28 July 2009

Obama a citizen

Ok, while I don’t consider myself to be a “birther” I believe that it was key to be certain in order to maintain constitutional integrity. However, now that Obama’s citizenship has been confirmed, let’s move on and make this about ideas. Conservatives should know that we have the superior ideas and there is no need to bring gimmicks into the fray.

First, we know that government interference in health care will only lead to lesser quality  and rationing of care. Bureaucrats have less interest in our personal health than in their ability to “streamline” the process. This is ironic because there is no such thing when dealing with the federal government.

Second, we know that bailouts, in any form, are destructive and subsidize failure. The bailouts give no incentive for improved production and ethical management. To the contrary, bailouts do nothing but incentivize poor management. Solution: repay every red cent of the multi-billion dollar corporate welfare program to the taxpayer and slash entitlements.

Third, we know that Obama’s judicial philosophy is predicated upon race. Judge Sotomayor’s well publicized “wise Latina” remark is proof positive that racial discord will be hallmarks of the Obama judicial appointments. The rule of law has been replaced by La Raza… return our government to its constitutional mandated limits which starts with Judges who are dedicated to an originalist interpretation of the Constitution.

These are but three areas where conservatives have the superior ideas. Oh, wait, nothing is superior anymore, we don’t want the poor politicians to have low self esteem.  I say, throw the bums out.

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