31 August 2008

Governor Palin

WOW! That's what I have to say. In my book, if Pat Buchcanan gives you a ringing endorsement, that's pretty much hard to beat. I'm very close to doing something that I've done twice so far of my own volition, and once because my candidate dropped out of the race. This is not something I do light heartedly. Stay tuned this week.

Governor Palin, while being tabbed as a maverick pick and unorthodox pick, I submit that in terms of strategic politics, it is a very sound and logical pick. Senator McCain is weak among evangelicals and social conservatives in general. Governor Palin could appeal to those who acknowledge life-issues and family values as their primary criteria in voting.

Certainly, Governor Palin has been very effective in combating old network pork barrel bosses like Murkowski and Young. I believe that Governor Palin's primary appeal will be her ability to energize the core conservative base, without whose support, Senator McCain will lose in November.
Tactically speaking, this pick certainly dominated the news cycle. Another good reason why the timing is so important.

As it stands right now, I still support Bob Barr for President. If the McCain/Palin ticket can make a convincing argument for switching, I'll consider it.

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