07 January 2009

Roanoke shall be henceforth known as... Leningrad

The front for leftist guerillas in the fight against the Holy Bible is known as the Roanoke Times. (h/t to the Family Foundation Blog  The ground zero for said fight is in Roanoke , otherwise known as Leningrad.  This debate sickens me. The fact remains that there is no article in the United States Constitution that bars government meetings from being opened with an invocation. NOT ONE ARTICLE.

There are only two clauses, the Establishment Clause (which refers to an endorsed organized state church) and the Free Exercise Clause (which expressly prohibits the Government from curtailing the right of the people (and an individual) to worship as they see fit.Both of these clauses are express prohibitions upon the government, not the governed. The so-called "Living Constitution" is nothing more than an effort on behalf of statist bureaucrats to incroach upon the right of the people to worship the one living God and His Son, Jesus Christ. Nothing surprises me in Roanoke.

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