06 March 2009

Barack Obama may subject US troops to International Criminal Court :: Gerald Warner

Not all folks across the Pond are in love with the Spender-in-Chief. This article by Gerald Warner on the London Telegraph’s website spanks Barry O pretty good. Listen, I’m not the only one with a poor opinion of Obama. Don’t want to click the link? I’ll give you a snippet:

The signs are that the grandstanding Barack Obama is preparing to subject the United States to the jurisdiction of the ICC. In May, 2002 President Bush withdrew the United States from the Rome Statute which established the ICC. With America heading into global conflict, he had no wish to see US troops arraigned for alleged war crimes before a kangaroo court.

Barack Obama may subject US troops to International Criminal Court :: Gerald Warner

Grandstanding Barack Obama? Tell us what you really think Mr. Warner. Oh wait, he does.

The next logical step is for the United States to sign up to the ICC. That would flatter Obama's ego as the conscience of the world. It would also put US servicemen at the mercy of any American-hating opportunists who might choose to arraign them on trumped-up charges before an alien court whose judges are likely to be ill-disposed towards America too.

If you are an American citizen with this view, you would be labeled a fascist. This is from one of our cousins across the Atlantic. He is incredibly perceptive as he is provocative. One more just for the record:

So, vengeful Democrats could facilitate the indictment of President George W Bush and all his senior commanders in Iraq. American troops on active service have been shown in polls to have little confidence in Barack Obama. His overtures to the ICC will hardly reverse that tendency.

This is the reason why I make the Telegraph and the Times part of my daily reading. If you are wondering if I will make a bipartisan showing here, no. I will, however, quote from the  Times article which is a fairly scathing attack on Barry O’s time in office so far.  I’ll provide a brief quote for sake of balance with the Telegraph.

What was most striking about the budget - including that it will explode the federal deficit to $1.75trillion this year, its highest since the Second World War - was that it was a ruthless declaration of how Mr Obama intends fundamentally to change the American social contract, from Right to Left.

Its goal is not just to rescue the economy. It is to crush conservatism, end the age of anti-tax, anti-regulation policies that have been the guiding philosophies of US governance for a generation, and usher in a fresh “epoch”, as his aides call it, of New Deal-Great Society wealth redistribution and central intervention that were repudiated by Ronald Reagan 30 years ago. Much of his agenda will be paid for by a ten-year, $1 trillion tax increase on families earning more than $250,000 a year, beginning in 2011, a move that critics say risks stunting the economic recovery.

So, Mr. President, what exactly do you intend to do with this new, fresh “epoch” ? Will you restore sanity and trust to Washington or will you mortgage the future of our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren? If you choose the later, will you do so because you sincerely believe that it is worth the price or will you do it to FEED YOUR OWN EGO!!!!?!!?!  Time will tell.

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