28 January 2008

Obama scores one over Clintons

I'm not a fan of any of the Democrat nominees for President. However, I must admit that Barack Obama has scored a pretty good coup over the Clintons. Ted Kennedy is set to endorse the Senator from Illinois this afternoon. As much as Ted Kennedy is a pariah to the conservative movement, he is a hero and icon to the Democrat party and the liberal movement. Does this mean that Barack Obama is the newly crowned 'alpha male' in the Democrat field? Of course not. However, Obama should milk this one for all its worth if he is smart.

26 January 2008

Stimulus package?

Not according to this release from the Libertarian Party. I don't agree with everything the LP stands for but I have to say that their positions are pretty close to the mark on economic issues. The point of contention I have with the proposed 'stimulus' is mentioned in this release. No one trusts the market anymore. As soon as the economy begins to slow (which is a good thing sometimes; which means the market is adjusting itself) the politicians and activists on both sides start wringing their hands. I tend to be a bit more protectionist than my pure free-trade brethren, but I generally support the free market more than I do a government planner and politician whose main interest now is to attempt to salvage a 'legacy' in the history books. Let the market do its job and if we HAVE to do anything, cut non-defense spending across the board and couple that by implementing reform of the IRS and the income tax. I personally support the Fair Tax, but the corporate interests in the US will not allow an immediate implementation of the Fair Tax.

Useless...absolutely useless

Well, folks, days after I threw my support behind Alan Keyes, I remember that he did not make the ballot for the Virginia primary. That said, regardless of how many posts we make, bumper stickers we put on our cars, etc. it only matters if we can push the button for our candidate. In keeping with my stated desire for consistency in my posts and in my views, I'm officially an uncommitted GOP voter AGAIN!!!. I say again, the following are the only two candidates I can support in good conscience that are currently on the GOP ballot in VA:

1. Ron Paul
2. Mitt Romney

Like Carl at Spark it Up, I too am a former supporter of Duncan Hunter. I have a lot to think about and at this moment, I cannot honestly say which candidate I will support in the Virginia primary.

23 January 2008

Hmmmm... interesting article

Senator Bob Smith, who recently endorsed Duncan Hunter's now abandoned (not by him, but by the GOP and us as a country) campaign, has this article posted at www.constitutionparty.com . I think that Senator Smith is right. America is not, has not been and will never be, a democracy. I urge you to go check it out.

We Need Alan Keyes

Need a reminder of what is the bedrock issue in American life today? It all starts with the family. Take a listen to what he has to say. He doesn't sound like a typical politician does he? 'We'll rebuild our families, or we will perish" sounds like a big dose of truth to me.

22 January 2008

Good Sense endorses....

Ambassador Alan Keyes. Yes, you heard right. Maybe I'm a sucker for the little guy, but Alan Keyes is the last gasp of breath for conservatives in 2008. I didn't take long to deliberate, because the choice is clear. I believe Mr. Keyes is the only conservative left in the field who can match the Democrats punch for punch in a national debate. Who rightly determines electability? The media? The commentators on so-called mainstream blogs? I say the people determine (or ought to) who is electable. I'm standing on principle this time. I pulled the lever in 2000 for GWB, and what do I get? Compassionate conservatism? What is that? I've been a good soldier for the GOP long enough. I'm standing on principle. I'm not marching lock step with the RNC (a lengthy post on this subject is coming).

So there you have it. My opinion and 50 cents may buy you a cup of coffee. However, it is my opinion and I'm proud of where I stand.

Gilmore garners support from 13 U.S. Senators

According to a statement released today by the Gilmore campaign, thirteen sitting United States Senators have endorsed Jim Gilmore to be the next Senator from Virginia. According to this release, the following Senators support Governor Gilmore's bid for the Senate seat being vacated by senior Senator John Warner.

Jeff Sessions (AL)
Wayne Allard (CO)
Mike Crapo (ID)
Chuck Grassley (IA)
Norm Coleman (MN)
Trent Lott (MS)
Thad Cochran (MS)
Elizabeth Dole (NC)
Richard Burr (NC)
Jim Inhofe (OK)
Jim DeMint (SC)
Kay Bailey Hutchison (TX)
Orrin Hatch (UT)

This is substantial support among sitting Senators. The Gilmore campaign probably anticipates garnering more support in the coming weeks and months.

20 January 2008

Hunter out of 2008 Presidential Race

Where do we go from here? Mr. Hunter is focusing on the 2008 Defense bill. Where do his supporters go? Mitt, McCain, Huck? Those of you who remember and read this blog, know that I did a systematic review of each candidate and decided after much deliberation to support Duncan Hunter. I will now do a lot of soul searching. I have ruled out supporting Rudy Giuliani, and John McCain. Alan Keyes' campaign is doomed (as much as I hate to admit it). What hills do we die on as conservatives? I will say that I have two candidates that I am considering now. These are in no order of preference.

1.) Mitt Romney
2.) Ron Paul

Should a candidate emerge from the Consitution Party, I will consider them as well. I will go on record now. Should the GOP nominate Rudy or McCain, I will either vote Libertarian or I will not vote at all.

04 January 2008

We are the ODBA

I'd like to take this opportunity for the few of you that read this blog, to welcome Chris and his blog, Spank That Donkey. I consider Chris to be a friend and a valuable ally in the grassroots effort to identify, train, and elect conservatives to office around our Commonwealth. Welcome aboard!!!

My favorite time of year....

Every time the new calender turns over, my mind (and heart) drifts to Florida and to Red Sox spring training. Hard to believe, but the Sox pitchers and catchers report on February 14 with the first official workout to be on February 16. It just seems like a week ago when the Red Sox were celebrating their World Series victory over the Rockies. This time of year brings about another of my obsessions, ESPN's "Baseball Tonight" is my alone time. Don't bother me during its broadcast! Cheers, and Congrats to Mike Duckabee for his victory in the Iowa GOP caucus.