27 April 2009

Broadband in Russell County - UPDATE

NOTE: Steve Minor, over at SWVA Law Blog informs us that the WaPo article about rural broadband cites his sister. Steve is one of the blogfathers of the ODBA and I owe my membership in the ODBA to him.

Peter, at Bacon's Rebellion puts together an insightful post about the problems broadband internet connection has found in Russell County, VA.  Lebanon does have an advantage,including the education point he brought up. However, the most obvious connection is that Lebanon is situated a little closer to Washington County and Abingdon, which has seen an increase in broadband connections since Bristol Virginia Utilities has brought internet, phone and cable to the area.  Lebanon and Russell County in general are transitional regions in this area. Peter rightfully points out that it is a county where you start seeing less tobacco and more coal. If I had to put a label on Russell County, I'd call it more agriculture more than coal at this point. Wise County on the other hand, is definitely a coal county.

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