29 March 2009

GM CEO Wagoner to step down at White House request

I suppose we can add two more titles to the Spender in Chief. Chairman of the Board and Obama Hood. In a tale that comes straight from Sherwood Forest, Obama Hood lookin’ to take from the rich man and give to the lazy. Obama Hood, he goin’ after the big bad CEO’s that weren’t fired by their normal Chairman of the Board. Oh, the Spender in Chief has taken it upon himself to fire this guy. Oh, and Obama Hood has determined the state at which the automakers can request more of the pie that America is  so thoughtfully getting SCREWED OUT OF. Don’t believe me? Check this out":

Obama said Sunday that GM and Chrysler and all those with a stake in their survival need to take more hard steps to help the struggling automakers restructure for the future. In an interview with CBS' "Face the Nation" broadcast Sunday, Obama said the companies must do more to receive additional financial aid from the government.

"They're not there yet," he said.

They’re not there yet. When will they be there oh Promised One? Please let me know so I won’t be any where remotely close when you dole out  MY dough. “DON’T TREAD ON ME!”

GM CEO Wagoner to step down at White House request

28 March 2009

Bristol Herald Courier : ARROGANT and IRRELEVANT

J. Todd and the Gang on Morrison are at it again. Because they are being told no to gathering inmate information in order to be published to their RAGSHEET… the following editorial reveals the BHC’s arrogance

The local regional jail authority needs to immediately get back in line with Virginia’s open records law, or it will face potential lawsuits. The Bristol Herald Courier, for example, has been known to sue public agencies for thumbing their noses at the public’s right to know. In one noteworthy case, we got the records and also got a judge to force the city of Bristol, Va., to pay our attorney fees.

Are you paying attention, jail authority?

I’d like to make a few observations.

1.) The name of the prisoner, the person’s criminal charges and the bond amount set by a magistrate are crucial pieces of information a bail bondsman needs to decide whether to post a suspect’s bond. Refusing to provide that information could prevent an eligible person from bonding out of jail.

There is no clear reason for the policy change. Steve Clear, deputy superintendent for the regional jail, said the aim was to “make sure we don’t give out inaccurate information.”

Bail bondsmen in Abingdon are usually obtaining the pertinent information IN PERSON. Good grief, if you can’t get off your duff and go the the SWVA Regional Jail and do your job (of course, we all know that editors and reporters are LAZY), you need to find another line of work. I agree that the charges, bond set and the name are part of the public record, but to use the telephone seems to me to be a bit over board.

2.) Most disturbing was Clear’s assertion that his jail’s policy is similar to that of other regional jails in Virginia. He claimed, while laughing, that other jails would not verify whether an inmate was housed there or not. Clear’s demeanor was unprofessional and his assertion was dead wrong.

Unprofessional? How about this J. Todd? Do you remember my friend Lynn Mitchell? Read J. Todd’s arrogance here in his comments? Threatening a private citizen who blogs as a hobby, and not as a profession? Real man like J. Todd!!!

Lynn: This post is factually incorrect in a number of areas and, thus, is defamatory. First off, our three-member editorial board has not changed. All are still present and accounted for. Andrea Hopkins is going to medical school soon but hasn't left yet. When she leaves, there will be two members of our editorial board remaining, with a third coming on board soon. Meanwhile, I left on good enough terms from Waynesboro that my company promoted me to editor at a paper five times larger. Finally, have you polled all of our readers on their views of the Wise County power plant? The average defamation suit, by the way, costs an estimated $200,000 to defend. That's if you win.

Until the Bristol Herald Courier starts acting professional, I suggest that the regional jail authority “No Comment” until the cows come home. ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION BRISTOL HERALD COURIER?1?!?!

27 March 2009

Division of the Week

The History of the 1st Infantry Division

The Division’s history begins in 1917 when General John “Blackjack” Pershing arrived in France with the First American Expeditionary Force.  The “Fighting First” led the way for American troops in World War I.  Names like Cantigny, Soissons, St. Mihiel and the Argonne Forest tell the story of the gallantry of the soldiers of the 1st Infantry Division, now wearing the famous “Big Red One” patch on their left shoulder.

During World War II, the 1st Infantry Division was the first to reach England, the first to fight the enemy in North Africa and Sicily, the first on the beaches of Normandy in D-Day and the first to capture a major German City – Aachen.

The D-Day landings on June 6, 1944 provided the supreme test.  In five days, the division drove inland and cleared a beachhead for supplies and troops.  Driving eastward across France against fanatical resistance, the soldiers of the 1st Infantry Division spent nearly six months in continuous action with the enemy.

After capturing Aachen, the 1st Infantry Division still faced months of bitter fighting at places like the Hürtgen Forest and the Battle of the Bulge.  When the War ended, the Big Red One had rolled through Germany and into Czechoslovakia.

The 1st Infantry Division remained in Germany until 1955, first as occupation troops, then as partners with the new Germany in NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. In 1955, the Big Red One redeployed to Fort Riley Kansas.

In the summer of 1965, the Big Red One was the first division called to fight in Vietnam.  For nearly five years, its soldiers battled the enemy while carrying out programs to aid the people of South Vietnam.  In April 1970, the colors of the 1st Infantry Division returned to Fort Riley.  Home again, the Big Red One became a dual based division with its 3 rd Brigade in West Germany.

Another first was credited to the Division when it embarked on the beginning of a long series of REFORGER (Return of Forces to Germany) exercises.  These exercises demonstrated our nation’s determination and capability to defend, with our NATO allies, Western Europe.

On November 8, 1990, the 1st Infantry Division was alerted and over the next two months, deployed more than 12,000 soldiers and 7,000 pieces of equipment to Saudi Arabia in support of Operations Desert Shield/Storm.  Another first, the Big Red One led the charge into Iraq.  After spearheading the armored attack into Iraq, by February 27, 1991 the division broke the enemy’s defense along the Kuwait border and cut off the path of retreat for the fleeing Iraq Army.

During the next 100 hours, the Division raced across southern Iraq into Kuwait, engaging and destroying all or part of 11 enemy divisions. The Division fought its way through 260 kilometers of enemy-held territory, and destroyed more than 500 enemy tanks and 480 armored personnel carriers.  In addition, the Division captured more than 11,400 enemy prisoners of war – twice as many as any other unit.

