24 December 2007


Just a reminder to vote for Duncan Hunter in your state's primary election.

21 December 2007

Duncan Hunter picks up endorsement

"Hunter is the Inspirational Leader America Needs"
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 21, 2007

CONTACT: Gary Becks (619) 334-1655, dlhunter08@yahoo.com

Tuftonboro, NH–Former Senator Bob Smith, a staple of the New Hampshire Republican conservative movement, today endorsed Congressman Duncan Hunter for President of the United States. Describing him has an "inspirational leader" and the one best qualified to carry the "Reagan Torch," Senator Smith sent a letter to his fellow conservatives throughout New Hampshire making them aware of his support, a copy of which is provided.

Smith was initially elected to the U.S. House of Representatives from 1985-1990, before being elected to the U.S. Senate where he served until 2003. During his congressional tenure, Senator Smith established himself as a strong Republican and the most conservative leader in the Northeast.

"I am honored and privileged today to receive the endorsement of my good friend Senator Bob Smith of New Hampshire," stated Hunter. "For many years, we have worked together to bring conservative values to Washington D.C. On several issues, including building America's military, the sanctity of human life, and protecting American's 2nd Amendment rights, Senator Smith has led with conviction and principle. It means a great deal to have the confidence of a leader who has done so much for our nation."

Senator Smith's endorsement letter follows:

Dear New Hampshire Friends: After spending several weeks listening to all of the candidates, I have decided to support Congressman Duncan Hunter for President. I do not take this decision lightly. There are a lot of fine men running for this office and I know that many of you may have already made your choice. Your vote in the "First in the Nation Primary" is a very precious and personal right. Your decision will likely determine who will be the next leader of the free world. What an awesome responsibility! I only ask that you give serious consideration to the points that I make in this letter of endorsement for Congressman Hunter before you vote.

The Republican Party, but more importantly our nation, needs strong conservative and inspirational leadership as we continue to face the threats to our liberty in the form of immorality, corruption, terrorism, a mountain of debt, border insecurity, loss of jobs and attempts to weaken our national defense. Here is why Duncan Hunter is that leader!

I am sure that you are aware that I fought the battle for the conservative cause in New Hampshire for over 20 years. It was not an easy battle. Conservatives pay a heavy price for standing up for their principles. I can speak from personal experience on that. The Republican Party has lost its majority in Congress because it slowly and steadily has walked away from the "core values" that have made it a great party for the past 150 years in America. Remember Ronald Reagan? Liberals and moderates worked hard to defeat him in the New Hampshire primary in 1980 but he prevailed in spite of them! He will be remembered as one of our greatest Presidents because he stood on principle, but also because we conservatives in New Hampshire gave him the victory that propelled him to the White House! When President Reagan came into the oval office in the morning, he knew exactly where he wanted to take the country. He did not need an inbox full of directions, consultants, polls or focus groups to tell him what his core values were. There will never be another Ronald Reagan but fellow Californian Duncan Hunter can pick up the Reagan torch and light the way for America to come back from the dangers we now face. Congressman Hunter is a moral man, an inspirational leader and a no nonsense conservative who will always put "principle above politics" in the image of the late great New Hampshire patriot Meldrim Thomson.

I had the enormous privilege to serve with Congressman Hunter for 18 years in Congress. He has been my personal friend for nearly 25 years. I can personally attest that he is a man of impeccable moral and family values, a great patriot and a leader. I have seen him fight even when others were prepared to give up. Congressman Hunter inspired me and many other young conservatives in the 1980s to continue the fight even when it was bleak. This has not been an easy campaign for Congressman Hunter. While he has been out on the campaign trail his son has been serving in Iraq and the Hunters lost their entire home in the recent fires in Southern California. He has been largely ignored by the pollsters and the media. I urge the people of New Hampshire to send a message to the pollsters and the Washington media elite. The people elect a President not the pollsters! You have the opportunity to do for the nation what you did when you elected President Reagan in 1980 by sending Duncan Hunter out of New Hampshire with a big win and on to the White House in January of 2009! Can you imagine listening to CNN and all of the talking heads trying to explain how they were wrong as Hunter claimed victory? Wouldn't that be worth the price of admission? You can make it happen with your vote in January! Do not be intimidated by these spinmasters. You control the destiny of America and not them!

The American people need to take control of this country. We are a republic, not a democracy. We elect leaders to stand up for us as they make decisions. Duncan Hunter has proven that he can lead. He has been tested. If given the chance as President, he will inspire people, young and old, to rally to our nation in this time of need. Congressman Duncan Hunter for 25 years has stood up for the rights of the unborn, to balance the budget, to cut the pork out of the spending bills, to strengthen our national defense by supporting our troops and providing them the weapons they need, to seal off our borders by building a fence along the US/Mexican border and to keep American jobs in America. He is a known entity. You do not have to guess about what he might do on these critical threats to our security. Imagine President Duncan Hunter leading our nation and using the "bully pulpit" to lead on these issues! I am proud to support this great American patriot for President. If you really want to see change, then I urge you to vote for him. He is what American needs now more than ever! Thank you!

Senator Bob SmithTuftonboro, N.H. and Sarasota, Florida

# # #

I've had the opportunity to meet Senator Smith. He has been one of the conservative movement's most valuable leaders. This is pretty awesome that Duncan has picked up this endorsement. I know, the naysayers are going to make the point that endorsements don't win primaries or general elections. This is true. But endorsements do mean that a candidate's message is resonating. GO HUNTER!!!

20 December 2007

Who's with me?

Just in case you thought I'd let you forget it, here's Dropkick Murphys with I'm Shipping Up to Boston. Here's to the 2007 World Series Champion Boston Red Sox!!! Here's to ye boys!!!

Another reason to vote for Duncan Hunter

I found this little tidbit on Free Republic. Evidently Duncan was rated zero by the League of Conservation Voters. If they rate him zero, he's number one in my book. Any organization that has drank Algore's Kool-Aid is worth snubbing. At any rate, Go Hunter!

Does it even matter?

Friends, I received an email from a Democrat friend of mine (I know, I know) who is just as appalled by the front runners in her party as we are with ours. She's personally supporting Bill Richardson (not a bad choice if I were a Democrat) and we've been up and down the philosophical differences between conservatives and liberals. However, I just wanted to let you know that the so called Democrat unity tour(which was what this campaign was supposed to be, right?) = NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND!! Yes, thank you Lee Corso.

I submit that it does matter. It matters who you vote for and why you vote for them. I'm convinced that Duncan Hunter (or Alan Keyes) is the last best hope for the GOP to truly reclaim its conservative roots. There was a time when the national GOP stood on a platform. Does anyone remember the 1992 Convention? Maybe this snippet will ring a bell for you:

My friends, this election is about much more than who gets what. It is about who we are. It is about what we believe. It is about what we stand for as Americans. There is a religious war going on in our country for the soul of America. It is a cultural war, as critical to the kind of nation we will one day be as was the Cold War itself. And in that struggle for the soul of America, Clinton & Clinton are on the other side, and George Bush is on our side. And so, we have to come home, and stand beside him. - Pat Buchanan

Maybe this one will do the trick?

There were the workers at the James River Paper Mill, in the frozen North Country of New Hampshire--hard, tough men, one of whom was silent, until I shook his hand. Then he looked up in my eyes and said, "Save our jobs!" There was the legal secretary at the Manchester airport on Christmas Day who told me she was going to vote for me, then broke down crying, saying, "I've lost my job, I don't have any money; they've going to take away my daughter. What am I going to do?"

Does this sound like anyone in the 2008 campaign? No. I will grant that the issue of our time is the War in Iraq. Still, I believe the dialogue in America would be greatly enhanced if more of our candidates spoke out and made the case for America. Duncan Hunter does that. He's the only candidate that is talking consistently about China's highway robbery. He's the only one who has unquestioned pro-life credentials. Duncan Hunter served as an Army Ranger in Vietnam. There is no doubt the man is tough enough to make the tough decisions required in a time of war. Duncan Hunter. Tough under fire and proven leadership.

Tidbit from Redstate.com

I'm not a huge fan of several people at Redstate and rarely do I link to them any more, but here is an interesting tidbit regarding Virginia's own Eric Cantor. Rising star? We already know that. I argued a couple of years ago that the Republicans in the House should submit a Continuing Resolution until true spending reduction occurs. That's past debating now, but Eric Cantor is getting noticed.

19 December 2007

Don't Apologize

NOTE: This post edited to include the phrase "Mr. Huckabee's Presidential campaign."

