28 September 2007

Alan Keyes

Call me crazy, call me a nutjob, whatever you want to call me. I'm glad that Alan Keyes is in the race. He has lower poll numbers than Duncan Hunter (my man) and Tom Tancredo. However, Alan Keyes has keyed upon the bedrock issues that will define America for years to come. I believe his entry will liven up this travelling circus that have been the GOP primary debates. Duncan Hunter and Alan Keyes? Wishful thinking? Probably, but that's never stopped me before!!! Speaking of wishful thinking, please comment with your 2008 GOP dream ticket. I've mentioned mine above.

This issue has special meaning for me as Roe v. Wade was decided two weeks AFTER my literal birth. I am thankful for each day that I have on this planet. Monday, October 1, 2007 is National Pro-Life Memorial Day. Let's remember those children who will not see a full sunrise or sunset. www. prolifememorialday.com

24 September 2007

Live Blog

I would like to thank everyone who submitted a question and to Attorney General McDonnell for agreeing to be a part of this when this blog is less well known around the Commonwealth. I look forward to continuing this relationship with our Attorney General and his staff. Special thanks to Tucker Martin and his staff in setting this up. This has been beyond all my expectations!!!

Live Blog with Attorney General McDonnell part 1

For those who prefer a non-Haloscan version, here is part 1 of the transcript of yesterday's live blog with Attorney General Bob McDonnell. I will be working to get the remainder up tomorrow or tomorrow evening.

Scott's Question:

Thank you so much for coming by and live blogging with Charlie and Good Sense.Out of all the elected officials, you seem to have done more to embrace "blogging" as a viable and important media source as evidenced by the number of live blogs you have participated in.

Secondly, your office, with the obvious help of J. Tucker Martin, has been communicating a great deal with the people of the Commonwealth, at what I consider an unprecedented pace. And to me, that is as important as anything else you can do, regardless of which side of the aisle you happen to find your chair.

Recently, I was involved in a "bloggers only" round table with Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. During that discussion, he offered that "blogging", or the "horizontal media" was to todays campaigns what Talk Radio had been previously.

AG McDonnell: The new media has shown itself to be a powerful 24-hour source of news and opinion. Individuals who blog are informed and involved, and often very passionate about issues and politics, and thus are opinion leaders. This office does great work in safeguarding citizens constitutional rights and promoting public safety. I want to get the message out by all means possible about ways to educate citizens about protecting themselves. We try to stay very active with the blogs to ensure that we know what is going on in the lives of our citizens, and how we can best serve the Commonwealth.

As for 2008, I think the blogs and the Internet will be very important, in everything from fundraising to generating excitement and issues. Fred Thompson has notably been very active in the online world, and I think it has benefited him immensely. No candidate can run for office in this day and age without an active and complete online presence.Bob McDonnell

Jane Dudley:

This fall the entire legislature is up for election. Please set out your case for sending the Republicans back, to keep their majority. Bring exhibits. Courtroom theatrics welcome. 'Cause this is the blogosphere! Seriously, in particular, what do you say to people who say, "Why should Republicans keep the majority? They're not really that different from Democrats. Let's just vote for 'change.'

AG McDonnell:

Answer: That claim is absolutely false. Only Republicans govern from the premise that government must keep taxes, regulation and litigation low, that the free enterprise system and not government programs is the key to economic prosperity, and that traditional values must be preserved. In looking at the record of results by the parties there is no comparison.

Republicans have dramatically improved Virginia government with abolition of parole, welfare reform, juvenile justice reform, significant improvements in laws cracking down on drunk driving, gangs, and sexual predators. Republicans alone have ushered in accountability in schools with SOL tests, while investing record new sums in K-12 education. Just this session Republicans enacted the first major transportation funding bill in 21 years, significantly private property rights protections, and championed Youth Internet Safety.

Democrats can point to nowhere near the same record of results that benefited the Virginia citizen. It is a record Republicans will proudly run on this fall. Similarly, in articulating a vision for the future Republicans have made concrete proposals to crack down on criminal illegal aliens, reform the mental health system, strengthen our school construction programs, and provide property tax relief.

There has been no similar vision apparent from the Democrats, that is unfortunate. Thanks for the question Jane, sorry for the long answer, but its a critically important topic.

17 September 2007

Cantor for Senate

While all the talk is surrounding the candidacies of Jim Gilmore and Tom Davis, a third viable candidate has surfaced. His name? Eric Cantor. Yes, that's right. I'll go on record as supporting a Cantor candidacy should he throw his name in the hat.

16 September 2007

Questions for the Attorney General-Update

Sorry for the infrequency of posts, have been having a lot of trouble with my arm. Still waiting on the word when my surgery will occur. In the interim, please submit your questions for AG McDonnell here and the Live Blog will be from 5pm - 6pm.

Friends, in between major medications and school, I've been pretty busy and bogged down. Still, I remember that the AG has graciously agreed to do a live blog here at Good Sense. This is to take place one week from tomorrow on 24 September 2007 at 5:00 pm. Please submit any questions as comments to this post. I look forward to this and hopefully we'll have a decent turn out. Also, thanks to Tucker Martin and the rest of the AG's staff for coordinating this and making it happen.

07 September 2007

Duncan Hunter Speech

I had to post this, a good standard speech by Mr. Hunter. Good issues, good delivery and good candidate.

04 September 2007


Just FYI, we're going ahead with the live blog with AG McDonnell on 24 September at 5:00 pm.

02 September 2007

A few regrets...

Yes, I've enjoyed my time back at Good Sense. I'm not leaving... however, I have upcoming surgery to attend to and to put a point on it, I don't have the time to deal with juvenile antics such as we're seeing from the Left in the blogosphere. No, I'm not running away. Those of you who know me, know that I love a good political fight.

To Kilo et al in the ODBA:

Keep the faith, you're doing the right things and no matter what, stay united and stay focused. I see where they've finally coming after me. That's great. That means they're not coming after some of you. I've believed that the conservative cause is the right cause and the just cause. I'll return to take up the mantle again. My elbow surgery, my school work, and my vocation will take up most of my time in the upcoming weeks and months.

To Mr. Stanley and others:

I've never meant to engage in a personal war of words. However, I believe that your clients should either endorse or disavow your action and your stunt. You should do the right thing and apologize. Barring that, your clients need to do so.

Rest assured, I'll be back and that I'll drop by with comments occasionally.

01 September 2007

Go Mountaineers

No, not West Virginia. I'm talking about Appalachian State University. The Mountaineers knocked off No. 5 Michigan IN Ann Arbor IN the Big House. How huge is that? I'm proud to live less than 50 miles from App. State.

Round Two

My thoughts have always drifted into political discussions as a way of relieving stress. Roscoe Reynolds, Eric Ferguson, and Adam Tomer might want to consider taking a big dose of TRUTH to combat the pablum that Mr. Stanley is feeding them.

For the second time, I pose these questions:


1.) Did Senator Reynolds endorse or condone your actions of 16 August of purchasing olddominionblogalliance.com and pointing it to NAMBLA's website? If so, was Mr. Reynolds aware of your action before you conducted this operation or did he become aware after your purchase?

2.) Since YDS' phone number doubles as Mr. Eric Ferguson's campaign number, at what point was he made aware of your action? Does Mr. Ferguson condone the attack of private citizens who exercise their freedom of speech in a political manner?

3.) What did Mr. Reynolds(and Mr. Ferguson) know and when did he/they know it?