On April 10, 1996, the colors of the 1st Infantry Division moved to the German city of Würzburg. Shortly after their arrival, the Big Red One soldiers assumed peace enforcement responsibilities in Bosnia-Herzegovina in support of Operations Joint Endeavor/Guard. The Division deployed to the Balkans twice in 1999, first as part of Task Force Sabre in Macedonia, then in Kosovo with NATO’s Task Force Falcon on 10 June. This contingent patrolled the streets and countryside of Kosovo until June 2000, when it turned the mission over to the 1st Armored Division.

In November 2002, the 2ndBattalion, 63rd Armored Regiment joined NATO’s Task Force Falcon in support of Operation Joint Guardian for a peacekeeping mission in Kosovo. The 2nd Battalion, 63rd Armored Regiment enforced peace agreements in the Multi-National Brigade East Sector. The 2-63 helped create a more secure environment and assisted in transition to civilian control.

In January 2003, the division primed itself for Operation Iraqi Freedom. Big Red One soldiers formed Headquarters, Armed Forces-Turkey and prepared the way for the 4th Infantry Division to enter Iraq through Turkey. When the Turkish Government denied access through their border, ARFOR-T collapsed the lines of communication it had built and the 4th ID deployed to Iraq via Kuwait.

The division took a more direct role in Operation Iraqi Freedom in March 2003, when the 1st Battalion, 63rd Armored Regiment deployed to Northern Iraq. Operating in the Sunni Triangle, Task Force 1-63 conducted combat operations while simultaneously helping bring stability to the region.

As Task Force 1-63 returned home to Germany in February 2004, the rest of the 1st Infantry Division and Task Force Danger deployed to Northern Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. The 1st Infantry Division’s Task Force Danger consists of Germany-based 1st Infantry Division units along with the 30th Brigade Combat Team "Old Hickory" based in North Carolina, and the 25th Infantry Division's 2nd Brigade Combat Team from Hawaii.

The 1st Brigade Combat Team deployed to support Operation Iraqi Freedom in the fall of 2003 and returned to Fort Riley in September 2004.

As part of the BRAC changes, the Division cased its colors in Germany July 7, 2006.

The 1st Inf. Div. conducted a transfer of authority with the 24th Inf. Div. on Aug. 1, 2006, assuming command and control of Fort Riley.

The 2nd Brigade Combat Team deployed from Germany in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2006.

Due to changes in the war strategy, 1st Brigade assumed two new missions for the Army in 2006.

Mission 1: The 1st Brigade is charged with supporting the Army's Transition Team training mission where Brigade Soldiers train thousands of service members from across the Army, Air Force and Navy to become Iraqi and Afghan military advisors.

Mission 2: The 1st Brigade provided deployable security force elements that can move anywhere the Army wants them to be. Approximately 2,000 Soldiers from the brigade deployed fall 2006 as SECFOR companies.

The 4th Inf. Bde. Combat Team, which stood up Jan. 16, 2005, deployed from Fort Riley to the Middle East in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in February 2007.

The Division's Combat Aviation Bde., which uncased its colors Aug. 1, 2006, and Sustainment Bde. (formerly known as DISCOM) are also on orders to deploy in 2007 in support of the Global War on Terrorism.

The 3rd Brigade, 1st Infantry Division uncased its colors at Fort Hood, Texas, in April 2007.


The Marine Band performs The Marines' Hymn

If you've never attended a Marine Corps Birthday ceremony at the Marine Corps Memorial, you're missing a treat and a very solemn event. I highly recommend it to you. By the way, November 10 is listed as the official birthday of the Corps.

A clincher for me

According to Ken's website, the Eagle Forum PAC has decided to endorse his candidacy for the nomination for Attorney General in Virginia. I was solidly behind Ken before, but this just reinforces to me, that Ken Cuccinelli is the right man for the job. During my time in Washington, DC, I worked closely with the Eagle Forum and its founder, Phyllis Schlafly. The Eagle Forum is right on almost every issue important to conservatives.

26 March 2009




The above link is for your perusal. However, it is good news to a degree that the so called “militia report” is to be shut down. However, the damage has been done.

I’m not by nature a conspiracy theorist, but jeez, this is getting to be like something from the Twilight Zone.

Subject: For Immediate Release: Constitution Party Issues Missouri Travel Advisory

Constitution Party Issues Missouri Travel Advisory

Daleville, VA (March 26, 2009) The Constitution Party has issued a warning to Americans traveling within the state of Missouri that they might be considered a threat by law enforcement if they display certain bumper stickers on their cars. A recent report issued through the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) titled "The Modern Militia Movement" was released with the approval of Missouri Governor Jay Nixon and the Missouri State Police. It labels Americans with a variety of political beliefs as potential "militia members", "domestic terrorists" and "radicals".

The Constitution Party decries this report as political profiling and strongly suggests those considering a trip to the Show Me state be aware of the possibility they could be pulled over by a Missouri State Police officer simply for displaying a politically oriented sticker on their vehicles.

In the MIAC report, those who support 3rd party candidates like Constitution Party presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin and Libertarian Bob Barr as well as Congressman Ron Paul were labeled "dangerous" and a "threat" to law enforcement.

The Constitution Party’s Chuck Baldwin voiced outrage saying: "This is a classic case of broad-brushed police profiling. Can you imagine the fallout of this preposterous report had the names Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Maxine Waters been used instead of the names Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin, and Bob Barr?"

According to the MIAC report labeled "law enforcement sensitive" those considered a threat include citizens against:

* Gun control

* Illegal immigration

* Abortion

* The United Nations

* The North American Union

* The Federal Reserve

* The IRS

* Unconstitutional Mandatory Universal Service Programs

Baldwin went on to say: "...At least 75% of the American people would oppose at least one or more of these... According to the MIAC report that is sufficient to make them potential dangerous "militia members."

In response to the MIAC report, the three candidates wrote a letter to Missouri governor Jay Nixon demanding retraction of defamatory and inaccurate characterizations.

The state issued an "apology" to the three men but made no mention of clearing up the myriad other inaccuracies found in the report. The soft "apology" actually blamed those who were profiled saying they "misinterpreted" the report!

In addition to issuing the Travel Advisory, the Constitution Party is encouraging all liberty-minded Americans to contact Missouri governor Jay Nixon to tell him to remove all MIAC report references which cast political opinion in a negative light.

