29 July 2009

Obamacare: State control versus individual autonomy

Doug, at Below the Beltway, has this insightful piece as to why most of us oppose Obamacare. I want to emphasize one particular portion:

It’s all about giving the state control over biggest part of our lives. That may not be the intent of the people who are advocating ObamaCare. In fact, for the most part, I think they have good intentions, but we know where that leads in the end.


NASA: Essential or waste of money?

Apparently Jerry at From on High believes it only has one useI’ve already proposed that NASA be eliminated or else establish a quantifiable and justifiable goal to achieve in the next 10 – 20 years. An example?  How about a manned mission to Mars within the next 15 years? Barring something such as that, scrap NASA and get out of the space game.

28 July 2009

Obama a citizen

Ok, while I don’t consider myself to be a “birther” I believe that it was key to be certain in order to maintain constitutional integrity. However, now that Obama’s citizenship has been confirmed, let’s move on and make this about ideas. Conservatives should know that we have the superior ideas and there is no need to bring gimmicks into the fray.

First, we know that government interference in health care will only lead to lesser quality  and rationing of care. Bureaucrats have less interest in our personal health than in their ability to “streamline” the process. This is ironic because there is no such thing when dealing with the federal government.

Second, we know that bailouts, in any form, are destructive and subsidize failure. The bailouts give no incentive for improved production and ethical management. To the contrary, bailouts do nothing but incentivize poor management. Solution: repay every red cent of the multi-billion dollar corporate welfare program to the taxpayer and slash entitlements.

Third, we know that Obama’s judicial philosophy is predicated upon race. Judge Sotomayor’s well publicized “wise Latina” remark is proof positive that racial discord will be hallmarks of the Obama judicial appointments. The rule of law has been replaced by La Raza… return our government to its constitutional mandated limits which starts with Judges who are dedicated to an originalist interpretation of the Constitution.

These are but three areas where conservatives have the superior ideas. Oh, wait, nothing is superior anymore, we don’t want the poor politicians to have low self esteem.  I say, throw the bums out.

27 July 2009

Sarah Palin

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is just that, former Governor of Alaska. While I did not view her as a candidate for 2012, it is evident that some in the mainstream media did. Considering the inordinate amount of coverage the Palin family received in the months AFTER the election, surely some in the media and other talking heads viewed her as a threat. Otherwise, why go after a flash in the pan? Perhaps it is because she represented a departure from politics as usual? That’s yet to be seen. Should be interesting to see what she does from here on out.

26 July 2009

Barry coming to Tri-Cities

Wonder if Slick Rick Boucher will make an appearance? Why even ask, of course he will.

Not that it really makes much difference. According to the BHC, the President will be participating in a “town-hall style” meeting at the Kroger’s on Midway with the employees there. His purpose? Talk up his disastrous health care reform legislation. Wonder if supporters will get the prime questions to ask? Go back to Washington, Mr. President. You’re at home there, not here in Southwest Virginia where people actually have common sense.

24 July 2009

Friday night laugh

If you need a quick laugh, check this out.


ChiSox pitcher achieves perfection

It has only happened 16 other times in baseball’s modern era (since 1900) but pitcher Mark Buehrle pitched a perfect game yesterday against the Tampa Bay Rays. For those of you who don’t know what a perfect game is, a pitcher must face the minimum of 27 batters and not allow any of them to reach base, that means no hits, walks or hit batters. It means 27 up and 27 down. Buehrle goes into the record books with names like Catfish Hunter, Sandy Koufax, Don Larsen and of course, Cy Young. Congratulations to Mark Buehrle and the Chicago White Sox.

23 July 2009

Ron Paul: Right on the Money

This article from Ron Paul articulates the correct view of health care. In the market, health care is a good, not a right. Give this a read.

22 July 2009

Obama Blame Game

If you are interested at all in what ideas are being put forth by House Conservatives, I highly recommend bookmarking the Republican Study Committee website. From legislative bulletins to Money Monitors, this caucus of House Conservatives will provide ammunition against liberals and their agenda.


