and personal courage. When the pundits and the tax and spenders said cutting the car tax would sink the Commonwealth, Governor Gilmore withstood the pressure and fought for the cuts. I sincerely hope that Governor Gilmore will stand with those who are dedicated to the preservation of human life from conception. Mr. Gilmore, you have my support. I trust you with my most sacred civic posession, my vote.