Governor J. Nixon may be contacted at:

P.O. Box 749

Jefferson, MO 65102

Tel: 573-751-4905

Fax: 573-751-5399



Constitution Party

SW & Central VA

Zachary Thompson, 540-293-7279

Marketing & Communications Director


25 March 2009

A bone to pick

While I’m not ideologically in sync with the editors at Politics1.com, they have been generally right on target with their analysis, but the comments made in this particular post is more worthy of the moonbats than a solid analyst:

Meanwhile, in Virginia, Republicans are fighting to stop the Democratic gains in the state. Another statewide Democratic win in Virginia could continue to make the electoral math worse for the party of Reagan. The Republicans have opportunities to defeat those three unpopular incumbents, although all three of those states have massive Democratic voter registration. If the Republicans fail to start making gains in these three opportunity race (or some other needed but unexpected gains), and fails to win the Virginia governorship, will they still be a viable national party after 2010?
Daily Report by Vin Gopal -

Viable national party after 2010? Come on!!! This guy must be drinking some of Barry’s Kool-Aid.  The GOP lasted through 40 + years of minority party status after FDR. Stop drinking the Kool-Aid and provide real analysis please!!! I have been reading this site since 1997 and have come to expect better from it. I’m a conservative, but have always enjoyed the analysis here. Not anymore it seems.

24 March 2009

Are we willing to sacrifice for them?

Words can never describe my thankfulness for these American veterans whose lives were changed forever. Thank you disabled vets from a grateful American.

21 March 2009

Cuccinelli Picks Up Conservative Endorsement

Attorney General candidate Senator Ken Cuccinelli picks up another conservative endorsement. This time from William A. Zimmerman, Chairman of Young Americans for Freedom - Virginia. To quote:

I am excited about this upcoming election. I realize that there are 3 solid Republican, conservative candidates in the running for the Attorney General nomination, but I think that Sen. Cuccinelli is the best option. The senator has fought for conservative values in the Senate of Virginia, has set a track record of winning in a difficult district, and has the legal experience necessary as a litigator which qualifies him for this office.

Something Different

Normally, I like to link to something that impresses me, ticks me off or is just interesting. Not today. Today is all about me and my concerns and opinions about this administration.

This has to be the most inept, brain-dead, and incompetent executive branch in my recent memory. We're over half way through the first 100 days and the Treasury still hasn't been fully staffed at the appointee level. Barry has attempted rapprochement with the second most corrupt regime on the planet AND has been embarrassed by a radical Islamic mullah who rejected the "new hope" non-sense.  Meanwhile, Barry and his team of left-wing Utopian bureaucrats are essentially ignoring a situation that poses a greater immediate threat to our national security, North Korea. Lest anyone forget, North Korea is still a combatant in a cease-fire situation, not a treaty. If there is a need for top level engagement, it is in North Korea.

The Spender-in-Chief believes that in order to restore fiscal sanity, we must spend our way out of this mess. I suppose the reasoning is that if we spend enough money, the figures will grow so large that we will eventually have a balanced budget. Hello, oh Anointed One, even a high school drop out who balances their checkbook will tell you if you spend more than you take in, you're in trouble. Also, basic free market economics will tell you if you heavily tax the most productive parts of your society(i.e. the rich), your revenues will decline and so the free fall continues.

Barry, an inept leader himself, was successful in something. He appointed an even more inept Treasury secretary. Where are the so called budget hawks on the Democrat caucus now? No, no, master Obama, we have to bow to your every whim. That hasn't even worked, Pelosi and Reid are the ones really running the show in Washington and they are loving every minute of it.

Unless Americans refuse to play this crackhead scheme of a game, the situation will get worse. A second stimulus package? There should have never been one to begin with. Let the banks fail, let the automakers fail, let the market decide their fates. This is where the Bush administration was wrong and the Cult of Obama is wrong. The American people have drank Barry's Kool-Aid. The only problem is that death will not come quickly. The Kool Aid is so sweet that the cyanide is virtually hidden and the mortification process will take place slowly.

The Teleprompted One has not been seen without his Precious!!!! And they called Reagan staged? Barry O couldn't carry Ronald Reagan's jockstrap across the field. Teleprompter in a Caterpillar factory?!?!  Please. I do a better of extemporaneous speaking in the john than Barry does. Have you heard the old cliche, "Stand up, speak up and shut up?" Well, Barry, here's my advice to you, JUST SHUT UP.

20 March 2009

Voice of Reason

Patrick Muldoon, a personal friend of mine, has this to say about the flap over RPV leadership. While his candidacy is a bit improbable, he is taking a firm stand and calls it as he sees it. I happen to agree with him. This is exactly what I've been saying all along.

At a minimum, Frederick deserves an independent investigation to determine if the charges have substance.  If the actual motivation is to replace Frederick with a moderate Republican who is more in agreement with the few who want to compromise the Party’s principles in the mistaken view that such a compromise will enhance the prospects for electoral success this fall, those who are behind this removal effort should make their case openly so that the issue can be determined where it should be — at the May 29-30 State Convention.”

Well, well, well

According to this by the Armed Forces Press Service, Barry has decided to drop the idea to bill combat veterans for their SERVICE related injuries.

No, Mr. President, you don’t understand the sacrifices that America’s combat veterans have made on YOUR behalf. You have never served in this nation’s armed forces and I challenge you to go the house of a family who has lost a husband, father, brother, or son to an IED or an enemy combatant’s bullet and tell them you proposed that they pay for the services their family member received or the funeral service for their loved one.


Systemic Failure: PJB

Systemic Failure

By Patrick J. Buchanan

March 20, 2009

As the U.S. financial crisis broadens and deepens, wiping out the wealth and savings of tens of millions, destroying hopes and dreams, it is hard not to see in all of this history's verdict upon this generation.

We have been weighed in the balance and found wanting.

For how did this befall us, save through decisions that brushed aside lessons that history and experience had taught our fathers? It all began with the corruption called sub-prime mortgages.The motivation was not wicked. Democrats wanted to raise homeownership among African-Americans from 50 percent to the 75 percent of white folks. Rove Republicans wanted to do the same for Hispanics.

