25 March 2009

A bone to pick

While I’m not ideologically in sync with the editors at Politics1.com, they have been generally right on target with their analysis, but the comments made in this particular post is more worthy of the moonbats than a solid analyst:

Meanwhile, in Virginia, Republicans are fighting to stop the Democratic gains in the state. Another statewide Democratic win in Virginia could continue to make the electoral math worse for the party of Reagan. The Republicans have opportunities to defeat those three unpopular incumbents, although all three of those states have massive Democratic voter registration. If the Republicans fail to start making gains in these three opportunity race (or some other needed but unexpected gains), and fails to win the Virginia governorship, will they still be a viable national party after 2010?
Daily Report by Vin Gopal -

Viable national party after 2010? Come on!!! This guy must be drinking some of Barry’s Kool-Aid.  The GOP lasted through 40 + years of minority party status after FDR. Stop drinking the Kool-Aid and provide real analysis please!!! I have been reading this site since 1997 and have come to expect better from it. I’m a conservative, but have always enjoyed the analysis here. Not anymore it seems.

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