Mike Huckabee should NOT apologize for a bookshelf. Even if the cross had been intentional, Mr. Huckabee has nothing to apologize for. We need more politicians who are willing to step out and be identified with the cross of Jesus. Don't get me wrong, I'm not supporting Mr. Huckabee's Presidential campaign.

That said, Mr. Huckabee should be willing to pay the consequences of airing this ad. If he's willing to be identified with the Child of Christmas, and the Man of Calvary, he should know that he will be attacked for it.

18 December 2007

Alan Keyes--We need more like him

Duncan Hunter and Alan Keyes. The GOP used to subscribe to the very same principles espoused by these men. Has the GOP become the party of Giuliani and McCain instead of the party of Buchanan and Keyes? Choose wisely conservatives. Choose wisely GOP. Conservatives will not be taken for granted anymore. (Like anyone really reads this, but this is my own opinion and I'm on my own soap box.)

Huckabee losing Minuteman endorsement?

According to this article on WND. I found this endorsement to be strange considering Mr. Gilchrist's position on illegal immigration. Evidently, Mr. Gilchrist wants a clarification and wants it in writing.
In his own words: “I think I’ve got a chance, and that’s what you get in America, you get a chance. And you don’t whine about the odds or the difficulty, you go out and you take your best swing at this thing.”

At a time when disappointing poll numbers, failure to gain ballot access and sagging financial numbers, this quote from the ONLY conservative qualified to lead this nation, gives me renewed energy. If the candidate is plugging on, do his supporters owe anything less? Consider Duncan Hunter as a write in in Virginia, and whereever you are if he's on the ballot, VOTE DUNCAN HUNTER!!!

17 December 2007

Sen. Wampler to remain in Virginia Senate

According to a report on TriCities.com, my state senator Sen. William Wampler, Jr. will NOT pursue a seat on the State Corporation Commission as was widely believed. Instead, he will remain in the Virginia Senate where he will fulfill the remainder of his term.

While the publicity Bristol and Washington County would have received had Sen. Wampler been appointed to the SCC, I believe it was the right decision for him to remain in the Senate.

Campaign 08

My friend D.J. over at Right-Wing Liberal is supporting Bob Marshall for Senate. Great. I think that an opponent during the nomination process is (when properly conducted) a sharpening experience for the eventual nominee. I support former Governor Jim Gilmore, but I could have a clear conscience in voting for Delegate Marshall should he decide to run. I'm looking forward to this campaign. Hopefully, the GOP emerges unified and strengthened.

Miscarriage of Justice

As is well known, Agents Ramos and Compean are still in prison serving sentences that had no business being passed. Millions have petitioned President Bush for the pardon. What does Dubya do? He pardons drug dealers and other assorted criminals rather than admit that Johnny Sutton was prosecutorial conduct run amok. Simply another reason why we need a conservative in the Oval Office like Duncan Hunter.

16 December 2007

A New Project

Those of you who know me, know that I preach at a local campground during the summer and hold regular Sunday morning services there. I have been called to preach God's Word and am pursuing a BS in Religion through Liberty University. That all being said, I unveil a new blog project called The King Is Coming. This blog will have NO political content and will feature expository bible messages and studies. Actually, for the first study, we will be examining The Gospel according to John (my favorite Gospel).

15 December 2007

Is Mike Huckabee tough on illegal immigration?

...not according to this article found the the Constitution Party's website. It reveals a fairly scathing report found on the Council on Foreign Relation's website. Conservatives, please think before you cast your vote for Mike Huckabee. Is he really what we need in Washington?

THE Reason for the Season

Knew it was coming

H/T to Ms. Carbone for this interesting find (at least for me). Virginia Bloggers against Mike Huckabee. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only conservative with reservations about Mr. Huckabee's viability as a candidate. I would hardly equate Mr. Huckabee's analysis with Dr. Al Mohler, Denny Burk, Dr. Daniel Akin, or Dr. Mark Dever. For those who are not familiar, these names are some of the foremost evangelical thinkers and theologians in the Southern Baptist Convention. I'll throw a few more sources that Mr. Huckabee should read. However, it should be noted that Mr. Huckabee is partially correct in one regard. There are branches of religion that believe and teach that Jesus and Satan were indeed brothers. This is so far outside the realm of orthodox Christianity that it hardly deserves comment other than to say that the Bible expressly teaches against this view.

1.) Norman Geisler -- A noted theologian in the evangelical movement and author of numerous books.

2.) John MacArthur - Staunch conservative pastor/theologian who is widely regarded as one of the top scholars in New Testament theology today.

3.) Elmer Towns - A leading thinker and professor at Liberty University. Special emphasis on systematic theology.

Should anyone desire to know my personal stance, I'm in full agreement with the Baptist Faith and Message as amended in 2000. I'm also in full agreement with the Chicago Statements on Biblical Inerrancy and Biblical Hermeneutics.

Gilmore for Senate

Hunter for President

What are our choices in 08? Ron Paul?, generally I like him, but he's wrong on the war, Mike Huckabee? Another big government Republican, Mitt Romney? Photogenic, smooth and polished, but will he be reliably pro-life? Rudy? Don't even go there, McCain? Don't think so. Alan Keyes? Heck yes, but already committed to Duncan Hunter. Give me a Hunter/Keyes ticket!!!!

Mr. Huckabee? I'd prefer Duncan Hunter

Despite recent surges in poll numbers, I remain skeptical about Mike Huckabee. One reason is that just two months ago, Mr. Huckabee struggled to gain a voice at the GOP debates, now he's among the top tier candidates? Something strange there. Also, from what I've gathered about his time as Governor of Arkansas, it appears that Mike Huckabee is a big government Republican (and frankly, I'm sick of those). There is good news, there is a conservative in the field with verifiable experience in national security, immigration AND is solidly pro-life. That candidate is Duncan Hunter. I've posted these before, but thanks to the Hunter campaign, I'll do so again. Here are some very compelling reasons to vote for Duncan Hunter.

1) He is the most conservative candidate in the race. He has a 92% lifetime rating, American Conservative Union.

2) He is the "National Security" candidate. He served with the 173rd Airborne and the 75th Army Rangers in Vietnam, and was, most recently, the Chairman of the Armed Services Committee in the House of Representatives. Duncan Hunter knows defense.

3) He is a strong supporter of missile defense.

4) He's a strong supporter of Israel.

5) He was responsible for building the fence along the Mexico-U.S. border in San Diego. That double fence cut smuggling (people and drugs) over 90%.

6) He opposes the McCain-Kennedy Amnesty bill in the Senate.

7) He is a co-sponsor of the Fair Tax.

8) He was the co-sponsor of a bill that would require a 2/3 majority in Congress to raise taxes.

9) He is a strong proponent of fair trade and will fix some of the bad trade deals that have been made by previous administrations in order to keep high paying jobs in America.

10) He pledges to appoint originalist judges like Antonin Scalia.

11) He has a 100% Pro-Life rating from National Right to Life.

12) He believes that marriage is between a man and a woman. He supports a Constitutional Amendment to protect marriage.

13) He is a strong defender of the 2nd Amendment who has an A+ National Rifle Association rating.

14) He supports school choice.

14 December 2007

Sign of Manhood

Yes, I know the title of this post is going to drive the feminists wild. I know that the liberals are going to say, there is no need for true masculine attributes in the post-modern world. I utterly refute that thinking. To the contrary, what the post-modern world needs is the model of masculinity, Jesus Christ. After that, we need men willing to say what they mean and mean what they say, forget the political expediency.

What is a sign of true manhood? It means when you say you are going to do something, you do it. Jim Gilmore has done that in the years that he has served the Commonwealth of Virginia. He has kept his word. Are we going to agree on every issue? Of course not. However, I would trust a man who gives his word and keeps it than one who says the right things, but goes back on them like Mark Warner. Who would you trust?

Friends, we have such a man running for the United States Senate. His name is Jim Gilmore. Check out his campaign website and see for yourself.

13 December 2007

The Mitchell Report

The long awaited Mitchell Report is out and reveals few really new details. The entire report can be read here. As expected, Barry Bonds has been named along with Miguel Tejada, Roger Clemens among others.

05 December 2007

Update: Good Sense supports Jim Gilmore

Friends in the ODBA and the few readers of this blog. I'm feeling better with each day that passes. My arm is healing and Physical Therapy is going well. During my leave of absence, I've been pondering a few things that I will blog about in the coming weeks. However, the first issue that I've been thinking about is the 08 Senate race. I'm pleased to announce that I'm supporting Jim Gilmore for the GOP nomination. I admit that I was an early supporter of an Eric Cantor draft movement, but that has fizzled.