Banks were morally pressured by politicians into making home loans to folks who could not remotely qualify under standards set by decades of experience with mortgage defaults. Made by the millions, these loans were sold in vast quantities to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. There they were packaged, converted into mortgage-backed securities and sold to the big banks. The banks put scores of billions of dollars worth on their books and sold the rest to foreign banks anxious to acquire Triple-A securities, backed by real estate in America's ever-booming housing market.

Computer whizzes devised exotic instruments -- derivatives, which could soar in value, making instant multimillionaires, but also plummet, based on rises and dips in the underlying value of the paper.

Came now young geniuses at AIG to insure the banks against catastrophic losses, should the U.S. housing market crash. As the risk was minuscule, premiums were tiny. Payouts, however, should it come to that, were beyond AIG's capacity.

In AIG's Financial Products division, based in Connecticut and London, brainiacs were creating other exotic instruments, such as credit default swaps to guarantee against losses and insure profits. To keep these wunderkinds at AIG, they were promised million-dollar retention bonuses.

Who kept the game going?

The Federal Reserve, by keeping interest rates low and money gushing into the economy, created the bubble that saw housing prices rise annually at 10, 15 and 20 percent.

As the economy grew, however, the Fed began to tighten, to raise interest rates. Mortgage terms became tougher. Housing prices stabilized. Homeowners with sub-prime mortgages now found they had to start paying down principal. People losing jobs began to walk away from their houses.

Belatedly, folks awoke to the reality that housing prices could go south as well as north, and all that paper spread all over the world was overvalued, and a good bit of it might be worthless. And, so, the crash came and the panic ensued.

Who is to blame for the disaster that has befallen us?

Their name is legion.

There are the politicians who bullied banks into making loans the banks knew were bad to begin with and would never have made without threats or the promise of political favors.

There is that den of thieves at Fannie and Freddie who massaged the politicians with campaign contributions and walked away from the wreckage with tens of millions in salaries and bonuses.

There are the idiot bankers who bought up securities backed by sub-prime mortgages and were too indolent to inspect the rotten paper on their books. There are the ratings agencies, like Moody's and Standard & Poor's, who gazed at the paper and declared it to be Grade A prime.

In short, this generation of political and financial elites has proven itself unfit to govern a great nation. What we have is a system failure that is rooted in a societal failure. Behind our disaster lie the greed, stupidity and incompetence of the leadership of a generation.

Does Dr. Obama have the cure for the sickness that ails the republic?

He is going to borrow and spend trillions more to bring back the good old days, though it was the good old days that brought us to the edge of the abyss into which we have fallen. Then he is going to spend new trillions to give us benefits we do not now have, though the national debt is surging to 100 percent of the Gross National Product, and may reach there by 2011.

Is Obama willing to speak hard truths?

Is he willing to say that home ownership is for those with sound credit and solid jobs? Is he willing to say that credit, whether for auto loans, or student loans, or consumer purchases, should be restricted to those who have shown the maturity to manage debt --and no others need apply?

"Avarice, ambition," warned John Adams, "would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution is made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."

In this deepening crisis, what is being tested is not simply theresilience of capitalism, but the character of a people.

I copied this word for word because the observations made therein are true. In a time where you’re ok, I’m ok, everyone’s ok, no politician is standing up and saying, it’s our own fault because we made the banks make loans that we ALL knew to be bad. It is our fault because we keep electing these yahoos… and most assuredly no one who has defaulted on a mortgage has stood up and said, “This is my fault and no one else. The taxpayers have no obligation to bail me out. I knew I had to pay the loan back or risk losing my house.”

There are two mindsets that the New Deal, under FDR, produced:


1.) The United States government is a jobs program for out of work Americans.  The Blue Ridge Parkway is a prime example of that. As beautiful as the scenery is, without the jobs programs in the Great Depression, it likely wouldn’t exist. The attitude now is that the government will provide for me.

2.) The people of the United States are entitled to things that the government can provide. Even FDR spoke of this and warned against it. I’m not certain, but I would imagine that entitlement spending consumes a huge part of the spending that the government does.

That we’re slowly rolling down hill like a snowball… that’s certain. What is less certain is whether we have the fortitude to stand up and stop it.

A smell test

Jim Bowden is in a position to know what he’s talking about. I trust him explicitly. If you were to say that about me, you’d be right. I’m not on the SCC and I’m not an “insider.” What I do have going for me is common sense. A simple smell test gives away the right to the moral high ground by the cabal seeking to remove Mr. Frederick. Does it make sense that the accused would release the list of accusations to the rank and file rather than the accusers? Does it make sense that other than one or two people, we have not seen a list of the members of the SCC who support removal of Mr. Frederick and intend to vote to remove him?

Have you heard the saying, “Perception is reality?” It is doubly so in politics. Right now the perception by most of us in the rank and file is that this is a Machiavellian power play by the SCC. This whole dog and pony show is seen as nothing more than an attempt at a power grab by those who are the old guard and would rather lead from the top down.

This is the entire comment I made on a post at Deo Vindice. It appears that the instigators are reaching out into the blogosphere. I am not committed to the Republican Party beyond this year, but I would like to see an individual get a fair shake. I have mentioned it before and I will mention it again, unless Jeff Frederick gets his say at the Convention, and he is removed, it will be nothing more than a railroading and the RPV should get what is coming to it.

As to the SCC, if you’re going to vote to remove, say so. Don’t be a coward and hide behind the seventy six other members of the SCC. The way this whole situation has been handled is cowardly. Yes, that’s right, the cabal who initiated this has attempted to remain nameless.  Grow a pair and tell us why, aside from the “accusations”, you will vote to remove.

17 March 2009

It’s Race Week in Bristol

As Carl will attest to, when NASCAR comes to Bristol Motor Speedway, you know it is spring time.  My guy, Kyle “Rowdy” Busch fits in well at the famed “World’s Fastest Half-Mile Track.”

Even in this down economy, there are those who will travel thousands of miles to watch NASCAR’s best trade paint on a track that can trace its roots back to the very beginnings of NASCAR. ‘Fireball’ Roberts, Fred Lorenzen, Richard Petty, Cale Yarborough, Darrell Waltrip, Junior Johnson, and the late, great Dale Earnhardt all raced and excelled on the the high banks at Thunder Valley.

16 March 2009

Ship of the Week

As part of a new feature here at Good Sense, we have undertaken to feature units, divisions, regiments each week. This we feature a Navy ship that bears a proud name AND a proud history in Naval warfare. The USS Alabama.



