02 September 2007

A few regrets...

Yes, I've enjoyed my time back at Good Sense. I'm not leaving... however, I have upcoming surgery to attend to and to put a point on it, I don't have the time to deal with juvenile antics such as we're seeing from the Left in the blogosphere. No, I'm not running away. Those of you who know me, know that I love a good political fight.

To Kilo et al in the ODBA:

Keep the faith, you're doing the right things and no matter what, stay united and stay focused. I see where they've finally coming after me. That's great. That means they're not coming after some of you. I've believed that the conservative cause is the right cause and the just cause. I'll return to take up the mantle again. My elbow surgery, my school work, and my vocation will take up most of my time in the upcoming weeks and months.

To Mr. Stanley and others:

I've never meant to engage in a personal war of words. However, I believe that your clients should either endorse or disavow your action and your stunt. You should do the right thing and apologize. Barring that, your clients need to do so.

Rest assured, I'll be back and that I'll drop by with comments occasionally.

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