I believe that whatever shortcomings Mr. Gilmore has on issues, he makes up for in political and personal courage. When the pundits and the tax and spenders said cutting the car tax would sink the Commonwealth, Governor Gilmore withstood the pressure and fought for the cuts. I sincerely hope that Governor Gilmore will stand with those who are dedicated to the preservation of human life from conception. Mr. Gilmore, you have my support. I trust you with my most sacred civic posession, my vote.

20 November 2007

I'm back

Just in time for the Christmas and Thanksgiving (yes, I called it Christmas) seasons, I'm still recovering from surgery to my arm, but am well enough to post lightly over the next few months. Things are going well, feeling better each day, but still a long way to go. Thanks to everyone who mentioned a prayer for me during this time. Also, thanks to my brothers and sisters in the ODBA, you guys are the best!!!!

01 October 2007

Breaking: 4th Circuit holds open primary law unconstitutional

Commentary: In light of a very cursory glance at the opinion, it appears that one of the Judges' main points is found in the following paragraph in the opinion.

The Court has also recognized that "a corollary of the right to
associate is the right not to associate." Id. at 574.
"Freedom of association
would prove an empty guarantee if associations could not limit
control over their decisions to those who share the interests and persuasions
that underlie the association’s being." Democratic Party of
the United States v. Wisconsin ex rel. La Follette, 450 U.S. 107, 122
n.22 (1981) (internal quotation marks omitted). And, "[i]n no area is
the political association’s right to exclude more important than in the
process of selecting its nominee."
Jones, 530 U.S. at 575.

In an opinion released today, the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals affirms lower court ruling that Virginia's open primary law is unconstitutional. The opinion can be found here. Will leave analysis to the august members of the ODBA who are attorneys.

28 September 2007

Alan Keyes

Call me crazy, call me a nutjob, whatever you want to call me. I'm glad that Alan Keyes is in the race. He has lower poll numbers than Duncan Hunter (my man) and Tom Tancredo. However, Alan Keyes has keyed upon the bedrock issues that will define America for years to come. I believe his entry will liven up this travelling circus that have been the GOP primary debates. Duncan Hunter and Alan Keyes? Wishful thinking? Probably, but that's never stopped me before!!! Speaking of wishful thinking, please comment with your 2008 GOP dream ticket. I've mentioned mine above.

This issue has special meaning for me as Roe v. Wade was decided two weeks AFTER my literal birth. I am thankful for each day that I have on this planet. Monday, October 1, 2007 is National Pro-Life Memorial Day. Let's remember those children who will not see a full sunrise or sunset. www. prolifememorialday.com

24 September 2007

Live Blog

I would like to thank everyone who submitted a question and to Attorney General McDonnell for agreeing to be a part of this when this blog is less well known around the Commonwealth. I look forward to continuing this relationship with our Attorney General and his staff. Special thanks to Tucker Martin and his staff in setting this up. This has been beyond all my expectations!!!

Live Blog with Attorney General McDonnell part 1

For those who prefer a non-Haloscan version, here is part 1 of the transcript of yesterday's live blog with Attorney General Bob McDonnell. I will be working to get the remainder up tomorrow or tomorrow evening.

Scott's Question:

Thank you so much for coming by and live blogging with Charlie and Good Sense.Out of all the elected officials, you seem to have done more to embrace "blogging" as a viable and important media source as evidenced by the number of live blogs you have participated in.

Secondly, your office, with the obvious help of J. Tucker Martin, has been communicating a great deal with the people of the Commonwealth, at what I consider an unprecedented pace. And to me, that is as important as anything else you can do, regardless of which side of the aisle you happen to find your chair.

Recently, I was involved in a "bloggers only" round table with Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. During that discussion, he offered that "blogging", or the "horizontal media" was to todays campaigns what Talk Radio had been previously.

AG McDonnell: The new media has shown itself to be a powerful 24-hour source of news and opinion. Individuals who blog are informed and involved, and often very passionate about issues and politics, and thus are opinion leaders. This office does great work in safeguarding citizens constitutional rights and promoting public safety. I want to get the message out by all means possible about ways to educate citizens about protecting themselves. We try to stay very active with the blogs to ensure that we know what is going on in the lives of our citizens, and how we can best serve the Commonwealth.

As for 2008, I think the blogs and the Internet will be very important, in everything from fundraising to generating excitement and issues. Fred Thompson has notably been very active in the online world, and I think it has benefited him immensely. No candidate can run for office in this day and age without an active and complete online presence.Bob McDonnell

Jane Dudley:

This fall the entire legislature is up for election. Please set out your case for sending the Republicans back, to keep their majority. Bring exhibits. Courtroom theatrics welcome. 'Cause this is the blogosphere! Seriously, in particular, what do you say to people who say, "Why should Republicans keep the majority? They're not really that different from Democrats. Let's just vote for 'change.'

AG McDonnell:

Answer: That claim is absolutely false. Only Republicans govern from the premise that government must keep taxes, regulation and litigation low, that the free enterprise system and not government programs is the key to economic prosperity, and that traditional values must be preserved. In looking at the record of results by the parties there is no comparison.

Republicans have dramatically improved Virginia government with abolition of parole, welfare reform, juvenile justice reform, significant improvements in laws cracking down on drunk driving, gangs, and sexual predators. Republicans alone have ushered in accountability in schools with SOL tests, while investing record new sums in K-12 education. Just this session Republicans enacted the first major transportation funding bill in 21 years, significantly private property rights protections, and championed Youth Internet Safety.

Democrats can point to nowhere near the same record of results that benefited the Virginia citizen. It is a record Republicans will proudly run on this fall. Similarly, in articulating a vision for the future Republicans have made concrete proposals to crack down on criminal illegal aliens, reform the mental health system, strengthen our school construction programs, and provide property tax relief.

There has been no similar vision apparent from the Democrats, that is unfortunate. Thanks for the question Jane, sorry for the long answer, but its a critically important topic.

17 September 2007

Cantor for Senate

While all the talk is surrounding the candidacies of Jim Gilmore and Tom Davis, a third viable candidate has surfaced. His name? Eric Cantor. Yes, that's right. I'll go on record as supporting a Cantor candidacy should he throw his name in the hat.

16 September 2007

Questions for the Attorney General-Update

Sorry for the infrequency of posts, have been having a lot of trouble with my arm. Still waiting on the word when my surgery will occur. In the interim, please submit your questions for AG McDonnell here and the Live Blog will be from 5pm - 6pm.

Friends, in between major medications and school, I've been pretty busy and bogged down. Still, I remember that the AG has graciously agreed to do a live blog here at Good Sense. This is to take place one week from tomorrow on 24 September 2007 at 5:00 pm. Please submit any questions as comments to this post. I look forward to this and hopefully we'll have a decent turn out. Also, thanks to Tucker Martin and the rest of the AG's staff for coordinating this and making it happen.

07 September 2007

Duncan Hunter Speech

I had to post this, a good standard speech by Mr. Hunter. Good issues, good delivery and good candidate.

04 September 2007


Just FYI, we're going ahead with the live blog with AG McDonnell on 24 September at 5:00 pm.

02 September 2007

A few regrets...

Yes, I've enjoyed my time back at Good Sense. I'm not leaving... however, I have upcoming surgery to attend to and to put a point on it, I don't have the time to deal with juvenile antics such as we're seeing from the Left in the blogosphere. No, I'm not running away. Those of you who know me, know that I love a good political fight.

To Kilo et al in the ODBA:

Keep the faith, you're doing the right things and no matter what, stay united and stay focused. I see where they've finally coming after me. That's great. That means they're not coming after some of you. I've believed that the conservative cause is the right cause and the just cause. I'll return to take up the mantle again. My elbow surgery, my school work, and my vocation will take up most of my time in the upcoming weeks and months.

To Mr. Stanley and others:

I've never meant to engage in a personal war of words. However, I believe that your clients should either endorse or disavow your action and your stunt. You should do the right thing and apologize. Barring that, your clients need to do so.

Rest assured, I'll be back and that I'll drop by with comments occasionally.

01 September 2007

Go Mountaineers

No, not West Virginia. I'm talking about Appalachian State University. The Mountaineers knocked off No. 5 Michigan IN Ann Arbor IN the Big House. How huge is that? I'm proud to live less than 50 miles from App. State.

Round Two

My thoughts have always drifted into political discussions as a way of relieving stress. Roscoe Reynolds, Eric Ferguson, and Adam Tomer might want to consider taking a big dose of TRUTH to combat the pablum that Mr. Stanley is feeding them.

