01 September 2007

Round Two

My thoughts have always drifted into political discussions as a way of relieving stress. Roscoe Reynolds, Eric Ferguson, and Adam Tomer might want to consider taking a big dose of TRUTH to combat the pablum that Mr. Stanley is feeding them.

For the second time, I pose these questions:


1.) Did Senator Reynolds endorse or condone your actions of 16 August of purchasing olddominionblogalliance.com and pointing it to NAMBLA's website? If so, was Mr. Reynolds aware of your action before you conducted this operation or did he become aware after your purchase?

2.) Since YDS' phone number doubles as Mr. Eric Ferguson's campaign number, at what point was he made aware of your action? Does Mr. Ferguson condone the attack of private citizens who exercise their freedom of speech in a political manner?

3.) What did Mr. Reynolds(and Mr. Ferguson) know and when did he/they know it?

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