14 March 2009


While comments on various blogs amount to little substantive progress to restore sanity to the RPV, they do show my thought process and this particular comment is particularly revealing. This comes from a post that JAB had at Deo Vindice


Jeff Frederick was elected Chairman of the RPV in accordance with party rules AND state law. He was elected by Convention of the RPV that was legally credentialed and seated to conduct official RPV business. Gentlemen, Mr. Frederick deserves to have his say IN FRONT of the same Convention that elected him last year. He deserves to have ALL the allegations against him read into the permanent record of the RPV and to have the opportunity to respond. In absence of this process, the proceedings will be little more than a railroading.

At that point, Mr. Frederick should agree to abide by what the rank and file desires. Should the Convention call for a vote of no confidence, then by all means, he should abide by the wishes of the Convention.

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