31 August 2008

Governor Palin

WOW! That's what I have to say. In my book, if Pat Buchcanan gives you a ringing endorsement, that's pretty much hard to beat. I'm very close to doing something that I've done twice so far of my own volition, and once because my candidate dropped out of the race. This is not something I do light heartedly. Stay tuned this week.

Governor Palin, while being tabbed as a maverick pick and unorthodox pick, I submit that in terms of strategic politics, it is a very sound and logical pick. Senator McCain is weak among evangelicals and social conservatives in general. Governor Palin could appeal to those who acknowledge life-issues and family values as their primary criteria in voting.

Certainly, Governor Palin has been very effective in combating old network pork barrel bosses like Murkowski and Young. I believe that Governor Palin's primary appeal will be her ability to energize the core conservative base, without whose support, Senator McCain will lose in November.
Tactically speaking, this pick certainly dominated the news cycle. Another good reason why the timing is so important.

As it stands right now, I still support Bob Barr for President. If the McCain/Palin ticket can make a convincing argument for switching, I'll consider it.


Abingdon, VA at 2:46 pm, the date is Sunday, August 31, 2008. In a surprising discovery today, Bible readers have discovered that Almighty God is neither a Republican NOR a Democrat. DNC Chairman Howard "YEOWWW" Dean responded, "The Father has illustrated his total lack of understanding of the issues. If he truly were omniscient, he would be relating more to Democrats.

RNC Chairman Mike Duncan essentially echoes Dean's reply by stating, "God has certain rights that He and His office attain." "That said, God has demonstrated a fundamental lack of concern for those of His children who work so hard to elect GOP candidates."

More on GOD's Sovereignty and Wisdom at 11.

Something New

Please bear with me as I try out a new program(for me) called ScribeFire. I'll be using it to post new entries to Good Sense. Let me have some feedback from those of you who have used it before. Also, I'll have a new post later today giving my take on John McCain's pick for running mate, Governor Sarah Palin.

30 August 2008

Something New

Please bear with me as I try out a new program(for me) called ScribeFire. I'll be using it to post new entries to Good Sense. Let me have some feedback from those of you who have used it before.

27 August 2008


With a hat tip to the Barr campaign, it appears that Mr. Barr is the only candidate that will be legitimately on the Texas ballot in November. Check this out.  Apparently, the Dems and Republicans both missed the filing deadline.  For those who like visuals I've included a screen shot above.

26 August 2008

Plagiarism in Virginia,and it's not even Joe Biden

I'm Not Emeril has a well written post, gutting a plagiarist from the good town of Charlottesville (or wherever they really are).  It's strange that our friends on the left have seem to run out of ideas (at least original ideas) and are resorting to theft to bolster their arguments. Go check the post out. 

23 August 2008

Obama Herald Courier?

Strange that there are no mentions of John McCain, Ralph Nader, or Bob Barr? I realize that the folks at TriCities.com seek out advertising dollars because they are told to, but jeez.. maybe J. Todd Foster and his "crack" editorial staff would care to explain this one?  Better yet, when John McCain announces his pick for VP, let's see what the 'Obama' Herald Courier does then. Cheers to you and your staff, J. Todd. 


It's official. Joe Biden is Barry O's pick for running mate. I can't say I am surprised, but this pick is a little on the conventional side. It's smart, but conventional. Joe Biden himself is a good fellow. We'll see how this pans out with Hillary's name to be placed in nomination at the convention,it still could be a brouhaha. 

On the flip side, John McCain has the somewhat dubious luxury of being able to pick someone who could energize his party. Someone like Bobby Jindal, or Mike Pence, or yes, even Mitt Romney. The Tom Ridge factor is something to consider. There's no doubt a McCain/Ridge ticket would be a juggernaut in foreign policy and homeland security issues.  Will the Republican base turn out for a pro-choice candidate? Hmmmm.  I personally believe the base has been too generous with McCain to begin with.

As for me, I'm voting Libertarian this year. Bob Barr is continuing to gain momentum and is polling at 6% in the latest Zogby polls. A good surge over the next few weeks and he could be included in the Presidential debates. Not going to make this into a propaganda post about the Barr campaign, but he's going to be my choice.

21 August 2008

Election 2009-Cuccinelli

Although I have formally renounced my membership in the national Republican party, I have decided to support Ken Cuccinelli for Attorney General in 2009. My primary reason is that Ken Cuccinelli is staunchly pro-life and has led the fight in the General Assembly for parental consent and partial birth abortion laws. As Kilo said in his endorsement of John Brownlee, I will support the other with enthusiasm.

04 August 2008

Look back to look forward...

I've been watching and listening to a seminal speech in American political history.  Before the Patriot Act, Ronald Reagan was railing against the surrendering of freedom in exchange for "security. Before "No Child Left Behind", Ronald Reagan was detailing a massive bureaucracy that had encroached upon Constitutional constraints.  Friends, I long for a Republican party that held the very values that Ronald Reagan articulated so well in this speech. Sadly, the party of Reagan has now become the party of McCain, Bush and Cheney. The phrase is "Peace through Strength," not Peace through might makes right. Watch this, and remember that the GOP used to stand for individual liberty and sound fiscal policy.