10 July 2009

Boucher: Champion of coal or demagogue?

Considering his recent vote for Waxman-Markey, I’d say most clear thinking Americans would lean toward the latter, but that’s just my opinion, or is it? Here’s a brief round up of my blog brothers and sisters in the ODBA and their take on Rick’s betrayal of the industry that puts him in office.

Kilo (who has strong ties to coal) has this series of posts about Boucher’s betrayal: here, here and here

Jerry, at From on High blog, has this post that opens the salvo against Rick Boucher’s betrayal of coal miners in the Ninth and this revealing an example of the distrust and unhappiness that Boucher’s action is beginning to bring about.

Alton, at Eschew Obfuscation, has this  truthful look at the realities of 21st century strip mining. With very few exceptions any more, coal companies leave the sites better than when they found them.

And, at the risk of being egotistical, please take a look at my post concerning Waxman Markey and the Ninth District. The numbers are staggering.

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