14 January 2009

Interesting but late

Although not an express endorsement (which is prohibited by current tax law), this recognizes the work that Senator Ken Cuccinelli has done on behalf of the innocent, pre-born children.

Cuccinelli Receives 'Patriot Award' from Ind. Baptists

Richmond, VA – At the Virginia Assembly of Independent Baptists'
annual meeting in Richmond, the group awarded State Senator Ken
Cuccinelli their "Patriot Award" for his work in the General Assembly
to defend unborn life.

"I'm greatly honored and humbled to be singled out among my pro-life
colleagues," said Cuccinelli. "We have a dedicated, pro-life team in
the General Assembly. While we haven't won every battle, it wasn't from
a lack of determination."

In this year's General Assembly session, Cuccinelli successfully
amended the budget on the floor of the State Senate to eliminate
taxpayer funding to abortion services provider Planned Parenthood.
Funding was eventually restored later in the legislative process by

"Now that we know the Achilles heel of Planned Parenthood is the
millions in taxpayer dollars it receives, there will certainly be
future battles over tax dollars going to this abortion provider,"
Cuccinelli added.

Senator Ken Cuccinelli has been a member of the Virginia Senate since
2002, winning three straight elections in Fairfax County as a top
target of Democrats. He earned a Mechanical Engineering degree from the
University of Virginia, followed by his Law degree and Master's degree
from George Mason University. Sen. Cuccinelli serves on the Committees
for Courts of Justice, Transportation, Local Government, and
Rehabilitation and Social Services. Ken and Teiro Cuccinelli have been
married since 1991, and have five daughters and one son. They home
school four of their daughters.

Hat tip to the Senator's Facebook page.

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