Courtesy of the Alabama’s website, the following is a brief snippet concerning the most recent incarnation of the Alabama:

USS ALABAMA (SSBN 731) was commissioned on 25 May 1985 and assigned to Commander Submarine Force Pacific in early 1986. She has continued the proud traditions established by her predecessors having been consistently recognized for superior performance throughout its history. ALABAMA earned the distinction of having completed the 100th TRIDENT Strategic Deterrent Patrol in September 1988.  After completing 47 strategic deterrent patrols, ALABAMA underwent an Extended Refit Period in 1999 and returned to service with numerous tactical and survivability upgrades.  In the spring of 2000, ALABAMA celebrated its 50th Strategic Deterrent Patrol and its 15th birthday.

Here is the ship as she’s known today:

Alabama-subClick to enlarge.

What Comes After Frederick? - NormLeahy’s blog - RedState

A man I respect greatly, Norm Leahy, makes a pretty cogent case for the question that should be of the utmost importance should Jeff Frederick be ousted as Chairman of the RPV.  This particular paragraph sets the framework for Norm’s argument:

Erick makes a case that Shaun Kenney would be a solid replacement for Frederick. While I can’t disagree with the choice (Shaun is about as conservative as they come, in spite of that five o’clock shadow), I’m not sure that those baying for Frederick’s head (for the second time in four months) have given the matter that much thought. They are in the position of the dog who chases a truck and then catches it. What does that ol’ dog do now?

However, the next few paragraphs are particularly germane to this year’s convention.

Already known as one of the most tenacious, and successful, campaigners in the state, Cuccinelli is a champion both to fiscal and social conservatives.  But more importantly, he has been very successful, so far, in gathering delegates to the GOP convention where the AG nominee will be chosen.  By his count, Cuccinelli nabbed roughly 70 percent from that treasure-trove of votes, Fairfax county. If he manages to rack-up numbers even remotely close to that statewide, not only will he succeed in being the AG nominee, but it will be his delegates who will hold the RPV chairmanship in their hands.

And make no mistake — those delegates will be overwhelmingly conservative.

The big donors and old guard never liked Frederick. They’ve made their choice and probably played a lead role in starting this second (and most likely successful) move to oust him as chairman.

But big donors and the old guard don’t have the same sort of boots on the ground that someone like Cuccinelli can muster (which may explain why some of them aren’t too keen on Ken, either).

And if the Cuccinelli army shows up at the convention — and the indications right now that they are — then not only will there be a change in who runs the burned-out hulk of the RPV, but there may be a greater, and more conservative, wave sweeping through the wider party.

We’ll see. I’m not as optimistic as Norm is here, but I don’t deny the logic of his argument and his assertions.

What Comes After Frederick? - NormLeahy’s blog - RedState

RedState Endorses Ken Cuccinelli for Virginia Attorney General - Erick’s blog - RedState

Arguably, the Rolls Royce of conservative blogging, the editors at RedState.com have collectively decided to endorse Ken Cuccinelli for GOP nomination for Attorney General.

Groups that have endorsed Ken include:

Virginia Citizens’ Defense League

Gun Owners of America


These are in addition to leading Republicans across the state from National Committeeman Morton Blackwell on down to numerous members of the House Delegates and Senate.

RedState Endorses Ken Cuccinelli for Virginia Attorney General - Erick’s blog - RedState

Things that make you go hmmmmm!?!?!

I absolutely love this time of year. Baseball is getting ready to gear up and the only time of year where I love brackets. I’ve made my picks, have about 5 sheets going on.  Ultimately, here are my picks for the Final Four with my pick for Champion.

1.) Midwest Champion – Michigan State

2.) West Champion – Connecticut

3.) East Champion – Texas (darkhorse pick)

4.) South Champion – North Carolina (pie pick)

Finals: Michigan State v. North Carolina

Champion: Michigan State


In my view, Michigan State is the most quiet 2 seed in this year’s tournament. I have seen Michigan State play several years back. They are tough, physical and solid fundamentally. My surprise Sweet 16 team is Utah. Everyone is handing the first round game to Arizona and Arizona has not done anything for me lately. Utah goes to the Sweet 16.

14 March 2009


While comments on various blogs amount to little substantive progress to restore sanity to the RPV, they do show my thought process and this particular comment is particularly revealing. This comes from a post that JAB had at Deo Vindice


Jeff Frederick was elected Chairman of the RPV in accordance with party rules AND state law. He was elected by Convention of the RPV that was legally credentialed and seated to conduct official RPV business. Gentlemen, Mr. Frederick deserves to have his say IN FRONT of the same Convention that elected him last year. He deserves to have ALL the allegations against him read into the permanent record of the RPV and to have the opportunity to respond. In absence of this process, the proceedings will be little more than a railroading.

At that point, Mr. Frederick should agree to abide by what the rank and file desires. Should the Convention call for a vote of no confidence, then by all means, he should abide by the wishes of the Convention.


My friend, The Virginia Gentleman, is a very astute observer of politics in Northern Virginia. I trust his judgment as much as I would my own. However, I do have one point of contention that I would like to make. David asserts:

Frederick is showing no signs of stepping down, and even if the State Central committee has the votes to remove him, Frederick could mount a floor fight at the State convention.

As is Mr. Frederick’s right to have his say in front of the people who elected him. I do not want to see a floor fight, but I’d rather see a man get his say in a public forum than to have him railroaded over something that could have been handled in a more genial fashion. I say, give the man a fair shake, and let the rank and file determine what it wants to do.

Early Start for St. Patrick’s Day

Absolutely one of my favorite renditions of this Irish classic. And no, I’m not particularly motivated by the kilts!!!

One Republican Stands Up for Jeff Frederick « Deo Vindice

I have attempted to stay roughly neutral in this dog and pony show that has become the RPV. I have had no vested interest in Mr. Frederick’s candidacy and Chairmanship, nor in the State Central Committee’s efforts to remove Jeff from office. My concerns are not over personalities but over process. I wish to bring several points which seem to me to undermine the credibility of the upcoming Convention should things be allowed to play out.

1.) My understanding is that these alleged misdeeds occurred almost a year ago. Why wasn’t this brought up and dealt with before this important Convention.

