26 January 2008

Stimulus package?

Not according to this release from the Libertarian Party. I don't agree with everything the LP stands for but I have to say that their positions are pretty close to the mark on economic issues. The point of contention I have with the proposed 'stimulus' is mentioned in this release. No one trusts the market anymore. As soon as the economy begins to slow (which is a good thing sometimes; which means the market is adjusting itself) the politicians and activists on both sides start wringing their hands. I tend to be a bit more protectionist than my pure free-trade brethren, but I generally support the free market more than I do a government planner and politician whose main interest now is to attempt to salvage a 'legacy' in the history books. Let the market do its job and if we HAVE to do anything, cut non-defense spending across the board and couple that by implementing reform of the IRS and the income tax. I personally support the Fair Tax, but the corporate interests in the US will not allow an immediate implementation of the Fair Tax.

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