29 August 2007

Mr. Stanley...

Note: Thanks to Badrose for the proofread... this post has been edited for typo ONLY.

I have avoided making a personal remark about this because I wanted to see how you would react to the 'concerted effort' by the ODBA. However, your response has warranted a post from me. Let's get the preliminaries out of the way. We'll begin with the basics.

1.) We know you(Yellow Dog Strategies) are employed by the Roscoe Reynolds campaign. That's beyond doubt. We know you provide strategic services to political campaigns of liberal Democrats. That's established. Has Mr. Reynolds condoned and endorsed your attempt at a juvenile political analogy/prank? Where is his reply? I think the voters of his district and those of us in the ODBA deserve a reply.

2.) It has been established that the ODBA, as a free association of like minded conservatives, has exercised its collective 1st Amendment right of free political speech by investigating Mr. Reynolds public appearances, votes in the Virginia Senate and his remarks made in reponse to legitimate constituent questions. I'll repeat the same question I posed to Mr. Tribett. What is wrong with honest, opposition research? What harm is there by letting the Virginia voting public know that their elected representatives have such a hair trigger temper?

3.) It has been established that AFTER the posts calling Mr. Reynolds out on his responses and manner in answering said questions, you purchased the domain name olddominionblogalliance.com on Aug 16 and had it pointed to the website in question. What would a reasonable person believe? A person of reasonable intelligence and values would judge this action to be politically motivated. You have admitted as much. However, the question remains if you did so with the express knowledge and approval of Mr. Roscoe Reynolds or any of your other Democrat-ick clients?

4.) The appearance and reality of this deplorable act has been established as politically motivated. As a political consultant of some renown in the Commonwealth, it should be obvious to you that political speech (even in its most heinous form, such as yours) is open to counterattack and dissection. Free speech? Only when it suits you. And as a matter of settled case law, no one individual has an absolute right to free speech. Remember the phrase, "fighting words"? Maybe the phrase, "shouting fire in a crowded theatre" will ring a bell. When said speech infringes upon my good reputation and good standing in the community, that's when I have a problem with your exercise of free speech.

5.) Having said all the above, I will now broach the true issue here. This is not about you (as much as your enlarged ego will protest), nor is it about me. The issue is about what did Roscoe Reynolds know and when did he know it?

I call upon all Democrats with standards and ethics to strongly condemn the 'scorched earth' and destructive politics of the far left wing of your party. Demand answers from your candidates!!!!

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