For the second time, I pose these questions:


1.) Did Senator Reynolds endorse or condone your actions of 16 August of purchasing olddominionblogalliance.com and pointing it to NAMBLA's website? If so, was Mr. Reynolds aware of your action before you conducted this operation or did he become aware after your purchase?

2.) Since YDS' phone number doubles as Mr. Eric Ferguson's campaign number, at what point was he made aware of your action? Does Mr. Ferguson condone the attack of private citizens who exercise their freedom of speech in a political manner?

3.) What did Mr. Reynolds(and Mr. Ferguson) know and when did he/they know it?

31 August 2007

Warner won't seek re-election

 It's official. Virginia's senior Senator John Warner will not seek re-election in 2008 post on Fox News.com. This leads to an open seat that will no doubt see a hotly contested race.I congratulate Senator Warner on a long career of service to the United States, that included a stint as Secretary of the Navy.

Personally, I believe Senator Warner has done the right thing. He's been a thorn in the flesh for Virginia conservatives for years. The most prominent example is his endorsement of Marshall Coleman for Senate over the VA GOP's nominee, Oliver North in 1994. 

The Virginia GOP has the opportunity to nominate a genuine conservative to the United States Senate. Let the games begin!!!!


FOXNews.com - Sen. John Warner Will Not Seek Re-election in '08 - Politics | Republican Party | Democratic Party | Political Spectrum

Will Lady Liberty Last Beyond 2010?

My friends, it is becoming harder  to argue against the Constitution Party and some of its leaders. The below article is from the CP's 2004 VP nominee Chuck Baldwin. Most Republicans (especially GWB supporters) will view this as nothing more than a load of hooey. However, the man makes sense. Think about it this way, if we returned to original constitutional government, the United States would spend way less than what it does and would interfere less in the lives of its citizens than it does. I pray that each day brings us closer to the realization that 'compassionate conservatism' has NOT worked and it is time to return to constitutional government as enumerated in the Constitution. 

Will Lady Liberty Last Beyond 2010?


NOTE: Duncan Hunter supporters, please note the reference to Mr. Hunter in a latter paragraph.

29 August 2007

Mr. Stanley...

Note: Thanks to Badrose for the proofread... this post has been edited for typo ONLY.

I have avoided making a personal remark about this because I wanted to see how you would react to the 'concerted effort' by the ODBA. However, your response has warranted a post from me. Let's get the preliminaries out of the way. We'll begin with the basics.

1.) We know you(Yellow Dog Strategies) are employed by the Roscoe Reynolds campaign. That's beyond doubt. We know you provide strategic services to political campaigns of liberal Democrats. That's established. Has Mr. Reynolds condoned and endorsed your attempt at a juvenile political analogy/prank? Where is his reply? I think the voters of his district and those of us in the ODBA deserve a reply.

2.) It has been established that the ODBA, as a free association of like minded conservatives, has exercised its collective 1st Amendment right of free political speech by investigating Mr. Reynolds public appearances, votes in the Virginia Senate and his remarks made in reponse to legitimate constituent questions. I'll repeat the same question I posed to Mr. Tribett. What is wrong with honest, opposition research? What harm is there by letting the Virginia voting public know that their elected representatives have such a hair trigger temper?

3.) It has been established that AFTER the posts calling Mr. Reynolds out on his responses and manner in answering said questions, you purchased the domain name olddominionblogalliance.com on Aug 16 and had it pointed to the website in question. What would a reasonable person believe? A person of reasonable intelligence and values would judge this action to be politically motivated. You have admitted as much. However, the question remains if you did so with the express knowledge and approval of Mr. Roscoe Reynolds or any of your other Democrat-ick clients?

4.) The appearance and reality of this deplorable act has been established as politically motivated. As a political consultant of some renown in the Commonwealth, it should be obvious to you that political speech (even in its most heinous form, such as yours) is open to counterattack and dissection. Free speech? Only when it suits you. And as a matter of settled case law, no one individual has an absolute right to free speech. Remember the phrase, "fighting words"? Maybe the phrase, "shouting fire in a crowded theatre" will ring a bell. When said speech infringes upon my good reputation and good standing in the community, that's when I have a problem with your exercise of free speech.

5.) Having said all the above, I will now broach the true issue here. This is not about you (as much as your enlarged ego will protest), nor is it about me. The issue is about what did Roscoe Reynolds know and when did he know it?

I call upon all Democrats with standards and ethics to strongly condemn the 'scorched earth' and destructive politics of the far left wing of your party. Demand answers from your candidates!!!!

Mexican Trucks to enter US

According the this report on Forbes.com, Mexican tractor and trailers will be allowed to travel anywhere in the United States starting Saturday. Teamsters officials announced plans to seek an emergency injuction to prevent the implementation of the cross-border entry. Currently, Mexican trucks are required to stop in a 'buffer zone' and transfer their loads to US trucks.
I must admit, it's not often that I find myself in agreement with the Teamsters AND the Sierra Club, but the USDOT has enough problems enforcing standards and laws for our own trucking interests.

In my opinion, allowing Mexican trucks on US interstate highways will be taking loads from the generally safe US trucking companies and giving the bread and butter of those drivers to someone who could be smuggling narcotics, illegals, or even weapons into our country. This step is a dangerous leap forward into the Security and Prosperity Partnership. It is this organization that skeptics say will lead ultimately to the dreaded North American Union. To my thinking, this is more about practical concerns, specifically the safety and the security of America's truck drivers.

28 August 2007

Broad Political Appeal

Again, as noted before The Constitution Party has NOT endorsed Mr. Hunter for President. However, in a press release, The CP has indeed found it has much in common with the GOP candidate for President. Please read this carefully.


Poisoned Food, Tainted Toys & Job Loss: Like The Results Of NAFTA? You'll LOVE The North American Union! Coalition Urges President To “Tear Down The Wall Of Secrecy” At Quebec Merger Summit While U.S. Congressman Urges President To Build UP The Border Wall.

Lancaster, PA/ August 27, 2007 The recent Quebec Security and Prosperity Partnership Summit held at Montebello, Quebec drew attention to a proposed merger of the U.S., Mexico and Canada. The event, attended by President George Bush, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon drew hundreds opposed to the plan.

Former Director of the U.S. Office of Economic Opportunity and current Chairman of The Conservative Caucus and the Coalition to Block the North American Union, Howard Phillips addressed those gathered to oppose the SPP in Canada. Phillips said, “President Bush, tear down the wall of secrecy. Behind closed doors, step-by-step, the leaders (of the three nations) are setting the stage for…a North American Community and, ultimately a North American Union… (which means we would lose authority) over our economy, our judiciary and our lawmaking institutions”.

Phillips founded the Constitution Party in 1992. The third largest party based on voter registration (Ballot Access News), the Constitution Party is the only political party with a resolution to oppose the SPP/NAU scheme as a threat to America’s constitutional government.

President Bush asked by a Fox News reporter for explicit denial of a plan to integrate the three countries, demurred and ridiculed opponents instead. Dr. Jerome Corsi, author of the New York Times bestseller "The Late Great U.S.A: The Coming Merger with Mexico and Canada" commented: "That’s exactly the same type of response Europeans got from their leaders, even as the EU noose was tightening around the necks of the millions who wanted nothing to do with a European super-state".

During the SPP Summit in Quebec, where Bush was called on to “tear down the wall of secrecy” surrounding the covert merger, a United States Congressman was calling on the president to build a wall to secure our border with Mexico. While the president was in Canada denying a plan to integrate North America, California Congressman Duncan Hunter delivered a letter to Bush saying, "It is my understanding that approximately $800 million is currently available for (fence building). Despite this funding, only 17.9 of the 854 miles of fencing called for in the Secure Fence Act have been completed as of Aug. 10, 2007."

The Constitution Party joins Congressman Hunter in calling for immediate efforts to complete a wall at our southern border and joins with those opposed to the SPP/NAU calling for a tearing down of the wall of secrecy surrounding any plans to merge the United States, Mexico and Canada.


Please read this article on the CP's website that goes a little more indepth than the press release. Another reason to support Mr. Hunter's campaign. He is showing the ability to build a coalition of differing parties together in an united front against illegal immigration and against terrorism.

