22 January 2008

Good Sense endorses....

Ambassador Alan Keyes. Yes, you heard right. Maybe I'm a sucker for the little guy, but Alan Keyes is the last gasp of breath for conservatives in 2008. I didn't take long to deliberate, because the choice is clear. I believe Mr. Keyes is the only conservative left in the field who can match the Democrats punch for punch in a national debate. Who rightly determines electability? The media? The commentators on so-called mainstream blogs? I say the people determine (or ought to) who is electable. I'm standing on principle this time. I pulled the lever in 2000 for GWB, and what do I get? Compassionate conservatism? What is that? I've been a good soldier for the GOP long enough. I'm standing on principle. I'm not marching lock step with the RNC (a lengthy post on this subject is coming).

So there you have it. My opinion and 50 cents may buy you a cup of coffee. However, it is my opinion and I'm proud of where I stand.

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