06 July 2009

Waxman-Markey and the Ninth District

I am thankful for an organization like the Heritage Foundation that works tirelessly to inform the American citizenry about the need for conservative solutions to problems in America today. An example is this Web Memo from Heritage that crunches the estimated job loss numbers by Congressional district. It is not surprising that in our Commonwealth, Waxman-Markey will have the greatest negative impact on the Fightin’ Ninth District. I’ll outline the findings for the Ninth District:


1.) GSP Losses in 2012 = $646.53 million This is a staggering loss of the economy in an already struggling CD.  If the devastation to the Ninth’s economy were isolated, it might not be as bad, but the losses continue to pile up for the next twenty years or so.

2.) GSP Losses in 2012-2035 = $1.3 billion, yes billion. This is a tragic and devastating loss to a district that largely depends on coal as a source of income for the economy. Think this is bad? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

3.)  Personal Income Loss in 2012 - $592 million and this is in just 2012. It does not get better.

4.) Average Personal Income Loss 2012 –2035 = $342.9 million The good news just keeps on coming doesn’t it?

5.) Non-Farm Job Loss in 2012 – 5,483 I’m sorry but this district cannot afford job losses on this scale. Rick Boucher should be thrown out on his can for voting for this.

6.) Non-Farm Job Loss 2012-2035 – 3,439 per year.


This bill of goods that recently passed the house will drastically affect the quality of life in the Ninth District. As before, it is no surprise that Waxman-Markey has the greatest negative impact on the Ninth District. And for what? A very negligible decrease in carbon emissions over the life of this legislation. Rick Boucher, shame on you.

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