27 April 2009

Boucher and Goodlatte: Dance Partners?

Apparently Bob Goodlatte is more concerned with appearing to be Rick Boucher lite than he is with actually being a conservative Republican standing on princple. Go check the good Congressman’s website out. It seems like every other post has the name RICK BOUCHER in it. I’ve already posted on the fact that Boucher is one of the three most liberal Congressmen in the Virginia delegation. The other two are Jimbo Moran and Bobby Scott.

If Boucher is a liberal (he is) and Goodlatte is proud of his partnership with Boucher, where do the resident’s of the Sixth District draw the line at?

1 comment:

  1. I wonder if it has anything to do with Boucher being removed from his prominent position on
    Energy matters, i.e. coal..

    Maybe he is trying to goad the Democrat/ic Leadership? You know Virgil Goode made the change..

    I may be reaching, but if things don't make sense is there a deal in the works on something?