19 May 2007

Two Finalists

Friends, as many of you know, I've been researching position papers, articles, commentary and other bits of information to determine a candidate to support for the 2008 GOP nomination. I have narrowed the field to two. As always, these are in no particular order of preference.

1.) Duncan Hunter - Mr. Hunter's congressional website as well as his campaign list significant pieces of information. I am impressed with the positions he takes as well as the supporting information such as bills sponsored etc. A man willing to take those kinds of stands and then back them up with action should be in anyone's top list.

2.) Fred Thompson - Mr. Thompson is still somewhat of a wildcard in the race in my view. He has powerful draw as a "GOP Rock Star" , but I am beginning to see what many are questioning. Does Fred Thompson have the fire in the belly that can hold him through this marathon campagin? I like Thompson and most of his views. Let's see if he really wants this.

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