25 August 2007

Official ODBA Press Release

25 August 2007

Live By “Macaca,” Die By “NAMBLA”
Top Virginia Democratic Strategist Linked To Pedophile Web Site

Richmond, Virginia. (August 25, 2007) – The Old Dominion Blog Alliance (“ODBA”), an organization of approximately 25 conservative Virginia bloggers founded on December 9, 2005, discovered on August 21 that someone registered the domain name of “olddominionblogalliance.com” on August 16 via GoDaddy.com’s Domains by Proxy service in order to conceal their identity. The domain was then set to forward to the web site for the North American Man-Boy Love Association ("NAMBLA"), an organization that promotes illegal activity between adults and children, including pedophilia.

Following this disclosure, the parties behind it were subsequently discovered to be Joe Stanley of Yellow Dog Strategy, a Democratic consultant who manufactured last year’s “macaca” gaffe by U.S. Sen. George Allen into an ex post facto racial slur and produced the controversial anti-Harris Miller mailing, and Ben Tribbett who runs the Northern Virginian blog “Not Larry Sabato.”

Evidence in hand and a confession by Mr. Stanley show that he was the one who purchased the domain name and then set it to forward to the NAMBLA web site. Mr. Tribbett, who is close to Mr. Stanley, proceeded to peddle the story to another blog and then feigned outrage at this action apparently in order to further raise the story’s visibility while maintaining deniability over it. Mr. Stanley undertook this action just two days after members of the ODBA began a concerted effort against state Sen. Roscoe Reynolds (D-20th Dist.), a candidate for whom Mr. Stanley has done work and who is locked in a tight reelection battle with Republican Jeff Evans. Sen. Reynolds advertises on “Not Larry Sabato.”

“Child sexual abuse is not a joke and certainly not a political tactic to be used in order to silence your political enemies,” said Kathryn Wilton of the blog CatHouse Chat, a member of the ODBA, the wife of a Navy veteran and mother. “Pedophilia is a morally repugnant behavior and how Mr. Stanley or Mr. Tribbett could think this is humorous or fair game politically is beyond my comprehension.”

“Senator Reynolds needs to go on the record whether or not he agrees with these abhorrent tactics used on his behalf,” added Greg Letiecq of Black Velvet Bruce Li, one of the most widely read blogs in Virginia. “Joe Stanley did this to benefit him. Reynolds must either expressly condone or renounce these tactics used for his gain.”

Members of the ODBA are currently considering whether to bring any civil legal claims stemming from this defamatory act perpetrated upon them. Should a case be brought and damages awarded, any proceeds will be donated to organizations that fight child abuse.

-- 30 --

24 August 2007

Attorney General McDonnell

I have been privileged to see many great things happen in the blogosphere here in Virginia. Friends and readers, I have the privilege and honor to announce that Virginia Attorney General Bob McDonnell will be at Good Sense on September 24 at 5:00 pm to answer questions in a live blogging session. This is a first for Good Sense and I want to say a heartfelt 'thank you' to the Attorney General and his staff for agreeing to do this. Do your homework, check your facts and figures and come ask the Attorney General your most burning questions. Please note that this date is tentative and is subject to change due to the AG's scheduling conflicts.

Duncan Hunter's Faith

It is refreshing to see a candidate take a public stand on where he stands as to the condition of his soul. Mr. Hunter's convictions and his experience make him the best choice in 2008.

21 August 2007

Duncan Hunter: THE Man

As if there were any doubts in my mind about Duncan Hunter, but this post is another superbly written apology for the Duncan Hunter candidacy. Duncan Hunter rises head and shoulders above the relatively thin GOP field. Giuliani? Please. John McCain? Maybe in another life. Mitt Romney? Has some strong positions, but doesn't posess the experience Mr. Hunter does. In short, consider Duncan Hunter when making your choice for the GOP nomination. He deserves as much consideration as the so-called front runners. In fact, sign up to be an E-Leader with the Hunter campaign and help raise much needed funds. The banner on the right will lead you to a sign up page. Do so today and help return the GOP to its conservative principles before its too late.

17 August 2007

Old Dominion Blog Alliance and Ben...

To my knowledge, I've never posted ANYTHING about Ben, much less anything negative. However, I would point out to Mr. Tribbett that good, honest opposition research is THE name of the game in politics. For all your facts and figures about on the ground polling and tracking... you've forgotten or perhaps you have NEGLECTED to recall that you keep your friends close, but you keep your "enemies" closer. Mr. Tribbett, WHY is opposition research so dangerous to your candidates? Perhaps the public will truly see them for what they are, tax and spend liberals who are like an old Sooner dog. "He would sooner spend your money than his own."

16 August 2007

Duncan Hunter in SC

Duncan Hunter is confirmed to participate

in the

Palmetto Family Presidential Stump Meeting
September 20, 2007
Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center
Columbia, South Carolina

Please attend and show your support of


Please attend what will be "the Main Event" for Values Voters in South Carolina for the 2008 Presidential Campaign, the Palmetto Family Presidential Stump Rally and Straw Poll.

And we bid adieu to...

Tommy Thompson. Maybe in another life and another time Mr. Thompson's candidacy would have gained more traction. I have the highest respect for Mr. Thompson. Jim Gilmore never gained any traction and now with Thompson's withdrawal, that leaves us with:

John McCain
Rudy Giuliani
Mitt Romney
Duncan Hunter (my choice)
Mike Huckabee
Sam Brownback
Tom Tancredo
Ron Paul

John McCain's chances have dwindled to very slim. The media was hyping his candidacy, the Maverick returns... yada yada yada. I was convinced from the very beginning that a McCain redux would gather little steam. What a difference eight years makes Mr. McCain.

Mr. Giuliani has become the candidate conservatives love to hate. His positions on abortion and illegal immigration have come under fire from the base and rightfully so. I have to admit that I am with Dr. Dobson on this one, under no circumstance could I vote for Mr. Giuliani.

Mitt Romney. As much as I hate to admit it, Governor Romney is the likely GOP nominee in 2008. Don't get me wrong, he's the class of the field in looks and polished performances. Has he convinced the conservative base of the GOP that he is truly in our camp? Perhaps, but the conservative jury is still out on Mr. Romney.

Duncan Hunter, in my opinion, is closest to capturing the essence and substance of Reaganism. Fair trade, 100% pro-life, pro-defense, the list goes on. The problem is name recognition and availability of funds. That's why I'm an eLeader for the Hunter campaign to help rectify that.

Look for further opinion snapshots of the remaining GOP candidates tomorrow...

10 August 2007

Brownback: What will you do?

If you look at Sam Brownback's campaign website, you'll see an almost morbid preoccupation with Mitt Romney. Mike Huckabee is mentioned once as well. Where is your coherent plan for a safer America, Mr. Brownback? Where is your proposal for winning the War in Iraq? You seem to be spending an inordinate amount of time on Mitt Romney, but you've lost sight of your purpose. The most important question I have for you is why did you support amnesty for illegal immigrants? (Granted, no one from the Brownback campaign will read this blog.)

Calling it like it is

Unless I was in a medication induced fog, I believe I saw Joe Biden on Fox News yesterday morning. I'm a conservative, it's true. However, I don't carry water for any party when it doesn't deserve it. I must commend Senator Biden for having the guts to come on Fox News when his compatriots of the Democrat field have refused to do so. I don't agree with his issues, but it takes a man secure in his convictions to come into what is generally agreed as neutral or hostile territory.

09 August 2007

Duncan Hunter on Compean and Ramos

I'm not a huge fan of CNN, but admit to watching Lou Dobbs for entertainment value. However, this segment with Duncan Hunter is most informative. It also reveals why Mr. Hunter would make a fine president.

Duncan Hunter -- Right on the Issues

The article by Mr. Madison was a superb piece of logical, rational persuasion that is the hallmark of conservatism. Here is another blog post that is worth reading. I am reminded of a saying by an old friend of mine in the DC Metro area. "Nothing was ever won by being pragmatic. Fortune favors the bold." So the campaign of Duncan Hunter is. Conventional wisdom dictates that he doesn't have a chance. The same was the case in 1979-1980 when an actor from California made an improbable run to the White House. Conservatives, don't give up hope. There is a candidate that not only speaks our language, but walks the walk as well. That candidate is Duncan Hunter. Why not sign up and contribute today?

Dubious Honor

It seems I have aroused someone's ire in the wild, wacky world of blogging. My blog has been nominated as Worst of All Time at Blogger's Choice Awards. At least someone thinks Good Sense rates enough enmity to be nominated. Thanks to whoever you are!!!

31 July 2007


I'm sorry for the infrequency of posts lately. I have been very busy and with a new set of problems. I'm facing surgery to remove corrective hardware from an automobile accident 18 years ago. However, I'll endeavor to maintain some posting. ODBA members, please rest assured, I've been reading your blogs with baited breath every day. Also, please note the new link to the left of this post. The Victory Caucus is worthy of linkage, please visit their site and register and join.

