23 August 2008


It's official. Joe Biden is Barry O's pick for running mate. I can't say I am surprised, but this pick is a little on the conventional side. It's smart, but conventional. Joe Biden himself is a good fellow. We'll see how this pans out with Hillary's name to be placed in nomination at the convention,it still could be a brouhaha. 

On the flip side, John McCain has the somewhat dubious luxury of being able to pick someone who could energize his party. Someone like Bobby Jindal, or Mike Pence, or yes, even Mitt Romney. The Tom Ridge factor is something to consider. There's no doubt a McCain/Ridge ticket would be a juggernaut in foreign policy and homeland security issues.  Will the Republican base turn out for a pro-choice candidate? Hmmmm.  I personally believe the base has been too generous with McCain to begin with.

As for me, I'm voting Libertarian this year. Bob Barr is continuing to gain momentum and is polling at 6% in the latest Zogby polls. A good surge over the next few weeks and he could be included in the Presidential debates. Not going to make this into a propaganda post about the Barr campaign, but he's going to be my choice.

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