02 September 2008

Barack Hussein Obama - SLEAZEBAG

What a sleazebag Barack Obama is. Yes, I called him a sleazebag. My friend Kilo at Spark It Up, has this post up and I'd counsel anyone who is pro-life or even those who are on the fence to watch this. Again, I call Obama a SLEAZEBAG.

Obama is only upset with the fact that Ms. Palin has CHOSEN to keep the child. Barack Obama is pro-choice, only when that choice is murdering an unborn child. SLEAZEBAG. Waste of skin Kilo? You got that right.

Without throwing the partisan aspect into this, I commend Bristol Palin AND her family for counseling for LIFE. It is easy for politicians to talk about pro-choice, pro-life, etc. It is something totally different for a politician to practice what they preach. Love, counsel, and raise the child, give it a chance at life.

Barack Hussein Obama -- SLEAZEBAG

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