20 July 2007

I'll take this title...

How to Win a Fight With a Liberal is the ultimate survival guide for political arguments

My Conservative Identity:

You are a Flag-Waving Everyman, also known as a patriot. You believe in freedom, apple pie, rooting for America at all times, and that God gave us a two-day weekend so we could enjoy football and NASCAR.

Take the quiz at www.FightLiberals.com

14 July 2007

And so it begins....

It's official. Former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore is withdrawing his candidacy for the GOP nomination in 2008. Strictly speaking, I was wondering when the paring would begin. There are several candidates who are probably on the chopping block. I wish Mr. Gilmore the best as he will probably run for Governor again or perhaps for John Warner's seat should Mr. Warner decide to retire.

Governor Kaine Piles it on Virginians

According to a source in the know about this, it has recently come to my attention that Governor Kaine has restructured the "Abuser Fees" to apply only to residents of Virginia. Let me get this right. Is Governor Kaine under the impression that only Virginians travel Virginia's highways? I'd be curious to see recent statistics from the VSP regarding out of state traffic offenders. At any rate, to give the few readers of this blog a basis for comparison, I'll provide the links to the versions of the bill as structured by the Governor and his able staff, the House Conference version and the one ultimately passed by the House.

04/04/2007 – Governor’s Substitute – Applies only to Virginians

§ 46.2-206.1. Imposition of certain additional fees on certain drivers.

B. The civil remedial fees established by this section shall be assessed on any resident of Virginia operating a motor vehicle on the highways of Virginia, including persons to whom Virginia driver's licenses, commercial driver's licenses, or learner's permits have been issued pursuant to this title; and persons operating motor vehicles without licenses or whose license has been revoked or suspended.

02/24/2007 – General Assembly Conference Report – Applies to Residents and Non-Residents

§ 46.2-206.1. Imposition of certain additional fees on certain drivers.

B. The civil remedial fees established by this section shall be assessed on any resident of Virginia operating a motor vehicle on the highways of Virginia, including persons to whom Virginia driver's licenses, commercial driver's licenses, or learner's permits have been issued pursuant to this title; persons operating motor vehicles without licenses or whose license has been revoked or suspended; and persons operating motor vehicles with a license issued by a jurisdiction outside Virginia.

02/06/2007 – House Passed VersionApplies to Residents and Non-Residents

§ 46.2-206.1. Imposition of certain additional fees on certain drivers.

B. The civil remedial fees established by this section shall be assessed on any resident of Virginia operating a motor vehicle on the highways of Virginia, including persons to whom Virginia driver's licenses, commercial driver's licenses, or learner's permits have been issued pursuant to this title; persons operating motor vehicles without licenses or whose license has been revoked or suspended; and persons operating motor vehicles with a license issued by a jurisdiction outside Virginia.

Note the date on the Governor's substitute. Two months. This is nothing more than a premeditated highway robbery. Just for kicks, I'll include an article from a third political party that should be echoed throughout the Old Dominion.

Washington, DC – The newly instituted driving penalties in Virginia are an ironfisted approach to reducing bad driving, says the Libertarian Party of the United States. “The new Virginia driving fees are some of the most outrageous penalties in the United States for driving offenses,” says Shane Cory, Executive Director of the Libertarian National Committee headquartered in Washington D.C. “The state of Virginia has instituted a policy of tyranny on the roadways.”

There you have it my friends. Another triumph for the Kaine administration. This triumph is consistent with this Administration's goals of STICKING IT to citizens of the Commonwealth. Thanks Governor Timmy!!!

13 July 2007

LNC on the new Iraq timetable

The Libertarian National Committee website has this article up on their website regarding the new timetable passed by the House this week. It is a strongly worded article and the Vice Admiral states it correctly when he says that playing political games is not the way to end the war in Iraq. I have general disagreements with the LP, but I must admit this is a great article.

Benny Goodman Orchestra Sing Sing Sing from Hollywood Hotel

I'm going a little old school with this one. Friends, enjoy the Benny Goodman Orchestra with "Sing, Sing, Sing".

11 July 2007

Another Party's Take on Duncan Hunter

UPDATE: I've noticed that this post has received some attention elsewhere on the net. I want to clarify that the Constitution Party in NO WAY has endorsed Mr. Hunter. To the contrary, the author's view reflects an admiration for Ron Paul. The post below reflects a generally positive view of Mr. Hunter.

I mentioned in a previous post that an alternative to those who are fed up with the GOP leadership's somtimes wishy-washy, 'flavor of the month' policy agenda is the Constitution Party. On their website, they have a quick, passing review of each of the GOP candidates for the 2008 nomination. Here is what they had to say about Duncan Hunter. I'm including their negative reaction to his stance on the War in Iraq to give you a complete picture.

Duncan Hunter: The southern California Congressman is a strong supporter of secure borders. His efforts have resulted in over 59 miles of fencing in San Diego County. Hunter wrote the Secure Fence Act, extending the San Diego fence 854 miles across California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

Hunter holds a strong position on trade issues: ". . . China is cheating on trade and using billions of American trade dollars to build ships, planes and missiles at an alarming rate while, at the same time, taking millions of American jobs." Hunter’s positions on NAFTA, GATT and the WTO appeal to those concerned about the vanishing industrial base and loss of American jobs.

Hunter is solidly pro-life. He has said he would aggressively promote a Right to Life Amendment to the Constitution, defining "personhood" from the moment of conception.

About the Second Amendment Hunter said: "It seems every election year, some liberal politician dons an NRA cap and grabs a shotgun for a hunting photo-op, as if that means they support our right as Americans to keep and bear arms. But the second amendment is not about hunting. It is about the right of you and me to be secure in our homes."

On education, Hunter said: "I believe we can educate students more effectively by returning school curriculum prerogatives to the states, local communities and, most importantly, to the family. State agencies charged with conducting education policies do not need expensive and inefficient mandates from a federal agency."

A big disappointment however is Congressman Hunter’s position on the war in Iraq. Citing his experience on the House Armed Services Committee for 26 years he says he supports the mission wholeheartedly. Hunter’s son has served two tours of duty there.

The war in Iraq is the only major issue that I depart from the CP on. However, it is interesting to note that Duncan Hunter draws generally positive reviews from the author and evidently, some in the CP national committee. Consider Duncan Hunter when voting in your states primary.

07 July 2007

Conservative? Check this guy out!!!

I'm talking about Duncan Hunter. The often overlooked candidate for the 2008 GOP nomination has made some allies in pretty considerable places. I've posted about this article before I believe, but will do so again because it bears repeating. Duncan Hunter is a true conservative and his record in Congress bear that out.

John Hawkins at Townhall.com posts an excellent piece about the conservative case for Duncan Hunter in 2008. I commend it to your attention.

03 July 2007

Early Warning or Destructive Force?

That's the question Dean Barnett posed to Mort Kondracke last Friday in an interview for Hugh Hewitt's radio show. The points raised by Mr. Barnett are valid and warrant further attention from those of us blogging and those who pay attention to the most  widely read of us.

As an early warning system, I would suggest that Mr. Barnett overstates the case for blogs, but correctly mentions that talk radio has an immense grassroots audience.  Overall, I think Mr. Barnett raises good issues with the political \leadership. Again, using Trent Lott for an example, his issues stem from deeper problems than just the immigration bill. Mr. Lott has been burned by the fast paced era of news reporting.

Early warning? Sure, I'll buy that. Destructive force? The answer depends on your perspective. From Trent Lott's point of view, talk radio and the blogosphere is a destructive force.  In my opinion, any tool that can aid the grassroots activists in holding politicians to the fire is a good thing.

Third Party Politics

In a recent post, I mentioned that had the immigration bill passed the Senate, I would have resigned from the GOP. Well, it didn't pass, but it still left me with some things to think about. If not the GOP,what options are there?

1.) Not voting - This is simply not an option for me. I'm a lot like Hank Hill. If I didn't vote, I wouldn't get called for jury duty. That's a little extreme, but voting is the number one lesson taught (or should be) in civics.

2.) Vote Democrat - Again, this is not an option. All the Democrats save perhaps Bill Richardson, wouldn't even cross my radar as candidates go. All the candidates from Hillary on down to Mike Gravel all have socialist tendencies that would be unpalatable for a conservative voter like me. Richardson's biggest draw back is his call for revoking authorization for operations in Iraq. Simply put, this is an unconditional surrender to the jihadists. 