2.) This effort to remove a legitimately elected party official (who was elected according to state law AND party rules) appears to have originated with the State Central Committee under the guise of a “grassroots” effort. Letters, petitions and resolutions from local committees are not, I repeat, NOT the appropriate venue for internal party business of this kind. These allegations, if found to have validity, warrant an emergency session of the Executive Committee and each of the Congressional District chairs. This year we have an important nominating convention. Business of this stature should have been brought before the RPV as it will stand convened in May.

All of the allegations against Chairman Frederick should be aired in public. Now. The matter is in the press; any further attempt to maintain secrecy in this matter “for the good of the Party” is pointless. Further, the refusal of those seeking Frederick’s removal to allow the rank and file to judge the allegations for themselves raises very serious questions about the validity of the allegations.

I agree, especially with the emphasized section (my emphasis.) This would have been better handled by the RPV convened for its internal business , i.e. nominating candidates, electing committee members, etc. Such a gathering would be the RPV Convention in May.

3.) The fact that Bob McDonnell has chosen to interject himself is a matter of some concern to me. We are less than 3 months away from the convention. Mr. McDonnell had the opportunity to bring the party together after a fairly contentious campaign for the AG nomination. In my humble opinion, Mr. McDonnell has wasted his moral high ground by allowing a very public and very manufactured crisis to taint what should have been a golden moment for the RPV.

4.) I have not personally seen a signed statement by an individual member of the SCC stating their personal objections to Mr. Frederick and the approval of what is essentially a coup d'état. The rank and file should have been allowed to examine the allegations and allowed to act in their best judgment.

The Republican Party of Virginia has handled this episode in an amateurish manner that more closely resembles a Student Government election than a professional political party. Bring the matter to the convention, let the rank and file examine the allegations and facts, and call for an up or down vote.

One Republican Stands Up for Jeff Frederick « Deo Vindice

13 March 2009

FOXNews.com - ACLU Urges California District to Let Kids Leave School for Medical Treatment Without Parental Consent - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News

I wonder if anyone in “Cali” has heard the cliche’ “letting the inmates run the asylum.”  Well, if the ACLU has its way, that’s exactly what will happen. According to this report, the ACLU is pushing to sue a school district because it reversed a policy that allowed students to go off campus for medical procedures, including abortion, WITHOUT parental consent.

Wait. This makes absolutely no sense. These whackjobs want minors to be able to just up and leave school for an abortion without the consent of their parents? A child must have a written and notarized note authorizing the use of aspirin but they can murder an unborn baby without permission of parents?  Sounds like the ACLU is made up of burnt out 60’s Tim Leary style radicals who still have authority figure problems (whoaa dude, we’re fighting the “Man”) . Well, my advice to them  is much like Terry Mann’s to Ray Kinsella in Field of Dreams, “Get back to the 60’s while you still can, there’s no room for you here in the future.”

There is little that happens on the Leftist Coast that surprises me anymore. The Ninth Circuit is full of burnt out 60’s rejects, San Francisco, a quaint little city, is run by Gavin Newsome, patron saint of homosexuals,  and the list goes on. I hope and pray that Prop 8 (read: the will of the people of California) is upheld.

FOXNews.com - ACLU Urges California District to Let Kids Leave School for Medical Treatment Without Parental Consent - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News

1-8th Cavalry Regiment

1-8 over

The 1-8th Cavalry Regiment, or the Mustangs as they are known, is the first Unit in the Armed Forces to be featured as Good Sense’s Unit of the Week. This is the unit my father served with during his time with the United States Army. It is fitting that we begin this new feature with this Unit. Courtesy of the Mustangs’ website, I have included below a brief regimental history.

The 8th Cavalry was formed at Angel Island, California in 1866. Since then, 101 troopers of this highly decorated regiment have been awarded the Medal of Honor. The symbol of the 8th Cavalry is a white Mustang, proud and unconquered.

The 8th Cavalry fought throughout the West during the Indian Wars, served in Cuba and the Philippines, and patrolled the border with Mexico. Always ready to ride where needed, the Mustangs hold the record for the longest mounted move by any American cavalry regiment, 2447 miles from Fort Concho, Texas to Fort Keough, Montana in the 1880s. In 1921, the 8th Cavalry was one of the original units of the newly formed 1st Cavalry Division. During World War II, the 8th Cavalry saw action in Pacific and was the first unit to enter Manila.

The postwar years found the 8th Cavalry on occupation duty in Tokyo. Alerted in 1950, the Mustangs conducted the first amphibious landing of the Korean War and during the subsequent counteroffensive, were the first into the North Korean capital of Pyongyang. After the Korean War the 8th Cavalry remained in the Far East on duty in Japan and guarding the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) between North and South Korea. During the reorganization of the Army in the late 1950s, the regimental headquarters was disbanded and the 1st Squadron transitioned into the 1st Battle Group and then the 1st Mechanized Battalion, 8th Cavalry. Reassigned to Fort Benning, Georgia in 1965, the battalion was reorganized as an airborne and airmobile unit and immediately deployed to the Republic of Vietnam as the 1st Battalion (Airborne), 8th Cavalry, the Jumping Mustangs. Following a distinguished tour in Southeast Asia, the Mustangs returned to the United States with the 1st Cavalry Division. Stationed at Fort Hood, Texas, the battalion was reorganized as an armor unit. With the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990, the battalion deployed to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

In June 1996, the Mustangs turned in their M1A1 tanks and became the third battalion in the United States Army to field the M1A2 Main Battle Tanks.

Here’s to the Mustangs!!!

United Conservatives of Virginia: WHAT THE HL IS THIS?

You have to be kidding me? The idiot we have in the Oval Office is seriously considering this?  If this goes forward and is passed and Obama signs it, immediate articles of impeachment should be written and submitted. I’ll say it even clearer, if Obama were to sign such a monstrosity, he is a TRAITOR and should be impeached and removed from office quickly.

United Conservatives of Virginia: WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?

A New Feature

I know most of you get tired of politics as subject matter here. Therefore, I have made the decision to institute a new weekly feature here at Good Sense. We are all fortunate and privileged to have such fine Americans serve in our Armed Forces. So, we will feature a different regiment, division or even a squadron from our Armed Forces. It will feature the unit patch, a brief history of its honors and a few notable individuals who have served in that particular unit. These units wear these crests with pride and honor. I'll be working over the weekend for next weeks first installment.