21 July 2009

Does AEP really know what’s going on?

Those of you who live in the Ninth District know that Rick Boucher is becoming vulnerable due to his vote on the National Energy Tax. However, Appalachian Electric Power is running ads commending Boucher for his “bold and innovative” stands.  There’s something fishy going on here. More than a year out from his re-election bid and there are already ads defending his vote. That’s ok because the numbers will tell the story. 

Jerry, Kilo and Adam will immediately recognize the need to throw the guy out of office.

20 July 2009

Did Bob Barr cost McCain?

The answer that Doug at Below The Beltway gives is a resounding NO!!! I agree. The most notable blogger to vote third party this past year was Ms. Leslie Carbone, who voted for Chuck Baldwin, the Constitution Party candidate.

Friends, I voted for Bob Barr. I could not bring myself to vote for John McCain. His horrendous bill, McCain-Feingold infringes free political speech. John McCain, in my estimation, had his chance and couldn’t bring home the prize. Until the GOP nominates someone like Mike Pence, it has virtually no chance of regaining my vote. I fully intend on going Constitution Party.

18 July 2009

Why tour when your boss won’t listen

According to a press release issued by the Rural America Solutions Group, a subset of the House GOP, Barry’s Energy Secretary Steven Chu and Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack will be in Danville,VA as part of a so-called listening tour through rural America. I repeat the question above. Why bother touring when your boss won’t listen to the voices in rural America.

With the passage of Waxman-Markey National Energy Tax in the House, Barack Obama is hell-bent on draining American’s wallets to promote George Soros’ agenda. Any fool can see that jobs will be lost if the Senate passes the bill in the same form as the House.

Thoughts from Cornfield County

Yes, sophisticated reader, I watched Hee Haw for years with my grandfather. I came across this little snippet. Wonder what Junior Samples would say about the Democrats now?

17 July 2009

Random Thought

Ok, with the ‘09 statewide races occupying a large number of pixels, I have this one random and totally off the wall opinion for today. In my very humble opinion, Bob Barr is one of the most underrated politicians in the country today. After last year’s candidacy for the Libertarian Party for President, Barr continues to keep his name in print with his blog, The Barr Code on the Atlanta Journal-Constitution website as well as regular columns in the print edition of the AJC.

Sam Church 1936 – 2009

Many readers may remember Sam Church as president of the UMWA during the late 70’s and early 80’s. Mr. Church was the predecessor to Richard Trumka. Mr. Church passed away this week at 72 years of age.  Godspeed Mr. Church.

16 July 2009

RSC Sunset Caucus

I’ve been paying attention to the Republican Study Committee and the legislation that its members have been proposing with some degree of satisfaction. The RSC bills itself as “The Caucus of House Conservatives.”  If you are like me, there are particular programs that you would like to see eliminated. The RSC Sunset Caucus exists to undertake that very objective. My personal program that I’d like to see done away with is NASA. For thirty plus years, it has done little to nothing to justify its expenditures. Please click the link above to make a recommendation as to a program you’d like to see eliminated.

14 July 2009

The Foundry

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that Barry's elimination of the DC Opportunity Scholarship program is bad policy. Even the DC City Council recognizes that fact.
The Foundry

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Top Five College Football Coaches

As we start into the middle of July, the coaches’ whistles are starting to get warmed up and it won’t be long until two-a-days begin.  In that mindset, here are my top five college football coaches:

1. Paul “Bear” Bryant

2. Lou Holtz

3. Bo Schembechler

4. Woody Hayes

5. General Robert Neyland

12 July 2009

1st Cavalry Division – America’s First Team

I’m partial to the First Cavalry because of personal ties, but here’s a great video:


10 July 2009

Leslie Carbone: An American Patriot

I had to include this. Ms. Leslie Carbone, a friend, is an American patriot and a true conservative compatriot. Thanks Leslie!!!!


