07 January 2009

Sounds like Southwest Virginia math

UPDATE: According to local talk, the town of Abingdon and Washington County are being sued by Clifton-Stewart developers for NOT purchasing said land.

My friend Jim Patrick has this post about Shenandoah County School Board's approval of $2.5 million to buy land for two new schools. Hmmm, sounds like Feckless Rick's reasoning for new call centers or new hiking trails. Geez, where is the difference? The talk in Wise County is of consolidation and up north they are building like Nero?  I'll never figure it out. At least the School Board in Wise County is a bit more realistic (even if the solution is hugely unpopular).

Meanwhile, in Washington County. The Commisioner of Revenue sent out letters informing county property owners of an increase in property assesments. I will say that my property has seen a 16.9% increase over last years assesment. The demand for more land is given as the reason for the increase. All the while, Washington County and the Town of Abingdon has moved forward for development of a new sports/recreation facility that will (it has been said) will host regional tournament games in soccer etc. Hmmmm, waste of money? I'll say YES!!!! That land could have been used for housing development or even (gasp) to attract a new business to the central part of Washington County. The citizens of Washington County will be up in arms over the huge increase in assessments. Stay tuned friend, it's going to get interesting.

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