11 March 2009

Insightful Quote

This quote, from Dr. Adrian Rogers, is especially true with the spending that is being done by this administration. Dr. Rogers, once President of the Southern Baptist Convention, was widely considered to be one of the faces of the Conservative Resurgence within the SBC. 

“Friend, you cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom.  And what one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government can’t give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody. And when half of the people get the idea they don’t have to work because the other half’s going to take care of them, and when the other half get the idea it does no good to work because somebody’s going to get what I work for. That, dear friend, is about the end of any nation.”

How true is this?  I only wish more Americans understood this principle. Dr. Rogers’ was one of the most respected pastors and preachers of God’s Word in recent memory. His passion was for preaching and training pastors so that we as Christian’s may be salt and light in this world. We should remember this quote and share it with as many of our elected officials as we can.

09 March 2009

FOXNews.com - N. Korea Threatens War if 'Satellite' Is Shot Down - International News | News of the World | Middle East News | Europe News

Why? Why is Barry O intent on placating the world’s most dangerous regime? My take is that these so-called “analysts” have a case of understatement. Trying to get Barry’s attention? Uh, that’s one way of putting it.

Our nation elected a man that is one of the most poorly prepared foreign policy presidents we have seen. Friends, let’s not forget, that not yet a full six years ago, this man was a State Senator from Illinois!!!! He did not even complete his term of office. And Pyongyang has put its forces on stand by?  Does anyone hear that phone ringing in the background?



FOXNews.com - N. Korea Threatens War if 'Satellite' Is Shot Down - International News | News of the World | Middle East News | Europe News

When Barack Obama and Gordon Brown see 'opportunity', we really do have a crisis - Telegraph

Is he quite mad? 

That’s the question that Janet Daley asks about Barry O (and Gordon Brown, to be fair) in a most recent column in the Telegraph. I wonder the same thing Ms. Daley.  I’ll give a bit of a more detailed quote here.

Is he quite mad? Does he really believe that the banking crisis and the recession were some kind of divine retribution for the absence of universal health care, and excessive carbon emissions? Or is he suggesting that a practical solution lies in spending money on health care and the development of alternative energy sources?

If it is the latter, then he is making a pitch for old-fashioned Roosevelt-style government-expenditure programmes which take money out of the productive part of the economy and bring state intervention into play in new dimensions of national life. It did not work for Roosevelt and it will not work now.

I find it almost humorous to see these columnists come out of the woodworks to spank the Spender-in-Chief.  However, Ms. Daley is correct.  The type of programmatic  largesse that is being proposed by the Teleprompt-ed one will indeed remove money from the most productive part of the economy. In other words, everything on Barry O’s plate is a MASSIVE WEALTH REDISTRIBUTION SCHEME.

We shouldn’t be surprised at this. After all, the Obamesiah promised us Hope and Change we could believe in. Given all this obscene spending and PANDERING to the Left, I am reminded of the frog in the pot. One frog was put in a boiling hot pot of water, he immediately jumped out to freedom. No frog, no dinner. However, the cook learned his lesson. The second frog was placed in a pot with lukewarm water and the frog stayed and was boiled to death COMFORTABLY. We have 3 3/4 more years to either jump out of the pot or let the Spender-in-Chief boil us alive for more of our money.

The sad part about all this is that the American people seem to want big government. We want Universal Health Care, a paternal government that will do everything for us, including pay our mortgages. I will say one thing more. Today, I issue a new call. I call for an American resurgence.  “NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION!”

When Barack Obama and Gordon Brown see 'opportunity', we really do have a crisis - Telegraph

A little Star Wars Humor

Ok, I know I'm a little behind the times and I'm sure most of you have seen this, but this is too good to pass up. We're all wrapped up in the serious aspects of politics, but sometimes it is good to just laugh a little bit. This clip is a combination of two American classics.

07 March 2009

I blew it

I can admit when I’m wrong. I wrote a comment on a blog yesterday that I shouldn’t have. I was wrong about saying that Jeff Frederick should step down. However, there is one part of the comment that I won’t back away from. I’m a firm believer that Bob McDonnell stepped over the line when he called for Frederick’s resignation. When we are less than 3 months away from the GOP Convention, what was he thinking interjecting himself into an interparty squabble? He should have left well enough alone and started the process of unifying and energizing the base for this fall. Whether we want to admit it or not, Jeff Frederick was elected by the party to lead  it. Now the GOP wants an out? 

I have been a GOP partisan since I was a junior in high school. I’ve seen the ups and downs, I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly that comes with partisan politics. This has the potential to be one of the most ugly episodes for the RPV in recent memory.

06 March 2009

How long before the President caves into his base on Afghanistan? « The right-wing liberal

My friend D.J. has been right on the button with his analysis of Barry O’s Afghan stance. He’s also been wrong. I fear that this will change soon. We’ve seen the Obamesiah cave to  the left on taxpayer funded abortions, we’ve seen him take the lead in the most massive wealth redistribution scheme in known history and we’ve seen the Administration make overtures to probably the second most corrupt regime (Iran) on the planet (behind North Korea.)

The only thing keeping Afghanistan from becoming as divisive as Iraq used to be is that Democrats aren\’t yet willing to challenge the president (who authorized 17,000 more troops sent there).

I’m afraid that Barry O is going to make concessions where none need to be made. I’m afraid he will be bullish where diplomacy needs to take primacy. The bottom line is that Barack Obama has so swiftly demonstrated his ineptness that he still has not completed his Cabinet(evidently, being a taxpayer is not a high priority for the High and Mighty one’s cabinet.) and the first significant foreign trip was made by the Secretary of State. My thought is that the foreign policy of the Obama administration will bear a remarkable Clintonesque flavor.

How long before the President caves into his base on Afghanistan? « The right-wing liberal

Cuccinelli v Brownlee v. Foster

No, there is no lawsuit (at least as far as I know.) However, I’ve made my preference well known. The question we’ll all have to answer is, “Will I support Cuccinelli/Brownlee/Foster if he gets the nomination?”

I have said before that I will support Brownlee or Foster should either one of them get the nomination. From comments that I have read (with some exceptions) I find it hard to believe that some of Brownlee’s supporters would say the same. I didn’t believe that this race would become so bitter and heated. Heated is good. That means the process is like forging sword steel, it becomes capable of being sharpened once it has been annealed.  Bitter on the other hand can do nothing but soften and divide what should be a common goal. If we are going to have a debate,fine, let’s do so on the merits of each candidate and his views on pressing issues, not on whether one is more Republican than the other or whether one is more mainstream.

