18 June 2008

Barr: The Only Viable Constitutional Choice

With all due respect to Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party , I assert that Bob Barr is the only viable option to those Americans disillusioned with the two party monopoly that currently "Anoints" our presidents from cycle to cycle. I'll illustrate the reasons for that assertion in the following days. I'll being with the glaring example of practical experience.

1.) Bob Barr is a former Congressman from Georgia with a breadth and depth of legislative experience that has enabled him to be the one who brought impeachment proceedings against former President Bill Clinton. His experience as a prosecutor gives him the insight into our nations' laws that Mr. Baldwin does not.

2.) Bob Barr has been a consistent supporter of individual liberties for the American people throughout his tenure in public life. Such support has brought him into alliance with such diverse groups as the ACLU and the American Conservative Union. Bob believes that the American people is the answer to the problems that have arisen in our land, not an intrusive government.

3.) Bob Barr supports and is a champion of the free market. Bob believes, as I do, that a proper understanding of human nature will breed a proper understanding of the free market. Bob has championed measures in Congress that would allow free market solutions to flourish rather than more government regulation and taxation.

4.) Bob Barr understands that when Americans are allowed to keep what they earn, they will make the correct choices for themselves. Blue collar Americans deserve to keep everything that they work for. I hope that Mr. Barr would advocate the implementation of the Fair Tax, which is a consumption tax.

Chuck Baldwin and the Constitution Party are very highly regarded in my mind. I commend the CP and Dr. Baldwin for the courageous stand they are taking. My choice in picking Mr. Barr was based upon his experience in the public arena.

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