11 July 2007

Another Party's Take on Duncan Hunter

UPDATE: I've noticed that this post has received some attention elsewhere on the net. I want to clarify that the Constitution Party in NO WAY has endorsed Mr. Hunter. To the contrary, the author's view reflects an admiration for Ron Paul. The post below reflects a generally positive view of Mr. Hunter.

I mentioned in a previous post that an alternative to those who are fed up with the GOP leadership's somtimes wishy-washy, 'flavor of the month' policy agenda is the Constitution Party. On their website, they have a quick, passing review of each of the GOP candidates for the 2008 nomination. Here is what they had to say about Duncan Hunter. I'm including their negative reaction to his stance on the War in Iraq to give you a complete picture.

Duncan Hunter: The southern California Congressman is a strong supporter of secure borders. His efforts have resulted in over 59 miles of fencing in San Diego County. Hunter wrote the Secure Fence Act, extending the San Diego fence 854 miles across California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

Hunter holds a strong position on trade issues: ". . . China is cheating on trade and using billions of American trade dollars to build ships, planes and missiles at an alarming rate while, at the same time, taking millions of American jobs." Hunter’s positions on NAFTA, GATT and the WTO appeal to those concerned about the vanishing industrial base and loss of American jobs.

Hunter is solidly pro-life. He has said he would aggressively promote a Right to Life Amendment to the Constitution, defining "personhood" from the moment of conception.

About the Second Amendment Hunter said: "It seems every election year, some liberal politician dons an NRA cap and grabs a shotgun for a hunting photo-op, as if that means they support our right as Americans to keep and bear arms. But the second amendment is not about hunting. It is about the right of you and me to be secure in our homes."

On education, Hunter said: "I believe we can educate students more effectively by returning school curriculum prerogatives to the states, local communities and, most importantly, to the family. State agencies charged with conducting education policies do not need expensive and inefficient mandates from a federal agency."

A big disappointment however is Congressman Hunter’s position on the war in Iraq. Citing his experience on the House Armed Services Committee for 26 years he says he supports the mission wholeheartedly. Hunter’s son has served two tours of duty there.

The war in Iraq is the only major issue that I depart from the CP on. However, it is interesting to note that Duncan Hunter draws generally positive reviews from the author and evidently, some in the CP national committee. Consider Duncan Hunter when voting in your states primary.

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