14 May 2007

Troop Funding

If you don't read Blackfive, let me strongly recommend that you begin doing so. A blog that has substance and style, the authors all know what they're talking about... unlike a few ivory tower blogs in Virginia looking to boost their hit counts.

This post is a strong indictment of what the Democrats are doing in the face of the loss of life in Iraq. Simply put, they are playing political games. What timetable, what benchmark, etc. etc. Granted, any strategy has to include conversations and decisions regarding what should happen when it is time to leave. That's called contingency planning and it is good policy to conduct. However, to name a specific timetable (i.e. 90 days, whats up with that?) AND then tie troop funding to such a timetable is folly at best and incompetence at the worst. I'm no policy expert, but I do have common sense. Common sense dictates that if we don't see the job through, disaster will strike.

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