Bob Barr: Keep the Feds out of the BCS

As much as I love college football and would love to see a playoff system introduced, I agree with Mr. Barr that the Feds do not need to get involved. Why does the Federal government even feel the need to get involved? I think Orrin Hatch would do well to work on giving some of the taxpayers’ money back to us rather than create a new program that would cost more money in the long haul.

Boucher: Champion of coal or demagogue?

Considering his recent vote for Waxman-Markey, I’d say most clear thinking Americans would lean toward the latter, but that’s just my opinion, or is it? Here’s a brief round up of my blog brothers and sisters in the ODBA and their take on Rick’s betrayal of the industry that puts him in office.

Kilo (who has strong ties to coal) has this series of posts about Boucher’s betrayal: here, here and here

Jerry, at From on High blog, has this post that opens the salvo against Rick Boucher’s betrayal of coal miners in the Ninth and this revealing an example of the distrust and unhappiness that Boucher’s action is beginning to bring about.

Alton, at Eschew Obfuscation, has this  truthful look at the realities of 21st century strip mining. With very few exceptions any more, coal companies leave the sites better than when they found them.

And, at the risk of being egotistical, please take a look at my post concerning Waxman Markey and the Ninth District. The numbers are staggering.


Does Barack Obama really think that throwing away billions of American taxpayers’ hard earned dollars has done anything constructive? I suppose so according to this snippet. Coupled with the fact that the Waxman-Markey cap and tax regime that just passed the House, the question now becomes, does Barack Obama really know what he’s doing or is he just following George Soros’ instructions? (By the way, Move On believes the Waxman Markey bill does not go far enough.)

07 July 2009

Tennessee 2010

Although I am a resident of the great Commonwealth of Virginia, I still bear great interest in Tennessee politics. I have read with interest the announcements of Bill Haslam, mayor of Knoxville,Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey and Zach Wamp. I have had the pleasure to know Ron Ramsey and like him personally, and have heard good things about Bill Haslam. However, Good Sense will take an unusual opportunity to endorse Representative Zach Wamp for Governor of Tennessee.

The Gipper gets in the fight

The USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76),has relieved the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69) and the Reagan Carrier Group has launched sorties in support of  Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. As an aside, the Ike has been in theater  since March of this year. Below is a picture of the Gipper:

Three quarter aircraft


The Ike is pictured below:


06 July 2009

Waxman-Markey and the Ninth District

I am thankful for an organization like the Heritage Foundation that works tirelessly to inform the American citizenry about the need for conservative solutions to problems in America today. An example is this Web Memo from Heritage that crunches the estimated job loss numbers by Congressional district. It is not surprising that in our Commonwealth, Waxman-Markey will have the greatest negative impact on the Fightin’ Ninth District. I’ll outline the findings for the Ninth District:


1.) GSP Losses in 2012 = $646.53 million This is a staggering loss of the economy in an already struggling CD.  If the devastation to the Ninth’s economy were isolated, it might not be as bad, but the losses continue to pile up for the next twenty years or so.

2.) GSP Losses in 2012-2035 = $1.3 billion, yes billion. This is a tragic and devastating loss to a district that largely depends on coal as a source of income for the economy. Think this is bad? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

3.)  Personal Income Loss in 2012 - $592 million and this is in just 2012. It does not get better.

4.) Average Personal Income Loss 2012 –2035 = $342.9 million The good news just keeps on coming doesn’t it?

5.) Non-Farm Job Loss in 2012 – 5,483 I’m sorry but this district cannot afford job losses on this scale. Rick Boucher should be thrown out on his can for voting for this.

6.) Non-Farm Job Loss 2012-2035 – 3,439 per year.


This bill of goods that recently passed the house will drastically affect the quality of life in the Ninth District. As before, it is no surprise that Waxman-Markey has the greatest negative impact on the Ninth District. And for what? A very negligible decrease in carbon emissions over the life of this legislation. Rick Boucher, shame on you.

04 July 2009

National Energy Tax

I’ve been behind the eight ball as far as posting goes, but here is a short video from Heritage Foundation that explains what Waxman-Markey is: