17 June 2008

The decadence of environmentalism

When the term "environmentalism" is mentioned, it usually evokes images of people chaining themselves to an oak tree in some forest. I can appreciate that because it is community action, albeit an extreme form. Today, environmentalism has much less to do about saving and conserving our wilderness areas and more about promoting an extreme form of socialism. Chances are that "community action" is more likely to be a lawsuit than a personal form of conviction. That is a shame. Organizations like PETA, Sierra Club and others would much rather see capital reallocation than a true market based conservation effort. "Let's penalize those who have pursued and achieved the American dream, because it's just the right thing to do." I'll use an example that is timely.

The Alaska National Wildlife Reserve (ANWR) is located in one of the most remote locations on earth. Subzero temperatures and lifeless ice and rock cover one of the most immediate short term solutions to the gas price boom. Will it solve the problem long term? Of course not. Eventually, the United States must explore alternative sources of fuel. However, we must avail ourselves of every resource to alleviate the pressure the price boom is having upon America. I assert that the United States has the technology available to drill in ANWR and to do it safely and cleanly with minimal harm to the environment. This article is prescient about the current situation. Note the date of the article, it is dated 2001.

Acknowledging that there are no simple solutions in the long term, the short term does provide the United States with a prominent option. Drill in ANWR!!!!

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