05 December 2007

Update: Good Sense supports Jim Gilmore

Friends in the ODBA and the few readers of this blog. I'm feeling better with each day that passes. My arm is healing and Physical Therapy is going well. During my leave of absence, I've been pondering a few things that I will blog about in the coming weeks. However, the first issue that I've been thinking about is the 08 Senate race. I'm pleased to announce that I'm supporting Jim Gilmore for the GOP nomination. I admit that I was an early supporter of an Eric Cantor draft movement, but that has fizzled.

I believe that whatever shortcomings Mr. Gilmore has on issues, he makes up for in political and personal courage. When the pundits and the tax and spenders said cutting the car tax would sink the Commonwealth, Governor Gilmore withstood the pressure and fought for the cuts. I sincerely hope that Governor Gilmore will stand with those who are dedicated to the preservation of human life from conception. Mr. Gilmore, you have my support. I trust you with my most sacred civic posession, my vote.

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