21 March 2009

Something Different

Normally, I like to link to something that impresses me, ticks me off or is just interesting. Not today. Today is all about me and my concerns and opinions about this administration.

This has to be the most inept, brain-dead, and incompetent executive branch in my recent memory. We're over half way through the first 100 days and the Treasury still hasn't been fully staffed at the appointee level. Barry has attempted rapprochement with the second most corrupt regime on the planet AND has been embarrassed by a radical Islamic mullah who rejected the "new hope" non-sense.  Meanwhile, Barry and his team of left-wing Utopian bureaucrats are essentially ignoring a situation that poses a greater immediate threat to our national security, North Korea. Lest anyone forget, North Korea is still a combatant in a cease-fire situation, not a treaty. If there is a need for top level engagement, it is in North Korea.

The Spender-in-Chief believes that in order to restore fiscal sanity, we must spend our way out of this mess. I suppose the reasoning is that if we spend enough money, the figures will grow so large that we will eventually have a balanced budget. Hello, oh Anointed One, even a high school drop out who balances their checkbook will tell you if you spend more than you take in, you're in trouble. Also, basic free market economics will tell you if you heavily tax the most productive parts of your society(i.e. the rich), your revenues will decline and so the free fall continues.

Barry, an inept leader himself, was successful in something. He appointed an even more inept Treasury secretary. Where are the so called budget hawks on the Democrat caucus now? No, no, master Obama, we have to bow to your every whim. That hasn't even worked, Pelosi and Reid are the ones really running the show in Washington and they are loving every minute of it.

Unless Americans refuse to play this crackhead scheme of a game, the situation will get worse. A second stimulus package? There should have never been one to begin with. Let the banks fail, let the automakers fail, let the market decide their fates. This is where the Bush administration was wrong and the Cult of Obama is wrong. The American people have drank Barry's Kool-Aid. The only problem is that death will not come quickly. The Kool Aid is so sweet that the cyanide is virtually hidden and the mortification process will take place slowly.

The Teleprompted One has not been seen without his Precious!!!! And they called Reagan staged? Barry O couldn't carry Ronald Reagan's jockstrap across the field. Teleprompter in a Caterpillar factory?!?!  Please. I do a better of extemporaneous speaking in the john than Barry does. Have you heard the old cliche, "Stand up, speak up and shut up?" Well, Barry, here's my advice to you, JUST SHUT UP.

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