09 March 2009

When Barack Obama and Gordon Brown see 'opportunity', we really do have a crisis - Telegraph

Is he quite mad? 

That’s the question that Janet Daley asks about Barry O (and Gordon Brown, to be fair) in a most recent column in the Telegraph. I wonder the same thing Ms. Daley.  I’ll give a bit of a more detailed quote here.

Is he quite mad? Does he really believe that the banking crisis and the recession were some kind of divine retribution for the absence of universal health care, and excessive carbon emissions? Or is he suggesting that a practical solution lies in spending money on health care and the development of alternative energy sources?

If it is the latter, then he is making a pitch for old-fashioned Roosevelt-style government-expenditure programmes which take money out of the productive part of the economy and bring state intervention into play in new dimensions of national life. It did not work for Roosevelt and it will not work now.

I find it almost humorous to see these columnists come out of the woodworks to spank the Spender-in-Chief.  However, Ms. Daley is correct.  The type of programmatic  largesse that is being proposed by the Teleprompt-ed one will indeed remove money from the most productive part of the economy. In other words, everything on Barry O’s plate is a MASSIVE WEALTH REDISTRIBUTION SCHEME.

We shouldn’t be surprised at this. After all, the Obamesiah promised us Hope and Change we could believe in. Given all this obscene spending and PANDERING to the Left, I am reminded of the frog in the pot. One frog was put in a boiling hot pot of water, he immediately jumped out to freedom. No frog, no dinner. However, the cook learned his lesson. The second frog was placed in a pot with lukewarm water and the frog stayed and was boiled to death COMFORTABLY. We have 3 3/4 more years to either jump out of the pot or let the Spender-in-Chief boil us alive for more of our money.

The sad part about all this is that the American people seem to want big government. We want Universal Health Care, a paternal government that will do everything for us, including pay our mortgages. I will say one thing more. Today, I issue a new call. I call for an American resurgence.  “NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION!”

When Barack Obama and Gordon Brown see 'opportunity', we really do have a crisis - Telegraph

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