3.) Vote Libertarian - This presents some intriguing opportunities. In some ways, I'm closer to a libertarian than a conservative. However, government should play a very minimal role in the lives of its citizens beyond providing for the common welfare and defense. However, I disagree with the the stance on drug policies. This might be a viable alternative for me.

4.) Vote Constitution Party - I have had the opportunity to meet Howard Phillips at numerous functions when I lived in Washington, DC. I believe that the CP comes closest to matching my political views and general philosophy of government.  If pressed, I would say that the Constitution Party would be my first choice of alternatives to the GOP.

These are some of the questions that had crossed my mind in the wake of the shamnesty debate. For whatever it's worth, I'm not totally convinced by the results of ONE vote that the GOP or the Dems get it. Take this for what it's worth. The opinion of one man whose voice doesn't account for much.

02 July 2007

Not in My Lifetime

Thanks to a revealing post from Virginia Virtucon, a reminder that when we think that the liberals have gone totally off their rocker, a tidbit like this comes up. As long as Charlie Fugate is breathing, there is going to be an American flag waving somewhere. As long as I'm around, there will be national pride in the United States. My friend Riley is generous in calling this 'tripe'. I could think of several different adjectives to describe this pablum.

Friends, this Independence Day, thank God we live in a nation that still allows diversity of opinion. Thank God we still live in the greatest nation that human mind has ever contrived. Thank God we live in the United States of America.

01 July 2007

Face Time

Realizing the extremely limited viewship of Good Sense, I still believe this ad is worthy of repeated airplay. Here it is again, for your viewing pleasure.

For those undecideds, email me, I have some information that could sway your mind.

30 June 2007

Trent Lott: Man with a Short Memory

Before beginning this post in detail, I have to confess that I have a poor impression of Mr. Lott that stems from an issue between his office and an organization I worked for several years ago. I want the reader to be aware of this as it adds a bias to my post.

Much has been made of the remarks made by Senator Trent Lott regarding talk radio and blogs. With the advent of the so-called "new media", politics has become even more focused on communication. As recently as 28 years ago, the television was only beginning to realize its potential as a political tool. Of course, I'm referring to the election of 1980 that brought the Great Communicator into office.  President Reagan's ability to bring his case to the American people can be tied to his abilities to communicate effectively and with grace on television.

In the past five years or so, the advent of blogs, podcasts, video podcasts and other digital media has brought a sharpening of issues with attention to detail not seen in Presidential elections before.  The use of blogs in defeating the "Shamnesty Bill" brought to bear the power of the grassroots as never before. Attention to obscure votes made by a Senator, reference to far removed bills signed by a former Governor, and the immediate communication of adverse action by our Governing bodies are all attributable to the use and perfection of digital "new" media.

I have went through this tirade to come the following point. Mr. Lott is seeing the results of a grassroots effort that has come a long way from the one that put Ronald Reagan in the White House. Mr. Lott is resenting the fact that he himself was a victim of the immediacy of reporting regarding his remarks about the late Strom Thurmond. Mr. Lott should bear in mind that the 21st century grassroots is as likely to be computer fluent as they are to be politically astute. Mr. Lott is entitled to his opinion, as every American citizen is. I would point out that opinions are more widely disseminated now than ever before. A wise local GOP activist once told me that "You better watch what you're saying at all times." This holds true in life AND politics. Mr. Lott (in my view) has been hostile to genuine conservatives after being swept into majority in 1994.

Will blogs ever totally influence elections? No. Unless you're a behemoth like Glenn Reynolds or Michelle Malkin or Ed Morrisey (sic). Will blogs ever replace the old fashioned art of the stump speech? In my opinion, no. People still love to be fired up,  informed and given their marching orders.  Blogs (and the Internet as a whole) will, however, enable the grassroots to be more effective in holding our elected officials to fire in their votes.

Hunter Legislation

An important piece of legislation has been authored by Congressmen Duncan Hunter and Tim Ryan, Republican and Democrat respectively. This legislation seeks to limit damage done by currency manipulation of China. The bill has significant support from labor as well as business and management interests.  Kilo posts on the issue here. Duncan Hunter is the only Republican with the credentials to back up his rhetoric. Pro-life, pro-defense, pro-fair trade, and pro-gun, Duncan Hunter is the logical choice for conservatives.

27 June 2007

Scorched Earth for the GOP?

According to Roci at Rocinante's Burdens, that's exactly what should happen. Personally, I think that the time is coming. I'm more inclined to wait to see if the bill passes, but Roci makes a very strong argument. This post is a must read!!!!


I join others in expressing my total outrage that the United State Senate, the so-called "World's Greatest Deliberative Body" would revive a piece of legislation that is overwhelmingly 

I am tired of getting shoved around.  It is time we stand our ground. The revival of the amnesty bill is shameful and borders on treason.  Should the bill pass the Senate, I will join Ward in leaving the GOP. In the interim, I will be financially supporting only one Republican candidate, that is Duncan Hunter. The RNC can forget any contributions from me.  I'm reminded of this lyric from Simon and Garfunkel:

Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio? ,a nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

Think about it. You'll figure it out!!!

22 June 2007

Perennial Candidates


While most of the conventional wisdom will discount even declared candidates such as Duncan Hunter, Ron Paul, and Mike Huckabee, it is perhaps notable that perennial candidates like Alan Keyes provide needed perspective in a race that is beginning to look like a traveling carnival. I have the greatest respect for Ambassador Keyes. I would encourage his entry into the race for the nomination simply because his presence would sharpen and clarify most of the other candidates (Rudy McRomney) positions. I still support Duncan Hunter, but would welcome an Alan Keyes candidacy.

21 June 2007

Duncan Hunter's Appeal To Conservatives On The Net

I like what I hear. Duncan Hunter is what America needs at this time. Please check out www.gohunter08.com and learn more about Duncan Hunter.

20 June 2007

Washington County Sheriff

Here at Good Sense, I've been contemplating a very serious issue. I have been considering who I will support in the November Sheriff's race in Washington County. After careful consideration, I have made my decision.

I am proud to endorse Sheriff Fred Newman for re-election. Sheriff Newman has been a consumate professional in every area of life in the WCSO. I have been impressed with the amount of cases (some very serious) that have been cleared in the 7 years that Mr. Newman has been Sheriff. The improvements made to the infrastructure of the Sheriff's Office are numerous.

16 June 2007

Leslie Carbone: Ladies of the Night and Leaders of the News

I've never been disappointed in Ms. Carbone's posts at her blog. However, I must admit that this particular post is truly a work in subtlety.  I had no vested interest in the Sayre/Hanger primary race save that which benefits all conservatives to elect genuine conservative leaders. Ms. Carbone, as always, fine work.

Leslie Carbone: Ladies of the Night and Leaders of the News

13 June 2007

Recommended Resources

One of the biggest complaints I hear from those who are politically apathetic is that they don't know what's going on. The Office of the Republican Whip offers a daily email notice called the Whipping Post which includes links and descriptions of bills scheduled to be before the House that particular day. You can follow the link here:

When I worked in Porter Goss' office, this tool was invaluable as to the days schedule and to gauge where the House was going in its legislative program.

There are several options for viewing the Whipping Post. You can read it as it is posted on the website, you can download and view it as a PDF file, or you can subscribe to the mailing list to receive it in your inbox. I highly recommend this resource so that we can keep our elected officials feet to the fire on bills that are vital to the preservation of American ideals and liberties.

House Armed Services Committee/China


According to a post on the GOP Members Armed Services Committee site, the full committee will begins hearings today on recent developments in China's security apparatus.  This is something we should be watching with interest as Americans. However, this will be an opportunity for Duncan Hunter to exhibit his expertise in military and security affairs. He is also strong on China and its massive trade surplus with our nation.

11 June 2007

This clinches it

According to a report at Politico.com, Jonathan Martin reports that Rudy Giuliani's Iowa co-chair has served on the board of Planned Parenthood as recently as 2005. Folks, what has the GOP come to? If Rudy Giuliani receives the nomination, I will renounce my credentials as a Republican. So what if Rudy's good on National Security(which is a dubious assertion at best), what good is that if we murder our most innocent lives from within our own borders. Friends, this is even more confirmation that our nation AND our party needs Duncan Hunter now more than ever.

Bottom Feeders?

It strikes me as being the height of arrogance and idiocy to call a candidate a 'bottom feeder' when the Democrat party is full of them as well. Here's the quote from some guy called BooMan, but I won't link to it.

