03 July 2007

Early Warning or Destructive Force?

That's the question Dean Barnett posed to Mort Kondracke last Friday in an interview for Hugh Hewitt's radio show. The points raised by Mr. Barnett are valid and warrant further attention from those of us blogging and those who pay attention to the most  widely read of us.

As an early warning system, I would suggest that Mr. Barnett overstates the case for blogs, but correctly mentions that talk radio has an immense grassroots audience.  Overall, I think Mr. Barnett raises good issues with the political \leadership. Again, using Trent Lott for an example, his issues stem from deeper problems than just the immigration bill. Mr. Lott has been burned by the fast paced era of news reporting.

Early warning? Sure, I'll buy that. Destructive force? The answer depends on your perspective. From Trent Lott's point of view, talk radio and the blogosphere is a destructive force.  In my opinion, any tool that can aid the grassroots activists in holding politicians to the fire is a good thing.

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