30 June 2008

Questions for Derek Barr

Please consider this an open invitation and call for questions for Derek Barr, spokesman for the Barr campaign, and son of the candidate. Please be respectful with your questions. That being said, I have already informed the campaign that there are probably going to be some tough questions asked. Both the campaign and I welcome this, so long as the questions are fair minded. The last live blog Good Sense hosted was well received by the readers and by Attorney General Bob McDonnell and his staff. Let's make this one to remember.

PS Question thread in comments will be open until 12 noon on Wednesday.

29 June 2008

Conservative Libertarian

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This quiz has categorised you as a Conservative. You believe in a limited/minimal role in the government to solve social problems, and instead believe economic growth is paramount. It is possible you may identify with the "religious right" as well.

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27 June 2008

Listen Carefully

...to what Obama and McCain have to say. You may have to rewind to make sure you heard correctly.

Also, I'm going to resume blogging about Virginia politics. I may vote straight Libertarian this year. This I do know. I'm finished with the GOP.

Live Blog: Barr Campaign

Good Sense readers, it is with great humility that I can announce that Derek Barr, son of Bob Barr, and campaign spokesman for the Bob Barr campaign will be appearing on Good Sense next Wednesday, July 2 at 6:30 pm for a live blog about Mr. Barr's Libertarian bid for the White House. Please be thinking about serious questions for Derek so that we can make a good impression from Virginia. I know some of you support other candidates, but please, let's make a good showing. As always with political campaigns, Derek's schedule is subject to change, but this is the tentative date and time.


The Heller decision was an historic and great day for liberty in the United States. Here is Bob Barr's reaction to the decision.

School choice adds up to savings - Roanoke.com


School choice adds up to savings - Roanoke.com


My friend, Ms. Leslie Carbone has commentary in today's Roanoke Times. As always, Ms. Carbone hits it out of the park. Today's curve ball: School choice. Please go check it out and then leave comment at her blog lesliecarbone.blogspot.com

25 June 2008

It's Coming

Readers of Good Sense: I'll be making a HUGE announcement within the next week concerning the Presidential election and the role Good Sense will play. Yes, you heard me correctly. This will be big for Good Sense, so stay tuned. I'll have details soon.

22 June 2008

Liberty for America

Thanks to everyone who has commented, said a prayer, or called during this time of grief. The funeral service is tonight and the graveside service is tomorrow at 11 with full military rites for a veteran of the United States Army.

20 June 2008

Roy Fugate: 1935-2008

Dear Friends:

I've gotten to know a lot of you well over the past couple of years in the ODBA. However, tonight is the realization of my worst fear. My father, Roy Fugate, passed away due to a massive stroke and blood clot. I do not yet know how this will affect my blogging status for the next few days. Please keep my mom and me in your thoughts and prayers. I'm an only child, so it was just Mom, Dad and me for a lot of years.

18 June 2008

Barr: The Only Viable Constitutional Choice

With all due respect to Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party , I assert that Bob Barr is the only viable option to those Americans disillusioned with the two party monopoly that currently "Anoints" our presidents from cycle to cycle. I'll illustrate the reasons for that assertion in the following days. I'll being with the glaring example of practical experience.

1.) Bob Barr is a former Congressman from Georgia with a breadth and depth of legislative experience that has enabled him to be the one who brought impeachment proceedings against former President Bill Clinton. His experience as a prosecutor gives him the insight into our nations' laws that Mr. Baldwin does not.

2.) Bob Barr has been a consistent supporter of individual liberties for the American people throughout his tenure in public life. Such support has brought him into alliance with such diverse groups as the ACLU and the American Conservative Union. Bob believes that the American people is the answer to the problems that have arisen in our land, not an intrusive government.

3.) Bob Barr supports and is a champion of the free market. Bob believes, as I do, that a proper understanding of human nature will breed a proper understanding of the free market. Bob has championed measures in Congress that would allow free market solutions to flourish rather than more government regulation and taxation.

4.) Bob Barr understands that when Americans are allowed to keep what they earn, they will make the correct choices for themselves. Blue collar Americans deserve to keep everything that they work for. I hope that Mr. Barr would advocate the implementation of the Fair Tax, which is a consumption tax.

Chuck Baldwin and the Constitution Party are very highly regarded in my mind. I commend the CP and Dr. Baldwin for the courageous stand they are taking. My choice in picking Mr. Barr was based upon his experience in the public arena.

17 June 2008

The decadence of environmentalism

When the term "environmentalism" is mentioned, it usually evokes images of people chaining themselves to an oak tree in some forest. I can appreciate that because it is community action, albeit an extreme form. Today, environmentalism has much less to do about saving and conserving our wilderness areas and more about promoting an extreme form of socialism. Chances are that "community action" is more likely to be a lawsuit than a personal form of conviction. That is a shame. Organizations like PETA, Sierra Club and others would much rather see capital reallocation than a true market based conservation effort. "Let's penalize those who have pursued and achieved the American dream, because it's just the right thing to do." I'll use an example that is timely.

The Alaska National Wildlife Reserve (ANWR) is located in one of the most remote locations on earth. Subzero temperatures and lifeless ice and rock cover one of the most immediate short term solutions to the gas price boom. Will it solve the problem long term? Of course not. Eventually, the United States must explore alternative sources of fuel. However, we must avail ourselves of every resource to alleviate the pressure the price boom is having upon America. I assert that the United States has the technology available to drill in ANWR and to do it safely and cleanly with minimal harm to the environment. This article is prescient about the current situation. Note the date of the article, it is dated 2001.

Acknowledging that there are no simple solutions in the long term, the short term does provide the United States with a prominent option. Drill in ANWR!!!!

15 June 2008

Home Schooling

This article on the Bob Barr campaign website illustrates the fatal flaws in our activist judiciary in the United States. Schooling begins at home, not at the school. Please read carefully.


Hey to all Good Sense readers. I'm resurfacing after an extended absence from the political blog world. I'm living in Tennessee now and I'll leave it up to the august members of the ODBA as to whether they want me to remain in the ODBA. However, I have decided to endorse Bob Barr for President. As a former Congressman from Georgia, I have long respected Mr. Barr for his dedication to conservative and libertarian principles. I believe Mr. Barr is the best choice and not simply a spoiler as many would believe.

Please drop a comment to say hi and reintroduce yourselves.