Even segregationists had a better claim to serving the rule of law than these
losers that were quite willing to overlook the crimes of Richard Milhous Nixon.
These bottom feeders will always exist. Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-California) is a
current example. But the GOP is filled with them.

What about Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel? Bottom feeders for the failed liberal policies of the Johnson administration as well as Jimmy Carter's jock sniffers for the malaise of the 1970's. These two couldn't poll for dog catcher in Virginia much less nationally. Oh wait, there's something remarkably 'romantic' about the liberal peacenik crusader speaking his mind. Please. The only thing these two could win is a raffle at the local firehouse.

Reasons to Vote for Duncan Hunter

With thanks to GoHunter08.com, I present their list of reasons to vote for Mr. Hunter. The list is impressive. I've placed those reasons I find compelling in bold.

1) He is the most conservative candidate in the race. He has a 92% lifetime rating, American Conservative Union.

2) He is the "National Security" candidate. He served with the 173rd Airborne and the 75th Army Rangers in Vietnam, and was, most recently, the Chairman of the Armed Services Committee in the House of Representatives. Duncan Hunter knows defense.

3) He is a strong supporter of missile defense.

4) He's a strong supporter of Israel.

5) He was responsible for building the fence along the Mexico-U.S. border in San Diego. That double fence -- that fence cut smuggling (people and drugs) over 90%.

6) He opposes the McCain-Kennedy Amnesty bill in the Senate.

7) He is a co-sponsor of the Fair Tax.

8) He was the co-sponsor of a bill that would require a 2/3 majority in Congress to raise taxes.

9) He is a strong proponent of fair trade and will fix some of the bad trade deals that have been made by previous administrations in order to keep high paying jobs in America.

10) He pledges to appoint originalist judges like Antonin Scalia.

11) He has a 100% Pro-Life rating from National Right to Life.

12) He believes that marriage is between a man and a woman. He supports a Constitutional Amendment to protect marriage.

13) He is a strong defender of the 2nd Amendment who has an A+ National Rifle Association rating.

14) He supports school choice.

07 June 2007

Rethinking Force Structure

During the process of researching various candidates and their positions, I happened across this article written for Roll Call newspaper by Congressman Duncan Hunter, then Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee.  This article reveals a lot about the breadth of experience Mr. Hunter has in defense issues, but it reveals more about his ability to analyze and comprehend complex and intricate issues such as force structure.

Congressman Hunter has thoughtfully suggested that we need to rethink our approach to force structure as it applies to the post 9/11 world. Please pay particular attention to the final two paragraphs. 

Rethinking Force Structure

New Hampshire Debate: Duncan Hunter on Illegal Immigration

In my limited experience and viewpoint, it seems to me that the question this moderator posed to Mr. Hunter is inflamatory at best and potentially racist at worst. Immigrants doing jobs that Americans don't want? That may be true in some cases but I know of plenty of people looking for a good, high paying job. Double standards in the MSM as usual.

Leslie Carbone: Constitutional Limits

 Ms. Carbone has written a primer on Constitutional interpretation in the below linked post.  I suggest some of our liberal brethren take a cue from this quote. Please note the final portion of this sentence. Nice work Ms. Carbone. 

Paradoxically, because the document that limits federal power also grants federal power, any attempt to ignore or overthrow its parameters in reckless pursuit of inconsistent legislation actually undermines the legitimacy of the government itself.

Leslie Carbone: Constitutional Limits

Duncan Hunter Calls for Darfur Relief

According to a press release issued by his Congressional office, Congressman Duncan Hunter, Presidential candidate, calls on President Bush to support the relief effort to Darfur.  Specifically, Congressman Hunter stipulates that aid be focused on a 'humanitarian corridor' near Darfur.

06 June 2007

Their Finest Hour


On today's date, 63 years ago, America's greatest generation had their finest hour as Operation Overlord commenced with the invasion of Normandy on D-Day. We're losing hundreds of this generation everyday, we should always thank them for their sacrifices and willingness to protect American interests.

Duncan D. Hunter for Congress

We should be so lucky to have a candidate in the 9th District like Duncan D. Hunter.  This is Duncan Hunter's son and although we cannot vote for him, we can support him.  A man who has served two tours in Iraq as a Marine knows a thing or two about the War in Iraq.  

Duncan D. Hunter for Congress

Live Writer

As Scott suggested, I'm giving Windows Live Writer a go to see how I will like it, this post is a test.

04 June 2007

Welcome back

to the folks at Sic Semper Tyrannis blog. I'm impressed with the new blog and am looking forward to their posts. However, go here to vote in their Virginia straw poll. Vote for your candidate, or if you don't have one.... vote for Duncan Hunter.

29 May 2007

New Hampshire Debate

Don't forget to tune in to CNN to watch the Republican debate in New Hampshire. Duncan Hunter will be participating and looks to make an impact, just as he did in the South Carolina debate. If anyone is hosting debate watching parties, please let someone know so we can pass the information along. GO HUNTER 2008!!!!

25 May 2007

America Needs Duncan Hunter

This is posted at Bloggers 4 Duncan Hunter as well.

I firmly believe that Duncan Hunter is the man most qualified to lead America at this point in the life of our nation. For those of you who don't know me, I am Charlie Fugate from the blog Good Sense and I am proud to be a new supporter of Duncan Hunter's presidential campaign. I believe Mr. Hunter will provide leadership, vision and integrity in an hour where these qualities are needed. Let me explain why I support Mr. Hunter.

1.) He is Pro-Life - Mr. Hunter is explicitly pro-life and has the votes in Congress to back up his stance. From cloning to embryonic farming to the partial birth abortion ban, Duncan Hunter is committed to protecting the sanctity of human life. We owe the next generation of Americans nothing less than a committed pro-life President.

2.) He is Pro-Defense - Mr. Hunter has served as Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee and is a recognized leader in Defense and Homeland Security issues. Mr. Hunter understands what is required to properly defend our nation in uncertain times. In addition to this service, Mr. Hunter is a decorated Vietnam veteran. I would submit that Mr. Hunter's service has prepared him for understand intricate and complex defense issues.

3.) He is Fair Trade - Mr. Hunter understands that to expect high wage American workers to compete with low-wage workers is unrealistic and counterproductive. Mr. Hunter believes in Fair Trade where both sides honor committments to be equitable in trade. China has accumulated a huge trade surplus at our expense and is now building weapons that are trained on our shores.

4.) He is Fair Tax - To me, this was the deal maker. Mr. Hunter supports the Fair Tax which would eliminate the IRS and the income tax and replace it with a National Retail Sales Tax.These are but four main areas why I support Duncan Hunter for President.

24 May 2007

Join Our Team

My pleasure to post this video on Good Sense. I will offer detailed reasoning as to why I am supporting Duncan Hunter in a later post.

I'm proud

With a H/T to Kilo for this piece of video, I'm proud to announce that I'm formally endorsing and supporting Duncan Hunter for President. Mr. Hunter has fully convinced me that he is the strongest conservative in the GOP field.

19 May 2007

Two Finalists

Friends, as many of you know, I've been researching position papers, articles, commentary and other bits of information to determine a candidate to support for the 2008 GOP nomination. I have narrowed the field to two. As always, these are in no particular order of preference.

1.) Duncan Hunter - Mr. Hunter's congressional website as well as his campaign list significant pieces of information. I am impressed with the positions he takes as well as the supporting information such as bills sponsored etc. A man willing to take those kinds of stands and then back them up with action should be in anyone's top list.

2.) Fred Thompson - Mr. Thompson is still somewhat of a wildcard in the race in my view. He has powerful draw as a "GOP Rock Star" , but I am beginning to see what many are questioning. Does Fred Thompson have the fire in the belly that can hold him through this marathon campagin? I like Thompson and most of his views. Let's see if he really wants this.

16 May 2007

Thought this was an intriguing response to Michael Moore's challenge to a debate.

15 May 2007

Dr. Jerry Falwell RIP

The evangelical movement has lost one of its most vocal leaders today as Dr. Jerry Falwell has passed away. Chancellor and Founder of Liberty University, Dr. Falwell served as senior pastor of Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, VA.

Politics Free Post

Unless of course, you're a New York Yankee fan then this is the same as politics, but the Boston Red Sox showed why they are the class of the AL East, (at least right now). The Sox beat the Detroit Tigers 7-1 in a game where Dice-K impressed Jim Leland. With this win, the Red Sox go up 8.5 games over the Yankees.

Now, being a Red Sox fan, I'm pretty pessimistic that this will not last into the home stretch. However, it is nice to see the Sox performing well. Just hope the team stays healthy.