20 January 2008

Hunter out of 2008 Presidential Race

Where do we go from here? Mr. Hunter is focusing on the 2008 Defense bill. Where do his supporters go? Mitt, McCain, Huck? Those of you who remember and read this blog, know that I did a systematic review of each candidate and decided after much deliberation to support Duncan Hunter. I will now do a lot of soul searching. I have ruled out supporting Rudy Giuliani, and John McCain. Alan Keyes' campaign is doomed (as much as I hate to admit it). What hills do we die on as conservatives? I will say that I have two candidates that I am considering now. These are in no order of preference.

1.) Mitt Romney
2.) Ron Paul

Should a candidate emerge from the Consitution Party, I will consider them as well. I will go on record now. Should the GOP nominate Rudy or McCain, I will either vote Libertarian or I will not vote at all.

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