A wishful first budget | Wishful, and dangerous, thinking | The Economist

The fawning of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid carries with it a most dangerous mindset. Amidst all the lofty talk about restoring the American economy, lies a snake in the grass. One of the world’s most respected newspapers, The Economist, reminds us that there’s more to the plan than meets the eye.

The president has not explained to Americans that if they want bigger government, they will have to pay for it

As much as I’m sure Pelosi, Reid and Barry O want us to think that the worthless Federal Reserve Note will promise to rid all the ills of society, I assure you, it will not. Why? Because it is WORTHLESS!!!

What backs it up? Gold? Silver? another precious metal or gemstone? No. The full faith and credit of the United States government. We should know that that is precisely worth less than the paper it is printed on.  I digress.

The facts of basic fiscal principles apply. You want something? You better be prepared to pay for it (now or in the long term).  The same principle applies to so called “government services”. America has sold its soul for the here and now, not realizing(or caring) that we are mortgaging America’s future for irresponsible twaddle that is more properly left OUT of the government’s purview.


A wishful first budget | Wishful, and dangerous, thinking | The Economist

He’s Just Not That Into U(K) « Virginia Virtucon

My blog friend and Jeffersoniad compatriot has this tidbit about the blossoming friendship between Barry O and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. I tend to agree with Riley’s assessment here:

Our president is an international public embarassment.

As an aside, I’ve been pretty slack concerning post links to my ODBA and Jeffersoniad compatriots. I offer my deepest apologies to everyone involved. I’ll be more vigilant in the future.

He’s Just Not That Into U(K) « Virginia Virtucon

Barack Obama may subject US troops to International Criminal Court :: Gerald Warner

Not all folks across the Pond are in love with the Spender-in-Chief. This article by Gerald Warner on the London Telegraph’s website spanks Barry O pretty good. Listen, I’m not the only one with a poor opinion of Obama. Don’t want to click the link? I’ll give you a snippet:

The signs are that the grandstanding Barack Obama is preparing to subject the United States to the jurisdiction of the ICC. In May, 2002 President Bush withdrew the United States from the Rome Statute which established the ICC. With America heading into global conflict, he had no wish to see US troops arraigned for alleged war crimes before a kangaroo court.

Barack Obama may subject US troops to International Criminal Court :: Gerald Warner

Grandstanding Barack Obama? Tell us what you really think Mr. Warner. Oh wait, he does.

The next logical step is for the United States to sign up to the ICC. That would flatter Obama's ego as the conscience of the world. It would also put US servicemen at the mercy of any American-hating opportunists who might choose to arraign them on trumped-up charges before an alien court whose judges are likely to be ill-disposed towards America too.

If you are an American citizen with this view, you would be labeled a fascist. This is from one of our cousins across the Atlantic. He is incredibly perceptive as he is provocative. One more just for the record:

So, vengeful Democrats could facilitate the indictment of President George W Bush and all his senior commanders in Iraq. American troops on active service have been shown in polls to have little confidence in Barack Obama. His overtures to the ICC will hardly reverse that tendency.

This is the reason why I make the Telegraph and the Times part of my daily reading. If you are wondering if I will make a bipartisan showing here, no. I will, however, quote from the  Times article which is a fairly scathing attack on Barry O’s time in office so far.  I’ll provide a brief quote for sake of balance with the Telegraph.

What was most striking about the budget - including that it will explode the federal deficit to $1.75trillion this year, its highest since the Second World War - was that it was a ruthless declaration of how Mr Obama intends fundamentally to change the American social contract, from Right to Left.

Its goal is not just to rescue the economy. It is to crush conservatism, end the age of anti-tax, anti-regulation policies that have been the guiding philosophies of US governance for a generation, and usher in a fresh “epoch”, as his aides call it, of New Deal-Great Society wealth redistribution and central intervention that were repudiated by Ronald Reagan 30 years ago. Much of his agenda will be paid for by a ten-year, $1 trillion tax increase on families earning more than $250,000 a year, beginning in 2011, a move that critics say risks stunting the economic recovery.

So, Mr. President, what exactly do you intend to do with this new, fresh “epoch” ? Will you restore sanity and trust to Washington or will you mortgage the future of our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren? If you choose the later, will you do so because you sincerely believe that it is worth the price or will you do it to FEED YOUR OWN EGO!!!!?!!?!  Time will tell.

05 March 2009

At Summit, Obama Warns Health Care Costs Pose 'Biggest Threat' to Economy - First 100 Days of Presidency - Politics FOXNews.com

I’m going to say it. I hope Barack Obama FALLS FLAT ON HIS FACE with this radical wealth redistribution scheme (otherwise known as socialism). I want him to FAIL. You’re darn right I’m angry. Barry O is making GWB look like a fiscal conservative(and that’s not easy). Mr. President, you have it wrong. Health care costs are not the biggest threat to the economy, YOU ARE!!!!  You want to spend money that is NOT yours that will subsidize MORE irresponsible behavior. We’ve subsidized the irresponsible behavior of the Wall Street banks, we’ve subsidized the irresponsible behavior of borrowers who knew they could not afford a mortgage AND now we’re going to subsidize the irresponsible behavior of bureaucrats who will line their pockets with the American people’s hard earned health care dollars? The American people are the biggest SUCKERS in the world to believe that Obama would actually restore some sanity to Washington. Hope and Change we can believe in? Yeah, right.

At Summit, Obama Warns Health Care Costs Pose 'Biggest Threat' to Economy - First 100 Days of Presidency - Politics FOXNews.com

03 March 2009

Guess Not

I really look silly, but I don't paricularly care. Evidently no one in the America First Party really cares about growing. So, the CP it is. I know I said a few days off, but now this is the real deal. See you all around.


Tessie With Lyrics

I know there are other Dropkick Murphy aficionados in the Jeffersoniad and Old Dominion Blog Alliance. My friend Leslie knows what I'm talking about!!!! Boston, you are the only, only, ooooonly!!!!

A few days off


Not that I do a lot of blogging anyway, but I’m going to take a few days off from blogging to get some new perspective on things and to have a good post to come back with.