06 March 2009

Cuccinelli v Brownlee v. Foster

No, there is no lawsuit (at least as far as I know.) However, I’ve made my preference well known. The question we’ll all have to answer is, “Will I support Cuccinelli/Brownlee/Foster if he gets the nomination?”

I have said before that I will support Brownlee or Foster should either one of them get the nomination. From comments that I have read (with some exceptions) I find it hard to believe that some of Brownlee’s supporters would say the same. I didn’t believe that this race would become so bitter and heated. Heated is good. That means the process is like forging sword steel, it becomes capable of being sharpened once it has been annealed.  Bitter on the other hand can do nothing but soften and divide what should be a common goal. If we are going to have a debate,fine, let’s do so on the merits of each candidate and his views on pressing issues, not on whether one is more Republican than the other or whether one is more mainstream.

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